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National Association of Destroyer Veterans (Tin Can Sailors)
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Tin Can Sailors was founded in 1976. We have since grown to thousands of members. Tin Can Sailors has three basic purposes:

1) To serve Destroyer Veterans through our newspaper, events, ship's store,
free admissions, etc.

2) To support the Historic Fleet through our Destroyer Museum Grant Program
and with volunteer labor.

3) To support the Active Fleet through free distribution of our newspaper
and contributions to Navy Relief.

Tin Can Sailors is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3). Contributions to Tin Can Sailors may be tax deductible as allowed by law. Tin Can Sailors files annual reports (Form 990) with the Internal Revenue Service and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attorney General's Division of Public Charities.

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USS Aaron Ward (DD-132)
USS Barry (DD-2)
USS Barry (DD-248)
USS Barry (DD-933)
USS Barry (DDG-52)
USS Barton (DD-599)
USS Barton (DD-722)
USS Basilone (DD-824)
USS Bausell (DD-845)
USS Beale (DD-40)
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Feb 01, 2012, Save Our Ships
  ALL HANDS! Your ship needs you.


An important part of the mission of Tin Can Sailors is supporting the Historic Fleet.

Since 1992, Tin Can Sailors has provided almost $2M in grants to US destroyer museum ships.  In order to continue to support these ships, we have launched a charitable giving campaign.

Campaign Goals: This Year and Future Years

Tin Can Sailors is raising money to make grants this year, and also to establish an investment fund which will be designed to be a perpetual funding source for the ships.  We want to make a substantial award of grants this year, and at the same time contribute to this fund.  Money raised and not distributed to the ships this year will become part of this investment.  Our long-term goal is to reach over $2,000,000 in this fund, which would generate money to make annual awards to the ships for years to come.  We dream of leaving this legacy to America’s destroyer museum ships, so that they know they will always have our support to keep their stories -- our memories -- alive.

              Please join us by becoming a donor to our
               Destroyer Museum Grant Program today.

Destroyer veteran Ernest Borgnine talks about the Destroyer Museum Ships:


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