Belcher, Calvin, YN1

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Current Service Status
USN Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer First Class
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Primary Unit
2003-2006, YN-0000, USS Emory S. Land (AS-39)
Service Years
1990 - 2006
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Order of the Square Rigger
Panama Canal
Plank Owner
Order of the Dirt Sailor
Four Hash Marks

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Defense Intelligence Agency

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Order of the Shellback Order of the Golden Shellback Order of the Arctic Circle (Bluenose)

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  1996-1997, YN-0000, NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


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- / 1996

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- / 1997

NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Unit Page

Petty Officer Third Class



 NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Details

NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Garrison - Base Station


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Naval Air Stations


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Last Updated: Jul 23, 2007
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NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Dube, Marcel, SCPO, (1976-1996) YN YN-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
LOAN, BEVERLY, CPO, (1987-2011) YN YN-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Albright, Ted, CPO, (1977-2003) IT IT-2750 Chief Petty Officer
Shirley, Tammy, CPO, (1982-2004) 00 00-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Webster, Phillip, CPO, (1980-2000) AB AB-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Andersen, Kirk, PO1, (1984-2004) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Chambliss, Tony, PO1, (1984-2004) MA MA-9575 Petty Officer First Class
Dettman, George, CPO, (1986-2010) MA MA-2005 Petty Officer First Class
Ellis, Kristen, PO1, (1993-2000) JO JO-3221 Petty Officer First Class
Lacy, Robert, PO1, (1971-1998) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Leath, Leon, CPO, (1985-2008) MA MA-2005 Petty Officer First Class
Mirza, MWD, PO1 MWD MWD-0003 Petty Officer First Class
Morin, Paul, CPO, (1984-2004) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Paquette, David, CPO, (1981-2006) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Perrin, Richard, PO1, (1979-1999) AC AC-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Pullano, Louis, CPO, (1982-2003) HM HM-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Armstrong, Cammy, CPO, (1988-2010) CS CS-3527 Petty Officer Second Class
Beasley, Rodney, PO1, (1990-2010) MA MA-9545 Petty Officer Second Class
Carr, Mikel, MCPO, (1988-Present) AD AD-8215 Petty Officer Second Class
Dorazio, Sebastien, CPO, (1991-2007) PR PR-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Dunlap, Alan, LTJG, (1991-Present) HT HT-4955 Petty Officer Second Class
Foxx, Jay, PO1, (1986-2008) AC AC-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Galvin, Clyde, PO1, (1988-2008) MA MA-9545 Petty Officer Second Class
Glover, Kimberly, PO1, (1984-2004) HT HT-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Good, Jonathan, PO1, (1988-2007) PC PC-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Jones, Donny, PO1, (1984-2007) EN EN-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Jones, Mike, PO1, (1989-Present) CE CE-5642 Petty Officer Second Class
Jones, Richard, PO1, (1988-2008) CM CM-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Kirkindoll, Jeremy, SCPO, (1993-Present) CE CE-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Mangione, Bill, PO2, (1980-2000) 00 8241 Petty Officer Second Class
Martinez, Juan, PO1, (1993-2007) UT UT-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Mcelroy, Cedric, CPO, (1988-2009) CS CS-3538 Petty Officer Second Class
Rivera, Brenda, PO2, (1992-1997) AS AS-7614 Petty Officer Second Class
Rogers, Jeanette, PO2, (1986-1996) PN PN-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Snader, Dwayne, PO1, (1988-2008) HM HM-8501 Petty Officer Second Class
Storms, Sean, CPO, (1989-2011) MA MA-9545 Petty Officer Second Class
Thacker, Angi, CPO, (1988-2010) PN PN-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Thomas, Richard, PO2, (1990-2005) HM HM-8401 Petty Officer Second Class
Vandercook, Daniel, PO2, (1991-2001) HM HM-8401 Petty Officer Second Class
Wells, Bryant, PO2, (1989-1998) AK AK-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Baron, Cory, CPO, (1992-2007) EM EM-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Beglau, Gregg, PO1, (1993-Present) MA MA-9545 Petty Officer Third Class
Boyd, LaToya, CPO, (1992-2012) MM MM-4283 Petty Officer Third Class
Bracey, Rodney, PO1, (1988-2007) RP RP-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Butler, Scott, PO1, (1994-2014) CM CM-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Corbin-Kruer, Christine, SN, (1986-1992) JO JO-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Cribbs, Kyle, PO3, (1992-1997) ET ET-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Delong, John, PO1, (1995-2007) MA MA-9545 Petty Officer Third Class
Ellison, Trevorous, PO3, (1990-2000) MA MA-9575 Petty Officer Third Class
Formica, Robert, PO3, (1989-1999) MS MS-3533 Petty Officer Third Class
Gneiting, Kelly, PO1, (1993-2008) ET ET-1413 Petty Officer Third Class
Griffith, Rebecca, PO2, (1992-2001) AB ABH-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Henry, Sheryl, PO1, (1995-Present) SK SK-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Hernandez, Kristoffer, PO1, (1995-2007) CE CE-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Lettieri, Maricela, CPO, (1995-Present) OS OS-0326 Petty Officer Third Class
Mason (Hill), Labrisha, LT, (1993-Present) CE CE-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Qurioz, Thomas, PO3, (1993-1998) PC PC-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Robertson, Stephanie, PO1, (1993-2007) SK SK-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Seay, Jean, PO1, (1992-Present) AO AO-0000 Petty Officer Third Class

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