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The United States Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation serves the graduate community of the United States Naval Academy. As a non-profit, service-oriented membership organization, we strive to:

  • Encourage support and enthusiasm for graduates' alma mater

  • Preserve and promote the Naval Academy's rich history, traditions and the accomplishments of its graduates and

  • Gain support from alumni and other members of our community to help the Academy achieve and exceed a margin of excellence

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testing66660099 Los Angeles Chapter (Los Angeles, CA)
San Diego Chapter (San Diego, CA) Northwest Chapter (ID)
Annapolis Chapter (Annapolis, MD)

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Adair, Charles L. (Ret.), RADM -Deceased  Adams, Carlton Rolla, RDML -Deceased 
Adkins, James Alvin (Catty), CDR -Deceased  Ainsworth, Walden "Pug", VADM -Deceased 
Albaugh, Kurt (Kurt), LT 9 Alcocer, William (Bob), LCDR 5
Alleman, Lew, CDR 17 Amiaga, Steve (K-Mart, Mr. "A"), LT 
Andreas, Mark (Sparky), LCDR  Aspenson, Arlen, LCDR 
Axene, Dean, RADM -Deceased  Banister, Alan Boyd, RADM -Deceased 
Barker, Glenn (Droopy), LCDR 29 Barnes, Anthony (Junior), CAPT 
Baskett, Thomas Slack (Tom), CAPT -Deceased  Beeler, Don, LT 2
Bennett, Jeff, CAPT 48 Bentley, Christopher, LCDR 27
Blum, Jay (ToeJam), CAPT Bongard, Christopher, ENS
Breuer, Pablo, CDR Brewster, Travis (Happy Sack/Punky), LCDR
Brown, Andrew (Andy), LT  Brown, Matthew, LT
Bundy, David, LCDR  Calvert, James Francis, VADM -Deceased 
Campbell, Joe, LT Carnes, Michael (Mike), CDR
EN Clump, Martha (Green), S1c Collette, Jay, LTJG 13
Connell, Royal (Royal), CDR  Costigan, Kenneth, LCDR 2
Cotton, John, VADM 2 Cross, Arthur Barton, Jr., LTJG -Fallen 
Dean, Margaret, LCDR DeLoach, Jay, RDML 
DeMatta, Elliott (Moke), CDR Deuter, Richard Carl, LT -Fallen 
Dillon, Michael (Archangel), CDR 15 Dreese, Derrick, LT 

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