Bansemer, Brian, LCDR

Line Officer
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Lieutenant Commander
Current/Last Primary NEC
132X-Unrestricted Line Officer - Naval Flight Officer
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Line Officer
Primary Unit
2011-2013, 132X, COMNAVAIRLANT
Previously Held NEC
ST-0412-BQQ-5/5 (V) Submarine Sonar Basic Maintenance Technician
ST-0422-BQQ-5/5 (Series) Submarine Sonar Advanced Maintenance Technician
Service Years
1986 - 2013
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Order of the Arctic Circle (Bluenose)
Order of the Ditch
Order of the Rock
Plank Owner
Sandbox Sailor Operation Iraqi Freedom
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

 Official Badges 

Joint Forces Command Master Training Specialist

 Unofficial Badges 

Order of the Arctic Circle (Bluenose)

 Military Association Memberships
Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association (ABMA)
  2011, Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association (ABMA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:

After 27 years of faithfully serving the country in the military, I am now using my skills and abilities to serve its people by helping them with all of their real estate needs!  Specific beliefs I strive to achieve:

  • Treat others with respect and dignity

  • Be kind and understanding

  • Honesty truly is the best policy

  • K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple Stan

  • If you see something wrong - fix it

  • Attention to detail is required in all that we do

  • There is plenty of time to sleep later - get the job done now

  • Praise in public, chastise in private

Other Comments:

Personal Background

How I got here:

I began my military career as a Medic, then an Electrician, and finally settled in as a Submarine Sonar Technician where I was the guy listening to the whales and dolphins. I spent the next few years operating and maintaining this electrical, electronic, & mechanical system culminating in my becoming the team leader. I took my expertise and operational skills and put them to work as the Lead Instructor of a 24-week advanced employment school. I enjoyed teaching so much that I used my off time to earn a BS degree in Workforce Education & Development. 

That degree propelled me from working under the ocean to flying above it in the Navy's premier Command and Control Aircraft. Flying off of aircraft carriers was awesome! In the air I operated the radar and communication systems and was responsible for mission success; while on the ground I was the Legal Officer, Maintenance Officer, Aviation Safety Officer, and Asst. Operations Officer. Next I began working with contractors from L-3, SAIC, BAE, Lockheed Martin, and others in testing new Command, Control, Communication, and Computer (C4) systems and procedures. After a couple of years of leading edge technology work I was sent to Baghdad Iraq for a year to assist with the reconstruction of that country's banking infrastructure and monitor their budget expenditures. After Iraq I became the Training Officer for a 450-person department. My final two years was spent getting simulator and aircraft system needs into the DoD budget while monitoring implementation. I also used that time to earn an MBA with an HR concentration.

Education and Training

Master of Business Administration with Distinction – concentration in HR, Keller Graduate School of Management, October 2011 – February 2013    

Bachelor of Science – Workforce Education & Development, Suma Cum Laude, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, August 1999 – October 2000

Awards And Designations

Military Awards:

1 Meritorious Service Medal, 2 Joint Commendation Medals, 1 Navy Commendation Medal, 5 Navy Achievement Medals, various letters of appreciation/commendation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Buyer's Agent

  • Seller's Agent

  • Competitive Market Analysis

  • Military Personnel and Veterans 

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  1995-1998, ST-0422, USS Phoenix (SSN-702)

ST-Sonar Technician

From Month/Year
- / 1995

To Month/Year
- / 1998

USS Phoenix (SSN-702) Unit Page

Petty Officer First Class

ST-0422-BQQ-5/5 (Series) Submarine Sonar Advanced Maintenance Technician


 USS Phoenix (SSN-702) Details

USS Phoenix (SSN-702)
Hull number SSN-702

Sub-Surface Vessels


Parent Unit
Los Angeles-class (688 Class)


Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2008
Memories For This Unit

Best Moment
Making E-6 and getting my first NAM (it sure did take me long enough to do something good).

Worst Moment
Another 6 month period of LIMDU for my ankle injury from 1990.

My Photos For This Duty Station
No Available Photos
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USS Phoenix (SSN-702)

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