Halley, Ernest, DK2

Disbursing Clerk
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USN Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer Second Class (E-5)
Current/Last Primary Designator/NEC
DK-0000-Disbursing Clerk
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Disbursing Clerk
Primary Unit
1965-1965, DK-0000, US Naval Academy Annapolis (Faculty Staff)
Service Years
1962 - 1963
DK-Disbursing Clerk

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Post 690
  2006, American Legion, Post 690 (Member) (Palatine , Illinois) [Verified] - Chap. Page

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What are you doing now:
I am recent retiree of the Federal Railroad Administration's Chicago office.  Eighteen years with the FRA.  Prior to working at the FRA, I was with the Chicago and North Western Railroad for 17 years.   
Other Comments:
After leaving boot camp at Great Lakes, I was assigned to Light Photographic Squadron 62 (VFP-62), at NAS Cecil Field, FL.  I arrived in June '62 and was there until November '63 when I was released to inactive duty.  I was a DK3 when I was released, but I stayed in the active reserves and became a DK2 shortly afterwards.  I was a school teacher during that time in Tulsa, OK.  In the summer of 1965, I needed a summer job, so I signed up for three months temporary active duty.  I was ordered to the U. S. Naval Academy and was assigned to the Medical and Dental Officers Indoctrination School.  It was a class for Medical and Dental Officers to learn and prepare them for military life.  I took care of their pay and travel expenses while they attended the school.  After that summer, I moved to the Chicago area and was in a reserve unit at NAS Glenview, IL.  It was Naval Air Reserve Maintenance Unit (NARMU 725).  I was discharged in 1967.
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  1962-1963, DK-0000, US Navy

DK-Disbursing Clerk

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June / 1962

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November / 1963

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Petty Officer Second Class (E-5)

DK-0000-Disbursing Clerk

NAS Cecil Field

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