Benson, Floyd, QM2

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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer Second Class
Current/Last Primary NEC
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Primary Unit
1996-2009, MA-9545, NOSC Norfolk
Previously Held NEC
1710-Foreign Area Officer (FAO)
MA-9545-Law Enforcement Specialist
Service Years
1988 - 2009
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Neptune Subpoena
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Order of the Ditch
Order of the Rock
Order of the Magellan
Order of the Shellback
Order of the Square Rigger
Panama Canal
Persian Excursion
Suez Canal
Five Hash Marks

 Official Badges 

U.S. Navy Police (enlisted) U.S. Navy Security Assault Boat Coxswain National Defense University

US Navy Retired 20

 Unofficial Badges 

US Navy Honorable Discharge Order of the Shellback US Naval Reserve Honorable Discharge Persian Gulf Yacht Club

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  1988-1991, USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27)

From Month/Year
April / 1988

To Month/Year
- / 1991

USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27) Unit Page

Petty Officer Second Class

Not Specified


 USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27) Details

USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27)
Hull number CG-27

November - Juliet - Zulu - Kilo


Surface Vessels


Parent Unit
Surface Vessels USS I-K

Guided Missile Cruiser

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Not Specified

Last Updated: Sep 8, 2012
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
RM3 Jay Johnson, FC2 Cris Lahmnam

Worst Moment
Stray missle heading for the Pilot house

My Photos For This Duty Station
Ken and Ben
Signal bridge hang out
150 Members Also There at Same Time
USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27)

Rawls, Robert, CDR, (1979-2001) Lieutenant Commander
Hutchins, Lawrence, MCPO, (1964-1997) Master Chief Petty Officer
Beeler, Michael, SCPO, (1977-2000) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Clouser, Randall, CPO, (1980-2000) Chief Petty Officer
DEES, MELVIN L, MCPO, (1971-2008) Chief Petty Officer
Peeler, Matt, CPO, (1980-2002) Chief Petty Officer
Pelletier, Romeo, CWO4, (1979-2009) Chief Petty Officer
THURLOW, RON, CPO, (1979-2001) Chief Petty Officer
Wallace, Dan, CPO, (1970-1992) Chief Petty Officer
Whear, Robert, CPO, (1975-1998) Chief Petty Officer
Williams, Rick, LCDR, (1981-2007) Chief Petty Officer
Bridger, William, CPO, (1981-2005) Petty Officer First Class
Forciea, Gregory, PO1, (1979-1992) Petty Officer First Class
Knapp, Greg, CWO4, (1986-2007) Petty Officer First Class
Peed, Robert, PO1, (1983-2003) Petty Officer First Class
Ackroyd, Scott, PO1, (1988-2007) Petty Officer Second Class
Brooks Jr., Ronald, PO1, (1988-2007) Petty Officer Second Class
Coan, William, PO1, (1985-2005) Petty Officer Second Class
Craig, Gregory, PO2, (1988-1996) Petty Officer Second Class
Davis, Marc, PO2, (1987-1997) Petty Officer Second Class
Dixon, John, CPO, (1984-2007) Petty Officer Second Class
Everson, Patrick, CPO, (1986-2010) Petty Officer Second Class
Henry, Eric, PO1, (1988-2008) Petty Officer Second Class
Johnson, Mark, PO1, (1982-2005) Petty Officer Second Class
Le Doux, Marc, PO1, (1980-1995) Petty Officer Second Class
Pabon, Ruderick, SCPO, (1988-2009) Petty Officer Second Class
Retseck, Scott, CPO, (1980-2002) Petty Officer Second Class
Rowbottom, Brad, PO1, (1988-2000) Petty Officer Second Class
Vad, Randy, PO1, (1985-2005) Petty Officer Second Class
Bagley, Derrick, PO1, (1990-2010) Petty Officer Third Class
Boehler, Daniel, PO1, (1986-2007) Petty Officer Third Class
Caddell, Dan, PO1, (1987-2007) Petty Officer Third Class
Crittenden, Lonnie, PO1, (1987-2007) Petty Officer Third Class
Kendrick, Reginald, CPO, (1988-2007) Petty Officer Third Class
Stone, Andrew, PO3, (1988-1992) Petty Officer Third Class
Tidwell, Jeffery, SCPO, (1987-Present) Petty Officer Third Class
Pollock, Steven, PO1, (1988-Present) Seaman
Ralston, Matthew, PO3, (1989-1993) Seaman
Rash, Ernest, PO1, (1989-2009) Seaman
Depew, Donny, PO3, (1988-1991) Seaman Recruit
Gaston, Mack, RADM, (1964-1995) OFF Captain
Bates, Daniel, CDR, (1982-2007) OFF 111X Lieutenant
Mays, John, CDR, (1980-2006) OFF 161X Lieutenant
Young, Kenn, LT, (1966-1995) OFF 612X Lieutenant
Hannah, Robert, MCPO, (1968-1998) FTM FTM-1189 Master Chief Petty Officer
Hutchins, Lawrence, MCPO, (1964-1997) RM RM-0000 Master Chief Petty Officer
Dudley, Richard, SCPO, (1971-1991) OS OS-0318 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Stickland, James, MCPO, (1974-1995) HM HM-8425 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Bauer, James, CPO, (1978-1995) EM EM-9502 Chief Petty Officer
Caraballo, Fundy, LT, (1978-2002) CT CT-9138 Chief Petty Officer
Caraballo, Fundy, LT, (1978-2002) CT CT-9116 Chief Petty Officer
CHENAULT, ROBERT, CPO, (1968-1989) MM MM-4505 Chief Petty Officer
Cole, Robert, CPO, (1972-1992) BT BT-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Crow, Paul, CPO, (1976-1997) IC IC-4721 Chief Petty Officer
Groves, Joe, SCPO, (1977-2003) SK SK-2814 Chief Petty Officer
Irvin, Roger Thomas (Tom), CPO, (1967-1994) GM GM-0876 Chief Petty Officer
Regec, Edward, CPO, (1982-2002) SK SK-2820 Chief Petty Officer
Szelag, Donald, CPO, (1977-2000) GM GM-0876 Chief Petty Officer
Tetzlaff, Baron, MCPO, (1977-2007) MM MM-4291 Chief Petty Officer

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