TWS Volunteer Profile Assistance Team (VPA) Special Interest

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TWS Volunteer Profile Assistance Team (VPA)
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Special Interest


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888 398-3262

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9430 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite #203
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Our VPA team is a group of volunteers dedicated to assisting our members in completing their profiles.

If you need help, just click on the Chat IM in the lower right corner.

You will see one of our members listed as "Live Helpers".

If there is no one listed, please leave a message by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the Leave Message link on the bottom of the right hand page.

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SA Administrator, Navy TWS, I, SA 2561  Bucy, Darrell (TWS Admin) 4 
Cooper, Richard (Chulawanna), ITC 70 Dahl, Stuart (stu), LT 49
Kendall, David (Dave), TM2 2288 Keyser, Bruce E, Sr., DPC 36
Kiesel, Robert, OSCM 19  Pierson, Al (USview), YN2 2493 
SCHILLER, Curtis (Blinky), DS3 23 SA Short, Diane (Harding, Ruth, TWS Admin), SA 2876  

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Jan 28, 2010, Need Immediate Help? 1
  Any of the fine people listed in the roster above with a next to their name
are available to help.

You can get to them by clicking on their name.

Please feel free to send them a message.
Jan 04, 2010, The VPA
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