Breher, Rodney Davis, ASCS

Aviation Support Equipment Technician
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Current/Last Primary NEC
AS-7609-Support Equipment Maintenance Manager
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Aviation Support Equipment Technician
Primary Unit
1993-1995, AS-7609, Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC)/Aircraft Division (AD)
Previously Held NEC
AS-7613-Shore Based SE Hydraulic Equipment Intermediate Maintenance Tech
AS-7601-Support Equipment Cryogenic Mechanic
AS-7612-Afloat SE Hydraulic Equipment Intermediate Maintenance Technician
AS-7618-Afloat Support Equipment Technician
AS-0000-Aviation Support Equipment Technician
Service Years
1974 - 1995
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Operation Desert Storm
Cold War
Neptune Subpoena
Order of the Arctic Circle (Bluenose)
Order of the Rock
Order of the Spanish Main
Order of the Shellback
Persian Excursion
Plank Owner
Realm of the South Wind
Safari To Suez
Suez Canal
AS-Aviation Support Equipment Technician
Five Hash Marks

 Official Badges 

Senior Chief Petty Officer of the Command Career Counselor Master Training Specialist US Navy Retired 30

 Unofficial Badges 

Order of the Shellback US Navy Honorable Discharge Navy Chief 100 Yrs 1893-1993 Cold War Medal

Order of the Arctic Circle (Bluenose) Navy Chief Initiated Order of the Emerald Shellback Persian Excursion

Cold War Veteran Cold War Veteran

 Military Association Memberships
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
  1994, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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  1979-1981, AS-7612, USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

AS-Aviation Support Equipment Technician

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- / 1979

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- / 1981

USS Nimitz (CVN-68) Unit Page

Petty Officer Second Class

AS-7612-Afloat SE Hydraulic Equipment Intermediate Maintenance Technician


 USS Nimitz (CVN-68) Details

USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
Hull number CVN-68

Name: USS Nimitz
Namesake: Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
Ordered: 31 March 1967
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding
Laid down: 22 June 1968
Launched: 13 May 1972
Commissioned: 3 May 1975
Reclassified: CVN-68
Homeport: NB KitsapBremerton,Washington
Motto: Teamwork, a Tradition
Nickname: "Old Salt"
Status: In active service as of 2012

Surface Vessels


Parent Unit

Aircraft Carrier

Created/Owned By
MM Summers, Nicole (minnie mouse), MMFN 105

Last Updated: Sep 9, 2008
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ASH2 Rodney D Breher USN
AS1 Rodney D Breher USN
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USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

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Milan, Fred, CWO4, (1958-1989) OFF 633X Lieutenant Junior Grade
Roll, Steven, LT, (1980-1990) OFF 116X Lieutenant Junior Grade
Terrell, Robin, CWO5, (1975-2009) OFF 716X Chief Warrant Officer 5
Scott, Ed, CWO4, (1958-1990) OFF 736X Chief Warrant Officer 2
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Stewart, John, SCPO, (1962-1982) EW EW-8284 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Allord, David, CPO, (1971-1995) AD AD-6410 Chief Petty Officer
Ausderau, Doug, CMC, (1971-2001) AB ABF-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Baker, Matt, CPO, (1971-1980) AO AO-6801 Chief Petty Officer
Beltrano, Mario, CPO, (1975-1999) AO AO-9525 Chief Petty Officer
Boyer, Robert (Bob), CPO, (1967-1987) OS OS-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Conolly, Steve, CPO, (1974-1998) MM MM-3395 Chief Petty Officer
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Galluzzi, Donald, LCDR, (1968-1998) AD AD-8327 Chief Petty Officer
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Harris, William, CDR, (1973-2007) PN PN-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Hicks, Robert, CPO, (1960-1982) AM AM-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Hill, Andy, LCDR, (1976-2004) MM MM-3395 Chief Petty Officer
Hobbs, David, SCPO, (1966-1988) DS DS-1657 Chief Petty Officer

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