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Electronics Technician
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Chief Petty Officer
Current/Last Primary NEC
ET-1419-Electromagnetic Compatibility Technician
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Electronics Technician
Primary Unit
2005-2005, ET-1419, Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF)
Previously Held NEC
ET-1425-Communications Equipment (WSC-3/UHF DAMA) Technician
9509-2M Instructor/Master Inspector
9503-Miniature/Microminiature Electronic Repair Inspector
Service Years
1984 - 2008
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Order of the Antarctic Circle
Panama Canal
Plank Owner
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Society of the South Pole
ET-Electronics Technician
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Order of the Shellback Order of the Emerald Shellback

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Operation Support Democracy
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The U.S. and allied warships in CJTF 120 boarded over 600 ships during the operations’ first five months, and the big ships’ effectiveness soon drove embargo-busting smugglers to use vessels to carry contraband along shallow coastal routes beyond the larger ships’ reach.
            CJTF 120 selected the US Special Operations Command Cyclone-class patrol craft (PC) as the best response to the smugglers’ new tactic. The PCs were new to USSOCOM’s inventory, and needed sea duty certification before assignment to Haiti. After being certified for participating in exercise Agile Provider, the USS Cyclone and the USS Tempest departed for Guantanano, Cuba, on 24 May to participate in Support Democracy.
            On 30 May, CJTF 120 directed the PCs to begin operations with the warships off the north Haitian coast. The plan to integrate the PCs gradually into the interdiction operation ended when the ships, on their very first voyage, encountered a Bahamian sailing vessel trying to skirt the embargo. As the smugglers’ vessel headed for Port-au-Prince, the Cyclone ordered it to stand clear of the Haitian coast, but the vessels did not heave to until Cyclone fired warning flares and launched a rigid hull inflated boat (RIB) with SEALs aboard. The vessel attempted to play a waiting game that night, but at first light a combined party from the Cyclone and the HMCS Terra Nova – six Canadians and three SEALs – conducted a boarding and search operation. They found embargoed goods, and the Cyclone towed this vessel to Guatanamo.
            By 23 June 1994, the CTJF 120 fleet had boarded over 1,100 ships, but embargoed goods flowed steadily into Haiti from neighboring Dominican Republic. General John M. Shalikashvili, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gave approval for the PCs to conduct patrols with Dominican Republic ships. On 11 July 1994, SEALs from the Cyclone boarded and cleared the Vinland Saga, a Danish vessel carrying a cargo of wheal flour. CJTF 120 directed Cyclone and Tempest to patrol the inner areas of the coast. These operations provided an opportunity to check sea traffic and collect information. The USS Hurricane and USS Monsoon patrol craft replaced the Cyclone and Tempest in September.
            Because of the continuing political repression in Haiti, the Clinton Administration sought UN Security Council approval for an invasion and occupation of Haiti if the sanctions failed to restore Aristide to the presidency. The Council granted its approval on 31 July 1994. The invasion plan had two phases: first, a 15,000 multinational force would invade, restore public order, and reinstate Aristide; subsequently 6,000 UN forces would train a new Haitian police force to maintain order. Accordingly, US Army, Air Force, and Navy SOF supported the XVII Airborne Corps in planning for a full scale invasion of Haiti. The special operations portion of the plan envisioned the takedown of key governmental sites followed by a link-up with conventional forces, similar to what SOF had done for the invasion of Panama  in 1989. After the main takedown, Special Forces teams were to secure the countryside. To serve as the SOF mobility and launching platform, an aircraft carrier, USS America, was added to the force package in spring 1994.   
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Jan 30, 2017
Personal Memories

I was on USS AMERICA. There were no planes on the ship, only assorted Army helicopters. The night the invasion was supposed to take place, our hangar bay was full of Army Rangers from the 10th Mountain Division in full battle dress, faces camoflauged. I recall the initial invasion forces were actually enroute when we got word that diplomacy had worked and the invasion would be by invitation vice force.

My Photos From This Battle or Operation
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