Brown, Christopher, EOCS

Equipment Operator
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Current Service Status
USN Active
Current/Last Rank
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Equipment Operator
Primary Unit
2017-Present, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)
Previously Held NEC
EO-5710-Advanced Equipment Operator
EO-0000-Equipment Operator
Service Years
1994 - Present
Foreign Language(s)
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Order of the Dirt Sailor
Order of the Sand Sailor
Plank Owner
Sandbox Sailor Operation Iraqi Freedom
EO-Equipment Operator
Six Hash Marks

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What are you doing now:
Chillaxin in Puerto Rico with the Family!
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  2004-2004, Naval Special Warfare Center/Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUDS) School

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- / 2004

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- / 2004

Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUDS) School Unit Page

Petty Officer First Class

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 Naval Special Warfare Center/Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUDS) School Details

Naval Special Warfare Center/Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUDS) School

Combat - Support Units


Parent Unit
Naval Special Warfare Center

Formal School

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Not Specified

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2007
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Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUDS) School

Basurto, Robert, CPO, (1991-2008) Petty Officer First Class
Eisenhart, William, PO1, (2001-Present) Petty Officer First Class
Reeves, Danny, PO1, (1997-2008) Petty Officer First Class
Brock, Anthony, PO1, (1997-2007) Petty Officer Second Class
Gibson, Toshiro, PO2, (2002-2006) Petty Officer Second Class
Hutchens, Chad, CPO, (1995-2008) Petty Officer Second Class
LIMSON, PETER F, SCPO, (1999-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Mejia, Jawar, PO2, (1998-2009) Petty Officer Second Class
Plant, John, LT, (2000-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Tatham, Michael, CPO, (2002-2011) Petty Officer Second Class
Walsh, Timothy, PO2, (1999-2011) Petty Officer Second Class
Watson, Chris, CPO, (1998-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Farr, Chris, PO2, (2003-2008) Petty Officer Third Class
Rios, Emmanuel, PO2, (1999-2008) Petty Officer Third Class
Govero, Jordan, PO2, (2003-2007) Seaman
Greene, Michael, PO2, (2003-2007) Seaman
Hill, Tyler, PO2, (2004-Present) Seaman
Jarvis, Ryan, ENS, (2004-Present) Seaman
Surman, Chris, PO1, (2004-Present) Fireman
StaleyGamble, Juri, PO2, (2004-2007) Airman
Hawthorne, Jared, PO2, (2004-2007) Fireman Apprentice
Conrad, Christopher, PO2, (2004-2007) Fireman Recruit
Byford, Robert, LCDR, (1991-2007) OFF 113X Lieutenant
Harrison, Ronald, ENS, (1997-Present) SO SO-5326 Chief Petty Officer
Baxter, Wayne, PO1, (1987-2007) BM BM-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Kharma, Badd, SCPO, (1993-2007) SO SO-5326 Petty Officer First Class
Strickland, Anderson, CPO, (1992-2007) HM HM-8466 Petty Officer First Class
Gallagher, Edward Ryan, PO1, (1999-Present) HM HM-8404 Petty Officer Second Class
Lang, Daniel, CPO, (1996-Present) OS OS-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Rivera, Francisco, PO2, (1999-2015) BM BM-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Vaughn, Aaron Carson, PO1, (2002-2011) SO SO-5326 Petty Officer Third Class
Workman, Jason Ray, CPO, (2003-2011) OS OS-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Checque, Nicolas D., PO1, (2002-2012) IS IS-0000 Seaman
Fetterman, Joseph, PO2, (2001-2007) OFF 000X Seaman
Aukshun, Don, PO1, (2003-Present) 00 00-0000 Fireman
Cavner, Bradley Steven, CPO, (2003-2014) FN FN-0000 Fireman
Russell, Dean, PO2, (2003-Present) AO AO-0000 Airman
Summers, Joshua, PO1, (2000-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Taras, Shawn, PO1 Petty Officer Second Class
Advanced Training Command

Knutson, Chris, SCPO, (1987-2007) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Barrett, Curtlan, CPO, (1986-2007) YN YN-0000 Chief Petty Officer

Matthews, Tim, PO1, (1987-2007) SO SO-9534 Petty Officer First Class
Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School (NAVSCIATTS)

Ortiguerra, Eric, LCDR, (1987-Present) Lieutenant
Knuffman, Dan, MCPO, (1987-2007) Master Chief Petty Officer
Hornberger, Curtis, SCPO, (1987-2009) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Castillo, Fidel, CPO, (1986-Present) Chief Petty Officer
Buenrostro, Ricardo, PO1, (1989-2009) Petty Officer First Class
Enriquez, Michael, PO1, (1996-Present) Petty Officer First Class
Guidry, Trevor, PO2, (1989-2009) Petty Officer First Class
Schibeci, Antonio, CPO, (1992-2007) Petty Officer First Class
Teal, Jonathon, PO1, (1997-2008) Petty Officer First Class
Isidore, Terry, PO2, (1994-2006) Petty Officer Second Class
Tardy, Joe, PO1, (1986-2006) Petty Officer Second Class
L'Ecuyer, Lindsay, CDR, (1977-2006) OFF 611X Commander
Bautista, Manuel, SCPO, (1992-Present) EN EN-9502 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Evans, Fisackerly, SCPO, (1989-2008) IT IT-2735 Chief Petty Officer
Vann, James, CPO, (1986-2006) SB SB-5352 Chief Petty Officer
Brown, Michael C., PO1, (1990-2008) EN EN-4313 Petty Officer First Class
Frey, Edward, PO1, (1993-2008) CM CM-5805 Petty Officer First Class

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