Hare, Troy, LCDR

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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Lieutenant Commander
Current/Last Primary NEC
638X-Limited Duty Officer - Aviation Avionics
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Line Officer
Primary Unit
1999-2004, 638X, AIMD NAS Norfolk, NAS Norfolk
Previously Held NEC
AQ-0000-Aviation Fire Control Technician
AT-6659-AN/USM-247 Versatile Avionic Shop Test (VAST) Adv Op (Int Maint)
AT-6663-VAST (USM-247 (V)) Off-Line Maintenance/Calibration Technician
Service Years
1981 - 2004
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Cold War
Icelandic Domain
Neptune Subpoena
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Order of the Ditch
Persian Excursion
Suez Canal
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

 Official Badges 

US Navy Retired 20

 Unofficial Badges 

Order of the Shellback

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
I own and operate a full service Heating, Cooling and Electrical company in Virginia Beach.
Other Comments:
This is the ONLY boat I will float on for the rest of my life. No flight deck but you can't have everything.
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  1982-1986, AT-6659, VF-31 Tomcatters

AT-Aviation Electronics Technician

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- / 1982

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- / 1986

VF-31 Tomcatters Unit Page

Petty Officer Second Class

AT-6659-AN/USM-247 Versatile Avionic Shop Test (VAST) Adv Op (Int Maint)

NAS Oceana

 VF-31 Tomcatters Details

VF-31 Tomcatters

Air Units - Fixed Wing


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Fixed Wing

Air Squadron

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MM Summers, Nicole (minnie mouse), MMFN 105

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VF-31 Tomcatters

Ogden, John, SCPO, (1985-2006) AT AT-6659 Petty Officer Third Class
Fitzhugh, Marshall, PO1, (1981-2001) AT AT-8345 Petty Officer Third Class
Lynch, Mark, PO2, (1984-1988) AT ATR-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Cannan, Daniel, CAPT, (1978-2008) OFF 131X Lieutenant Commander
Schmaltz, Michael, CDR, (1973-1995) OFF 131X Lieutenant Commander
Jancarski, David, LT, (1978-1986) OFF 132X Lieutenant
Graham, Robert, CMC, (1965-1996) AE AE-8345 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Santee, Ray, SCPO, (1970-1990) AM AM-8300 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Schaller, Jerry, MCPO, (1968-1998) AM AM-8345 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Bernard, Manuel, MCPO, (1971-2001) AQ AQF-8324 Chief Petty Officer
Long, William, SCPO, (1978-1998) PR PR-9502 Chief Petty Officer
McMaster, Jim, CPO, (1972-1993) AO 8286 Chief Petty Officer
Wilson, Cecil, CPO, (1968-1997) AE AE-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Campbell, Samuel, MCPO, (1974-1996) AME 8345 Petty Officer First Class
Clark, John, MCPO, (1977-1999) AME 8345 Petty Officer First Class
Gray, Michal, CPO, (1977-1998) OFF 6206P Petty Officer First Class
Richards, Ron, PO1, (1972-1995) AMS AMS-9502 Petty Officer First Class
Soto Jr., Julio, MCPO, (1975-2006) AE AE-7173 Petty Officer First Class
Alonso, Radames, PO2, (1981-1988) AM AM-7232 Petty Officer Second Class
Anderson, Sam, CPO, (1985-2005) AO AO-8345 Petty Officer Second Class
Baldwyn, James, PO2, (1979-1985) AZ AZ-9549 Petty Officer Second Class
Boss, Robbie, PO2, (1981-1989) AME AME-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Collison, David, PO2, (1984-1988) YN YN-2516 Petty Officer Second Class
Craven, Virgil, MCPO, (1984-2007) AE AE-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Denning, Joel, PO2, (1974-1980) AD ADJ-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Holscher, George, PO2, (1982-1986) AE AE-8345 Petty Officer Second Class
Johnson, Steve, PO2, (1984-1988) AQ AQ-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Jones, Elbert, SCPO, (1985-Present) AME 8345 Petty Officer Second Class
Moll, John, PO2, (1982-1986) AMS AMS-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Morales, Christophe, SCPO, (1980-2001) AME 8345 Petty Officer Second Class
Moseley, Ronald, PO2, (1982-1989) AZ AZ-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Prince, Ted, MCPO, (1978-2008) PR PR-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Provenzano, John, PO1, (1978-1993) MS MS-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Rubin, Mike, PO1, (1981-1989) PN PN-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Simonds, Mark, SCPO, (1978-2002) AK AK-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Smith, Jeff, PO2, (1983-1987) AM AMS-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Tobin, William, PO2, (1978-1984) PH PH-8133 Petty Officer Second Class
Vise, Paul, CPO, (1982-2006) PH PH-8345 Petty Officer Second Class
Warner, Mark, PO2, (1982-1986) AMS AMS-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Weber, Allen, PO2, (1980-1985) PH PH-8133 Petty Officer Second Class
Bank, Eric, PO3, (1983-1987) AQ AQ-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Cermak, James, PO3, (1979-1983) AMS AMS-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Deck, John, PO3, (1986-1992) AD AD-8345 Petty Officer Third Class
French, Charles, PO2, (1981-1992) AK AK-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Heasley, Tim, PO3, (1981-1985) YN YN-2516 Petty Officer Third Class
Hendrick, Jerry, PO1, (1979-1999) HM HM-8406 Petty Officer Third Class
Hillman, Glen, PO3, (1982-1987) AQ AQ-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Perkins, Barry, PO3, (1979-1983) AD AD-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Schwartz, Russel, PO3, (1981-1986) AMS AMS-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Stanavech, Richard, PO1, (1982-2003) 00 8845 Petty Officer Third Class
Tidd, Jeffrey, LT, (1984-2007) 00 8845 Petty Officer Third Class
Withrow, Rodger, CPO, (1981-2003) 00 8335 Petty Officer Third Class
Zimmerman, James, PO3, (1977-1982) AMS AMS-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Heasley, Tim, SN, (1982-1985) YN YN-0000 Seaman
Hall, Scott, AN, (1985-1988) AN AN-0000 Airman
Larney, John, PO2, (1980-1991) AMH AMH-8215 Airman
Neal, Dan, CPO, (1979-2000) 00 8845 Airman
Wingate, Louis, PO2, (1979-1989) 00 8845 Airman Apprentice
DeMoss, Steven, PO3, (1977-1983) AT Petty Officer Third Class

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