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Command Master Chief Petty Officer
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9580-Command Master Chief
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Command Master Chief
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2018-Present, 9580, VAW-116 Sun Kings
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00E-Unknown NEC/Rate
MM-4233-SSN/SSBN Weapons Equipment Technician
MM-4232-SSN/SSBN Weapons Equipment Operator
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1996 - Present
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Great Lakes
Operation Enduring Freedom
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Panama Canal
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Master Chief Petty Officer of the Command Recruiter Career Counselor

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Order of the Shellback Order of the Golden Shellback Order of the Arctic Circle (Bluenose) Navy Chief Initiated

Order of the Golden Dragon Excellence Award for the best Damage Control Crews Engineering/Survivability Excellence Award

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Commander Submarine Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Submarine Force Torpedoman

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Training Exercise - Ulchi-Focus Lens '03
From Month/Year
January / 2003
To Month/Year
December / 2003

In July 1976, in anticipation of the establishment of a Combined Forces Command, the annual ROK government mobilization exercise ULCHI was combined with UNC/USFK/EUSA’s CPX FOCUS LENS. Exercise ULCHI-FOCUS LENS was institutionalized to enhance ROK-US interoperability by training commanders and staffs from both nations in wartime planning, command and control operations, intelligence, logistics, and personnel procedures required for the successful defense of the Republic of Korea. The name of the exercise was changed in 2008 to ULCHI-FREEDOM GUARDIAN. ULCHI FOCUS LENS (UFL) was a ROK-US Combined Forces Command (CFC), ROK government, simulation driven, OPLAN-oriented command post exercise (CPX) conducted annually. UFL was held in the late summer, August / September time frame. The timing was such that the bulk of the summer personnel rotations are complete.

Ulchi Focus Lens was CFC's large scale warfighting command post exercise (CPX). It was an annual ROK-US combined forces government military exercise designed to exercise, evaluate, and improve crisis action measures and procedures for the combined war plans in the defense of the Republic of Korea in accordance with OPLAN and Supporting plans. It provides an opportunity for commanders and staffs to focus on strategic, and operational, issues associated with general military operations on the Korean peninsula. Ulchi Focus Lens was a CPX with the tactical situation portrayed through the use of computer simulation models and master scenario events list.

Ulchi Focus Lens was the world's largest computerized command and control exercise.

The exercise focuses on how U.S. and South Korean forces would defend against a North Korean attack. North Korea usually denounces the exercise, calling it a preparation for war. While Team Spirit field-tested ROK-U.S. military capabilities, Ulchi Focus Lens looked at readiness from the command post perspective. Still held annually, Ulchi Focus Lens trains Combined Forces Command personnel and major component, subordinate and augmenting staffs using wargaming computer simulations and support infrastructures.

The exercise combines the Republic of Korea's annual National Mobilization Field Training Exercise "Ulchi" with the annual theater level Command Post Exercise "Focus Lens." The scenario of the exercise was a coordinated land, sea and air attack by conventional forces against friendly forces on the Korean peninsula. Ulchi Focus Lens was a computer-based war game exercise with few field activities. Ulchi Focus Lens was the world's largest dynamic, simulation-driven battle staff training exercise. The target training audience was corp-level (or service equivalent) battle staffs and higher. UFL was designed to train the Battle Staffs of CFC and its component command's staffs. The simulations used are designed to train procedures for the new staff, and are not analytical. The simulation architecture includes the Air Force model (AWSIM), the Army model (CBS), the Navy model (RESA) and the Marine model (MTAWS) lashed together, and sharing common forces, targets and Battle Damage Assessments (BDA).

The purpose of UFL was to exercise joint and combined plans and procedures associated with the execution of the OPLAN for the defense of the Republic of Korea. The focus was on the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of military operations on the Korean Peninsula; and demonstrates US resolve to support the ROK against external aggression while improving US/ROK combat readiness and interoperability. This joint and combined political-military training exercise emphasizes flexible deterrent options, ROK mobilization, U.S. reinforcement, and synchronization of deep, close, and rear battles.

The Ulchi Focus Lens Exercise was a comprehensive command post exercise (CPX), designed to enhance the conduct of war and specific warfare capabilities as well as to ensure a mastery of the procedures for specific warfare fighting capabilities. The exercise has been performed annually since its inception in 1976. It was the combination of the Focus Lens Exercise, which has been conducted under the control of the United Nations Command since 1954, and the Ulchi Exercise that has been held by the ROK since the attempted raid on the Blue House on January 21, 1968.

During the Ulchi Focus Lens Exercise, the ROK government's crisis management and ROK-US combined crisis management processes during the early stages of war are depicted through various situations from each operational phase.

'Ulchi' was a famous Korean general's last name. His full name was Ulchi, Munduk. He was the Commander-In-chief of Army of Kokuryu (ancient Korean nation that existed through B.C. 37 to A.D. 668). According to Korean history book, he was Commander in Chief at the time of Soo Chinese empire. Over three hundred thousands Chinese soldiers attacked Kokuryu in 612 A.D., but at that time Kokuryu didn't have that much military might, yet Kokuryo had Gen. Ulchi. During the fighting, Ulchi commanded his army to pretend to be losing. Reacting to what they thought was to be an easy victory, the Chinese forces advanced inside Kokuryu territory. This was what Gen. Ulchi wanted, since he was more familiar with the local terrain. He then wrote a poetic, satirical letter to the Soo commander. Ulchi was an eloquent writer and poet. He said something like, 'You have won as much you ever will, so why don't you save yourselves and take back your forces?'

The enemy was a bit confused. Taking advantage of their confusion, Gen. Ulchi attacked the Soo's forces at the Salsu River. There, Gen. Ulchi waited for the Soo's forces and attacked when they were halfway across the river. Only about two thousands Chinese soldiers ever crossed the river. This was one of the greatest victories of Korean history, which made Gen. Ulchi one of the Korea's great generals.

My Participation in This Battle or Operation
From Month/Year
January / 2003
To Month/Year
December / 2003
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Mar 16, 2020
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