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About the U.S. Naval Institute

The Naval Institute should jealously guard its role as prodder, conscience, and constructive safe haven for ideas that keep pushing the establishment not to be content to accept only the little challenges when the big challenges are out there.

Admiral James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.)
21st Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard

Our mission: Defending America through the power of ideas.

Challenging concerned individuals to think, read, speak, and write with the goal of keeping our nation's Sea Services strong and effective and America secure and free is what the U.S. Naval Institute is all about.

For more than 130 years, we have been nurturing creative thinkers who responsibly raise their voices on matters relating to national defense. As an independent forum that produces thoughtful periodicals, scholarly books, and stimulating seminars, the Naval Institute makes a material contribution to the professionalism of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen and the Sea Services they serve, and in turn plays a unique and vital role in our national security.

Through your membership in the U.S. Naval Institute:

  • You empower active-duty Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen to access strategic insights and perspectives that shape their understanding of key issues that challenge America's armed forces, plus the real-world, decision-making tools they use every day to carry out their missions and keep America strong, safe, and free.

  • You foster a stronger, more dynamic national defense by providing the means for an indispensable, nonpartisan forum that stimulates and enables an open exchange of Sea Services commentary and discourse that challenges conventional wisdom and maximizes the quality of professional debate.

  • You honor the men and women of our Sea Services by preserving their powerful legacy and history so that future generations may continue to value their service, dedication, and sacrifice.

Raise your voice and get involved in this crucial mission. Join the U.S. Naval Institute today!

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Abelquist, Paul (Abe), EMCS 2 Abraham, Rabbi Reuben Israel (Toprav), CDR
Acay, Jose (Red Hot Rider), LTJG Adams, Jim (Jim), CAPT
Adams, Mark (azbullwinkle), DK1  Adams, Mike, OSC 1
Adams, Mike, BU3 PN AJAO, GRACEY (Sunshine), CPO 1
Albaugh, Kurt (Kurt), LT 9 Ames, Sullivan Dorr, CDR -Deceased 
Amiaga, Steve (K-Mart, Mr. "A"), LT  Amos, Hawes (Hawsepipe), ITCM 1
Anderson, Darrell, CT2 8 Ankrom, Dave (Bags), LT 432
Armour, Nicholas (Under), LT 8 Arthur, Robert (Bob), QM2
Assur, Mark, CAPT 2 Ayeni, Temitope, LTJG 55
OFF Babiak, Jon, CWO2 3 Bailey, Shawn (OPIE), LCDR
Baines, Larry (LFB), FCC Baker, James (Jim), CTTC 13
Barker, Dennis (Dennis), LCDR Barrett, Steve (Doc Barrett), HMC 2
Barron, William, CAPT  Barstow, John (Barstool), LCDR
Bartlett, Michel (Mike), FCC Bateman, Tom (Batman), GM1 309
Beakley, James (Boris), LCDR  Bebber, Robert Jake, LT 32
Beckham, Joseph, ENFA 57 Benchoff, Edward (Ted), CDR 
OFF Bennett, Paul (Deepsea29), CWO4  [Name Withheld], AT1
Beveridge, Todd, LT 134 Bigford, Rufus (RB), ATCS
Bilak, David, FC1 OFF Bilodeau, Arthur (Art), CWO4 1
Bingham, Brett (Ghost), SKSA  Birkelbach, Ryan, LT

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