Hall, Sonny, PO1

Rating/NEC Group Unknown
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer First Class
Current/Last Primary NEC
8271-P-3 Flight Crew Ordnanceman
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Rating/NEC Group Unknown
Primary Unit
2000-2001, AO-0000, Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (CNRMA)
Previously Held NEC
AO-0000-Aviation Ordnanceman
8201-Naval Aircrewman Candidate
8202-Naval Aircrewman (Special Assignment)
9505-Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape (SERE) Instructor
AO-6810-Armament Weapons Support Equipment (ASWE) Maintenance Manager
Service Years
1981 - 2001
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Operation Enduring Freedom
Five Hash Marks

 Official Badges 

U.S. Navy Security

 Unofficial Badges 

Order of the Arctic Circle (Bluenose)

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What are you doing now:
Federal Officer working for NASA
Other Comments:
Not Specified

  1988-1990, 8271, Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC)

From Month/Year
- / 1988

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- / 1990

Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC) Unit Page

Petty Officer First Class

8271-P-3 Flight Crew Ordnanceman

Pt Mugu

 Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC) Details

Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC)

Garrison - Support/ Material


Parent Unit
Naval Shore Units


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2007
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Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC)

Stephenson, Mark, PO1, (1978-1999) 00 8271 Petty Officer Second Class
Anderson, Steve, PO1, (1975-1995) 00 AMH-8251 Petty Officer First Class
Brookins, Byron, PO1, (1977-1997) 00 8243 Petty Officer First Class
Scott, Rand, PO1, (1976-1998) 00 AMH-8251 Petty Officer First Class
Lewis, James, SCPO, (1985-2007) 00 8342 Petty Officer Second Class
Thorson, Ron, CPO, (1983-2003) 00 8261 Petty Officer Second Class
Agen, Rick, PO2, (1985-Present) 00 8342 Petty Officer Third Class
Oberg, Brad, PO3, (1985-1993) 00 8263 Petty Officer Third Class
Winter, Robert, MCPO, (1984-2015) 00 8243 Petty Officer Third Class
Sheppard, Bruce, LCDR, (1970-1990) OFF 121X Lieutenant Commander
Padilla, Leo, CMC, (1965-2003) CMC 9580 Master Chief Petty Officer
Tilghman, John, SCPO, (1970-1991) AT AT-8265 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Wood, Sam, CWO3, (1974-2001) OS OS-0319 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Hollister, Fred, CPO, (1977-1993) NC NC-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Lepien, Glenn, CPO, (1970-1994) OS OS-0319 Chief Petty Officer
Aguilar, Paul, PO1, (1976-1995) AT AT-6611 Petty Officer First Class
Birmingham, Dave, LT, (1981-2006) OS OS-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Fishlien, Mike, CPO AWV AWV-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Garrity, Mark, PO1, (1971-1993) AD AD-8251 Petty Officer First Class
Johnson, Eugene, CPO, (1983-2007) OS OS-0318 Petty Officer First Class
Minyard, John, FLTCM, (1984-2013) OS OS-0319 Petty Officer First Class
Wilson, Donald, PO1, (1978-1998) AT AT-8284 Petty Officer First Class
McCaughey, Toby, PO1, (1985-2005) AT AT-8265 Petty Officer Second Class
Obringer, Mary, PO2, (1983-1991) HM HM-8406 Petty Officer Second Class
Stune, William, CWO4, (1982-2007) EW EW-8284 Petty Officer Second Class
Vuillemot, Teresa, PO2, (1988-1998) OS OS-0318 Petty Officer Second Class
Arnold, Keith, PO1, (1987-2007) AM AM-8342 Petty Officer Third Class
Felt, David, PO1, (1987-1992) AO 8286 Petty Officer Third Class
Hobbs, Matthew, PO2, (1989-1995) AT AT-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Johnston, Allan, PO3, (1983-1987) AE 8345 Petty Officer Third Class
Lewis, Pam, PO2, (1987-1992) AG AG-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
McClure, Craig, PO1, (1986-2006) AME 8345 Petty Officer Third Class
Herrera, Dawn, SN, (1988-1994) BM BM-0000 Seaman
Herrera, Dawn, SN, (1988-1994) BM BM-0000 Seaman
Mora, James, CPO, (1986-2007) AD AD-8345 Airman
Smith, Steve, CPO, (1985-2009) AD AD-0000 Airman
Delino, Ron, PO2, (1987-1992) AZ AZ-0000 Airman Apprentice
Swaney, Mark, CAPT, (1975-2005) Lieutenant Commander
Boeckman, Ray, CPO, (1968-1990) Chief Petty Officer
Hunt, Bill, SCPO, (1971-1998) Chief Petty Officer
Dana, Bill, PO1, (1978-1995) Petty Officer First Class
Kline, Robert, SCPO, (1980-2006) Petty Officer First Class
Pritzl, Mark, SCPO, (1983-2006) Petty Officer First Class
Williams, Dwayne, PO1, (1979-1994) Petty Officer First Class
Burrow, Troy, PO1, (1982-2002) Petty Officer Second Class
Chrystal, Shawn, CPO, (1982-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Jacques, Carolyn, CPO, (1983-2003) Petty Officer Second Class
Knight, Ronald, LTJG, (1986-2007) Petty Officer Second Class
Lewis, James, SCPO, (1985-2009) Petty Officer Second Class
McLaughlin, Roddy, PO1, (1980-2000) Petty Officer Second Class
Rohde, Mark, PO2, (1986-1993) Petty Officer Second Class
Washington, Mark, PO1, (1981-2001) Petty Officer Second Class
Bauer, David, PO3, (1985-1988) Petty Officer Third Class
Grauberger, Mark, CPO, (1986-2007) Petty Officer Third Class
West, Gregory, SCPO, (1987-2007) Petty Officer Third Class
Abejon, Joseph, PO1, (1987-2007) Airman
Mora, James, CPO, (1986-2007) Airman
Perry, Tracy, SCPO, (1989-2015) Seaman Recruit
Surface Craft Division

Pummell, Robert, PO2, (1985-1992) BM BM-0162 Petty Officer Second Class

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