Smith, Harold, HTC

Hull Maintenance Technician
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Chief Petty Officer
Current/Last Primary NEC
HT-4954-General Maintenance Welder
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Hull Maintenance Technician
Primary Unit
1978-1980, HT-4954, USS Fanning (FF-1076)
Previously Held NEC
Service Years
1960 - 1980
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Neptune Subpoena
Order of the Golden Dragon
HT-Hull Maintenance Technician
Five Hash Marks

 Official Badges 

U.S. Navy Police (enlisted) U.S. Navy Master-at-Arms Career Counselor US Merchant Marine Service

Firefighter US Navy Retired 20

 Unofficial Badges 

US Navy Honorable Discharge Order of the Shellback Navy Chief Initiated Navy Chief 100 Yrs 1893-1993

Order of the Golden Dragon Award for Repair Excellence Excellence Award for the best Damage Control Crews Maritime Warfare Excellence Award

Engineering/Survivability Excellence Award

 Military Association Memberships
Department of PhilippinesFleet Reserve Association (FRA)Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW)American Military Retirees Association (AMRA)
  1982, American Legion, Department of Philippines (Member) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  1984, Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  1990, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2010, American Military Retirees Association (AMRA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
Since I am fully retired now, all I do is relax and enjoy life. My hobbies are fishing,listening to jazz, gardening (vegetables only-- no flowers), woodworking, genealogy,and watching all Yankees games.

Also surfing NTWS, look at the profiles that I have visit

Other Comments:
After transferring to the Fleet Reserves in Nov 1980, I worked at National Steel in San Diego as a Marine Pipefitter for about 22 months. Moved to Olongapo City, Philippines in Aug 1982. 

I was employed by Military Sealift Command 1987 and 1988.

1987-1988 was assigned to the USNS Zeus T-ARC-7,Wiper and Deck Engineer,Eng Dept.
1888-1988 USNS Navasota T-AO-106, Wiper,Eng Dept.

I got tired of running the streets and alleys in Olongapo and, etc. 
 Moved back to Mississippi in Aug 1988. Was a self-employed carpenter/plumber until March 2007. Had to stop work due to health reasons, anyway I was 66 years old. I still have my woodworking shop.I have a few projects on the work bench.

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  • Jones, Thomas, PO1, (1962-1982)
  • Jones, Thomas, PO1
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  1974-1976, HT-4954, USS Midway (CV-41)

HT-Hull Maintenance Technician

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- / 1974

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- / 1976

USS Midway (CV-41) Unit Page

Petty Officer First Class

HT-4954-General Maintenance Welder


 USS Midway (CV-41) Details

USS Midway (CV-41)

(later CVA-41 and CV-41)


Displacement 45,000 Tons, Dimensions, 968' (oa) x 113' x 35' (Max) 
Armament 18 x 5"/54AA 84 x 40mm, 68 x 20mm, 137 Aircraft. 
Armor, 7.6" Belt, 3 1/2" Flight Deck, 2" Deck, 6 1/2" Conning Tower. 
Machinery, 212,000; SHP, Geared turbines, 4 screws 
Speed, 33 Knots, Crew 4104. 
Operational and Building Data

Built by Newport News. Designation changed from CV 41 to CVB 41 15 July 1943. 
Laid down 27 Oct 1943, launched 20 Mar 1945, commissioned 10 Sept 1945.

Named for the Battle of Midway, USS MIDWAY was the lead ship of her class, three of which were completed, with another two ships cancelled. Serving her country for 47 years, more than 200,000 American veterans served aboard her. During that time, the USS MIDWAY saw service off Vietnam, in the Persian Gulf and in a number of other conflicts and crises. After being the first aircraft carrier forward deployed for 17 years in Yokosuka, Japan, she returned to North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego for decommissioning in April of 1992. In over five decades of service, she received the Presidential Unit Citation; Navy Unit Commendation; U.S. Navy & Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal; Navy Occupation Service Medal; China Service Expeditionary Medal; and Vietnam Service Medal.

Commissioned as CVB 41, the MIDWAY was redesignated as attack aircraft carrier CVA 41 on October 1, 1952, and multi-purpose aircraft carrier CV 41 on June 30, 1975.

