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Squadrons & Shipmates is a new association that was formed in 2009. It was formed with the vision to bring together shipmates who served aboard the two great sister ships, the U.S.S. Midway and the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt. This vision also includes the squadron members who served in a squadron aboard these two ships. To be clear, a squadron member did not have to serve aboard these ships only to have served in a squadron that served aboard these two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

Squadrons and Shipmates of the FDR/Midway has transitioned to an all carrier and airwing group.  We embrace all carriers ship's company and airwing members.  The Name has been officially changed to Squadrons and Shipmates, Inc.
These changes reflect the realities of attrition due to aging membership.  We seek to be an umbrella organization to allow some of the older carrier reunion groups to continue despite having too few members to mount a reunion event.  Our model for this is the Tin Can Sailors group, now being called DESVETS.
These changes have been implemented over the last 18 months through a series of Bylaws changes approved by the membership.  All FDR/Midway members were automatically retained under the new name.  Our website is an interactive social network and has been a source of recruiting as well as communication.  Portions of the site are open to all but others require a sign-up.  Those who are not paid-up members of the group are sent a sign-up sheet as a request for the ridiculously low dues of $4.00 annually.

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Cato, Larry, AZ2  EM Frost, Sergio, CMC 
Haimes, Bill, LCDR 14 McCoy, Walter (Mac), MR2 24
Montgomery, David, BT1 1 Tetrault, Joseph, SK2
Thumudo, Gordon ("Joe, Mr T), FTSN  Turley, Robert, ABAN
Waters, Billy, AMECS  Watson, Mark (Boston), AM1 4

Eligible Units
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
Antisubmarine Carrier Air Group 54 (CVSG-54)
Antisubmarine Carrier Air Group 55 (CVSG-55)
Carrier Air Group 1 (CVG-1)
Carrier Air Group 10 (CVG-10)
Carrier Air Group 102 (CVG-102)
Carrier Air Group 11 (CVG-11)
Carrier Air Group 12 (CVG-12)
Carrier Air Group 14 (CVG-14)
Carrier Air Group 16 (CVG-16)
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