Cuthbertson, James Marshall, Jr., AMS1

Aviation Structural Mechanic, Structures
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer First Class
Current/Last Primary NEC
AMS-8319-P-3 System Organizational Maintenance Tec
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Aviation Structural Mechanic, Structures
Primary Unit
1998-2001, 9595, VAQ-129 Vikings
Previously Held NEC
AM-8377-SH-3 Systems Organizational Career Maintenance Technician
MWD-0003-MWD - Patrol/Security
8331-A-6 System Organization Maintenance Technician
AM-9595-Hazardous Matgerial Control Management Technician
9595-Hazardous Matgerial Control Management Technician
Service Years
1981 - 2001
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Cold War
Order of the Golden Dragon
Persian Excursion
AMS-Aviation Structural Mechanic, Structures
Five Hash Marks

 Official Badges 

U.S. Navy Police (enlisted) US Navy Retired 20

 Unofficial Badges 

US Navy Honorable Discharge Cold War Medal Order of the Golden Dragon Persian Excursion

Cold War Veteran

 Military Association Memberships
Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA)Chapter 47-National Rifle Association (NRA)
  1992, Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2001, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 47 (Member) (Oak Harbor, Washington) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  2013, -National Rifle Association (NRA) [Verified]

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:

We are serving at Calvary Chapel South Anchorage, AK.
Other Comments:

Happily married to Ro for 31 years and have two great girls, Maeggan & Mirah Jo. Maeggan is married to a wonderful young man, Pastor Samuel Vargas. I AM a very happy POP (Grandpa) to Emmanuel James "EJ" Vargas. Maeggan, Samuel and EJ are living in Anchorage, AK. Mirah Jo is living in Texas as a licensed hair dresser (and has a natural talent for it). We are living in Anchorage, AK cause thats where EJ is and it's too hot in Texas!!!


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  1986-1986, AMS-8319, NTC (Cadre/Faculty Staff) San Diego

AMS-Aviation Structural Mechanic, Structures

From Month/Year
March / 1986

To Month/Year
April / 1986

NTC (Cadre/Faculty Staff) San Diego Unit Page

Petty Officer Second Class

AMS-8319-P-3 System Organizational Maintenance Tec

San Diego

 NTC (Cadre/Faculty Staff) San Diego Details

NTC (Cadre/Faculty Staff) San Diego
Redesignated to RTC San Diego

Garrison - Base Station


Parent Unit
Naval Training Center (NTC)


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NTC (Cadre/Faculty Staff) San Diego

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Edwards, Geraldine, PO1, (1985-1999) MS MS-0000 Seaman
Jones Jr, Lonnie, PO2, (1985-2005) MS MS-0000 Seaman
McLeod, Michelle, SN, (1985-1986) RM RM-0000 Seaman
Taylor, Michael, PO1, (1986-2006) YN CYN-0000 Seaman
Carsten, Lesa, CPO, (1986-2009) IC IC-0000 Fireman
Marler, Stephanie, PO3, (1986-1993) RM RM-0000 Seaman Apprentice
Williams, Rodney, PO1, (1986-2006) RM RM-0000 Seaman Apprentice
Darnell, Lee, CPO, (1974-1996) Petty Officer First Class
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Collins, Jerry, CPO, (1984-2006) Petty Officer Third Class
Howard, William, PO3, (1986-1996) ABF Petty Officer Third Class
Behr, Don, PO1, (1985-1995) Seaman
Gioldasis, Phil, S1c, (1985-1987) AD Seaman
Scott, Carol, PO1, (1983-2004) Seaman
Thomas, Louise, PO2, (1984-1994) Seaman
Bonner, Sharon, CPO, (1986-Present) Seaman Apprentice
Burns, Michael, CPO, (1986-2010) Seaman Apprentice
Knutson, Vicki, PO2, (1986-2000) Seaman Apprentice
Muetzel, Mark, PO3, (1986-1990) Seaman Apprentice
Ramos, Ramil, CPO, (1984-2007) Seaman Apprentice
Waugh (Hughes), Rhonda, SCPO, (1986-2008) Seaman Apprentice
Woyak, Brian, SCPO, (1985-2014) Seaman Apprentice
Ladao, Ronnie, CPO, (1986-2008) Fireman Apprentice
Smith, James, PO2, (1986-1990) Fireman Apprentice
Agpaoa, Arnulfo, CWO4, (1985-2008) Seaman Recruit
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Macalma, Francisco, CPO, (1986-2007) Seaman Recruit
Martin, Robert, PO2, (1986-1993) Seaman Recruit
Ruiz, Glenn, CPO, (1986-2010) Seaman Recruit
Walwer, Donald, SCPO, (1986-2006) Seaman Recruit

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