Today, the MIDWAY is serving as a floating museum in the city of San Diego. There are two Photo Tours of the USS MIDWAY Museum available. Click 
here for a Photo Tour with photos from 2007 or click here for photos from 2008 and 2010.

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Parent Unit

Aircraft Carrier

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Not Specified

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2009
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
AMS1 Wallace Jasper,AMS1 Robert Nelson,
HTC Nash Teel,BT1 Ronald Porter( Later BTMC),
ABF1 Norman Miller,MMCS Douglas Benson,
MM1 Raymond Cooper( Master at Arms)MS1 Julius
"Rico"Phillips, MM1 Sam Houston,AO2 Rivers,

Best Moment
Liberty in Olongapo,Toykyo,Pusan Korea.


Worst Moment
Never a bad moment, the best duty station I ever had...

Chain of Command
HTC Frankberg, HTC Teel, CWO4 Goracke,
Medals Awarded,
AFEM,29 April 1975-30 April 1975,
HS, 29 April 1975-30 April 1975,
NUC, 29 April 1975-30 April 1975,
(Frequent Wind, see below)
N/MCOSS Ribbon,Aug 1974-Aug 1976,


Other Memories
Operation Frequent Wind,29 April 1975-30 April 1975,
Awarded AFEM,NUC, HS,
In April 1975, Midway returned to the waters of Vietnam. On April 20, all fixed-wing aircraft of CVW-5 were flown off to NAS Cubi Point and ten USAF 40th Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Squadron H-53's were embarked. Midway, along with USS Coral Sea, CVA-43, USS Hancock, CVA-19, USS Enterprise, CVAN-65 and USS Okinawa, LPH-3, responded to the North Vietnamese overrunning two-thirds of South Vietnam. On April 29, Operation FREQUENT WIND was carried out by U.S. Seventh Fleet forces. As South Vietnam fell, the H-53's from Midway flew in excess of 40 sorties, shuttling 3,073 U.S. personnel and Vietnamese refugees out of Saigon in two days, bringing them onto the ship. Midway's HC-1 Det 2 Sea Kings then transported the evacuees to other ships. One South Vietnamese pilot flew a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog observation plane with his wife and five children out to Midway. He passed a note asking permission to land. The angle deck was cleared and the pilot made a good approach and landed with room to spare. The crew of Midway met him with cheers. For her role in the operation, Midway was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation and the Humanitarian Service Medal.
Immediately following Operation FREQUENT WIND, Midway steamed south into the Gulf of Siam to Thailand and brought aboard over 100 American built aircraft preventing them from falling into communist hands. When they were aboard, the ship steamed at high speed to Guam, where the planes were offloaded by crane in record time. After the offload in Guam and a brief stop in Subic Bay, Midway entered the Indian Ocean and operated there from October until the end of November. On November 25,1975, during post "MIDLINK" exercises, a fatal accident occurred. While attempting to land on the Midway, an aircraft struck the ramp, bolted, impacted the barricade, and struck another aircraft. Flying debris injured two crewmembers. Midway returned to Yokosuka in time to celebrate the 1975 Christmas holiday.
In June 1976, Midway participated in Exercise TEAM SPIRIT, an exercise in intense electronic warfare and bombing missions over South Korea. In August 1976, a Navy task force headed by Midway made a show of force off the coast of Korea in response to an unprovoked attack on two U.S. Army officers who were killed by North Korean guards on August 18. Midway's response was in support of a U.S. demonstration of military concern vis-avis North Korea.

My Photos For This Duty Station
No Available Photos
250 Members Also There at Same Time
USS Midway (CV-41)

