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About the U.S. Naval Institute
The U.S. Naval Institute is a non-profit membership association serving a community of individuals who participate in an open forum to debate key issues in the Sea Services. We serve our members by providing a monthly journal, Proceedings, and other news products; the Naval Institute Press publishes over eighty titles per year; our Archives protect and preserve our naval heritage; and networking and professional development programs occur via our conferences and events.
Our Mission
Provide an independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak, and write to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to global security.
Our Vision
Giving voice to those who seek the finest Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.
The Naval Institute shall remain:
A non-profit member association, with no government support, that does not lobby for special interests;
An independent, professional military association with a mission, goals, and objectives that transcend political affiliations;
Ideas and debate flourish through its respected journals, Proceedings and Naval History, its conferences, its books and its online content, in support of those who serve.
Raise your voice and get involved in this crucial mission.


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Abate, Francis, Jr., SN 8 Abelquist, Paul (Abe), EMCS 3
Abney, Paul, STCM 30 00 Abraham, Reuben Israel (Toprav), CDR 
Acay, Jose (Red Hot Rider), LTJG Acton, Bruce, CDR
Adams, Jim (Jim), CAPT Adams, Mark, DK1 
Adams, Mike, OSC 1 Adams, Mike, BU3
Adams, Oscar (CAPT Midnight), HMC 2 Ajao, Gracey (Sunshine), PSC 1
Albaugh, Kurt (Kurt), LT 9 Allyn, David (Twidget65), ET3 2
Ames, Sullivan Dorr, CDR -Deceased  Amiaga, Stephen, LT 
Amos, Hawes (Hawsepipe), ITCM 1 Anderson, Jerry R., CAPT 2
Anderson, Stacy (Tank), CTA2 8 Ankrom, Dave (Bags), LT 417
Armour, Nicholas (Under), LT 8 Arthur, Robert (Bob), QM2 1
OFF Assur, Mark, CAPT 3 Ayeni, Temitope, LTJG 55
CWO Babiak, Jon, CWO4 5 Bailey, Shawn (OPIE), CAPT
Baines, Larry (LFB), FCC Baker, James (Jim), CTTC 13
BAKER, John McAdams (Bake), LCDR -Deceased  Baker, Kurt, MAC
Barker, Dennis (Dennis), LCDR Barney, Jim, AT2 17
Barr, Michael (Mike, Raymond, Moose), GMG2 31 Barrett, Steve (Doc Barrett), HMC 2
OFF Barron, William, CAPT 1 Barstow, John (Barstool), LCDR
Bartlett, Michel (Mike), FCC Bateman, Tom, GMM1 315
Bauer, Russell, Jr., CDR 1 00 Beach, Edward Latimer, Jr. (Ned), CAPT -Deceased 

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Nov 20, 2010, USNI In The News

USNI In The News

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NIP author Eric Wertheim provides analysis on cuts to the Royal Navy

Listen to the audio

NIP author Col. Douglas Macgregor discusses the impact of British defense cuts on the U.S. military

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USNI Editorial Board Member John Patch discusses the Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile

Listen to the audio

Naval Insitute author Commander Youssef Aboul-Enein explains the the difference between Militant Islamists, Islamists and Islam.

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NIP author Eric Wertheim explains how the focus of the U.S. military has changed since the 9/11 attacks

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Time Magazine cites Noel Koch's article from the September 2010 edition of Proceedings about the poor care of wounded warriors and the need to resurrect the draft.

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Naval Institute CEO Major General Tom Wilkerson weighs in on Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

Watch the video
Dan Rather profiles Naval Institute author Douglas Macgregor.

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USNI CEO Tom Wilkerson is credited with helping to solve the mystery of a B-29 crew who claimed that they captured the event on film when they inadvertently flew over Hiroshima as the Enola Gay dropped the bomb:

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Documents posted on Wikileaks include details of the death of Lt. Michael Murphy, whose story was the subject of the NIP book SEAL of Honor

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