Berkemeier, Ruth, BTFR

Boiler Technician
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USN Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Fireman Recruit
Current/Last Primary NEC
BT-0000-Boiler Technician
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Boiler Technician
Primary Unit
1988-1988, BT-0000, USS Acadia (AD-42)
Service Years
1988 - 1988
BT-Boiler Technician

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US Navy Honorable Discharge

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What are you doing now:
I am presently working on my Masters Degree in Business Administration. I am attending the Univeristy of Phoenix - Central Valley Campus in Bakersfield CA.
Other Comments:
I am a military brat of a retired Navy Data Processor. He reitred in 1981 while stationed on the USS Nassau. I had alot of fun as a dependant. I got to go on dependant crusies and see different areas of the United States every year or so.

My father spent 20 years in the Navy.

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  • Baptiste, Tammy, FN
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  1988-1988, BT-0000, USS Acadia (AD-42)

BT-Boiler Technician

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August / 1988

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September / 1988

USS Acadia (AD-42) Unit Page

Fireman Recruit

BT-0000-Boiler Technician

32nd St. San Diego

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USS Acadia (AD-42)
Hull number AD-42

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