Huth, Willie, MCPO, (1959-1984) HT HT-4954 Master Chief Petty Officer
Bagley, Ronald, PO1, (1976-1996) HT HT-4935 Petty Officer First Class
Cenate, Thomas, PO1, (1976-1984) HT HT-0000 Fireman
Crothers, Richard, SCPO, (1959-1982) CT CT-9124 [Other Service Rank]
Mummert, Dale, CAPT, (1957-1980) OFF 310X Commander
Soules, Charles, CAPT, (1958-1989) OFF 144X Commander
Borchardt, Curtis, CAPT, (1965-1989) OFF 131X Lieutenant Commander
Kroyer, George, LCDR OFF 131X Lieutenant Commander
Mills, Clifford Childers, LCDR, (1948-1978) OFF 641X Lieutenant Commander
Baker, Joe, CAPT, (1973-2000) OFF 131X Lieutenant
Feeney, James Leo, LT, (1969-1974) OFF 131X Lieutenant
Reusser, Samuel, LT, (1959-1990) OFF 638X Lieutenant
Steffen, Norm, LCDR, (1965-1989) OFF 132X Lieutenant
Vaurio, David, CDR, (1964-1992) OFF 161X Lieutenant
Cotton, John, VADM, (1973-2008) OFF 131X Lieutenant Junior Grade
Green, David, CDR, (1966-1991) OFF 132X Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lydic, Frederick, CAPT, (1969-1995) OFF 110X Lieutenant Junior Grade
Smith, Jr., Randell, CAPT, (1976-2006) OFF 111X Ensign
Whitehead, Mike, LCDR, (1974-1995) OFF 310X Ensign
Hamilton, Al, LCDR, (1963-1992) OS OS-0318 Other Service Rank
Derus, Richard, CWO4, (1964-1988) AO AO-0812 Chief Warrant Officer 4
Leonard, Linley, MCPO, (1973-1994) DP DP-0000 Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Bertalan, Mike, MCPO, (1962-1989) PC PC-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
BROWN, TERRY, SCPO, (1964-1993) EW EW-1781 Senior Chief Petty Officer
McCord, John, SCPO, (1972-1993) AB ABH-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Roberge, Robert, SCPO, (1973-1993) OS OS-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Wilson, Charles, SCPO, (1957-1980) AB AB-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Adessa, Chester, CPO, (1962-1982) PN PN-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Beck, John, CPO, (1965-1990) EN EN-4333 Chief Petty Officer
Cowles, Bob, LT, (1963-1989) IS IS-3901 Chief Petty Officer
Grant, Robert, CPO, (1955-1974) AME AME-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Hopkins, Steve, CPO, (1973-1995) EW 1761 Chief Petty Officer
Jackson, Gerald Emery, CPO, (1960-1990) MR MR-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Lemmon, Wally, SCPO, (1953-1985) AB AB-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Metzger, Anthony, CPO, (1966-1992) YN YN-2514 Chief Petty Officer
Nanney, Max, MCPO, (1961-1989) AD AD-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Oliveira, Wayne, CPO, (1968-1993) AO AO-8331 Chief Petty Officer
Raghianti, Lawrence, SCPO, (1960-1990) BT BT-4512 Chief Petty Officer
Savidge, James, SCPO, (1962-1984) PS PS-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Wilson, Don, CPO, (1957-1987) AS AS-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Alexander, Milton, PO1, (1969-1981) AQ AQ-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Brock, Stephen, PO1, (1973-1981) HM HM-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Cain, Louis, CPO, (1964-1986) AZ AZ-6313 Petty Officer First Class
Cooper, Raymond, CPO, (1958-1978) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Crawford, George, CPO, (1967-1987) AS AS-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Daniels, Stephen, SCPO, (1965-1993) AQ AQF-8324 Petty Officer First Class
Deluca, Mark, CPO, (1968-1991) AE AE-7174 Petty Officer First Class
Durham, Rich, PO1, (1968-1992) BT BT-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Garrity, John, PO1, (1965-1975) AE AE-7131 Petty Officer First Class
Hursey, John, PO1, (1972-1975) AD AD-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Huss, Richard, PO1, (1966-1990) AD AD-8327 Petty Officer First Class
Juachon, Senen, CPO, (1965-1987) DK DK-2905 Petty Officer First Class
Kinnison, Henry, SCPO, (1969-1995) RM RM-2313 Petty Officer First Class
Labigang, Ronald, CPO, (1970-1994) AME 8323 Petty Officer First Class
Mitchell, James, CWO4, (1966-1996) AB AB-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Murray, Tim, PO1, (1963-1980) MM MM-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Palka, Steve, MCPO, (1962-1990) MS MS-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Rasmussen, Gerhard, CWO3, (1965-1998) AQ AQ-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Ritter, Ken, LCDR, (1960-1991) AT 9521 Petty Officer First Class

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