Halbrucker, Jessica, MA3

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USN Active
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Petty Officer Third Class
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Primary Unit
2010-Present, JFC Naples, Italy, Allied Joint Forces Command (JFC)
Service Years
2007 - 2012

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What are you doing now:

stuck in plane ol korea and cant wait to go to Italy in Febuary!

Other Comments:
im a huge sports buff! so if you want to talk football, baseball, soccer, whatever, im the girl to talk to! yes im a packers fan..

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  2010-Present, JFC Naples, Italy, Allied Joint Forces Command (JFC)

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JFC Naples, Italy Unit Page

Petty Officer Third Class

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 JFC Naples, Italy, Allied Joint Forces Command (JFC) Details

JFC Naples, Italy, Allied Joint Forces Command (JFC)

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Allied Joint Forces Command (JFC)


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JFC Naples, Italy

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Clark, Frankie, CDR, (1995-Present) Lieutenant Commander
Green, Aaron, CPO, (1993-2007) Chief Petty Officer
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Spain, Antonio, PO1, (1997-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Taylor, Quinn, PO1, (2005-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Wells, Ryan, ENS, (2003-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
SPECHT, RICHARD, PO3, (2008-Present) Petty Officer Third Class
Mulcahy, Frank, CDR, (1991-2007) OFF 510X Commander
Villescas, Ivan, CDR, (1989-Present) OFF 111X Commander
Alvarez, Heath, LCDR, (1992-2019) OFF 310X Lieutenant Commander
Crain, Bradford, CDR, (1991-Present) OFF 131X Lieutenant Commander
Frajman, John, LCDR, (1995-Present) OFF 250X Lieutenant Commander
Robertson, Martin, CAPT, (1988-Present) OFF 111X Lieutenant Commander
Howard, Kenneth, CWO3, (1988-Present) WO 783X Chief Warrant Officer 3
Fling, Tim, MCPO, (1982-2007) IT IT-0000 Master Chief Petty Officer
Berryman, Nick, CMC, (1990-Present) OS OS-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Hall, Timothy, SCPO, (1990-Present) MA MA-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Wallach, Doc, SCPO, (1987-2015) CT CT-9105 Chief Petty Officer
Witz, Randy, SCPO, (1991-Present) IT IT-2735 Chief Petty Officer
Young, Lorenzo, CPO, (1996-2017) YN YN-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Dixon, Kishuan, CPO, (1995-2010) YN YN-2514 Petty Officer First Class
Elling, Nathan, PO1, (1996-2010) EO EO-5707 Petty Officer First Class
Harris, Brian, CPO, (1999-Present) ET ET-1678 Petty Officer First Class
Jacomo, Anthony, CPO, (2003-Present) LS Petty Officer First Class
JOHNSON, XICA, CPO, (2006-Present) IT IT-2379 Petty Officer First Class
Lockridge, Stuart, PO1, (1993-2008) CS CS-3530 Petty Officer First Class
Box, Chris, PO1, (2001-Present) IT IT-2730 Petty Officer Second Class
Hufford, Matthew, PO1, (2002-Present) EO EO-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Jones, Kasheena, PO2, (2009-Present) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Lambert, David, PO1, (2004-2012) IT IT-2735 Petty Officer Second Class
Smith, Brian, PO1, (2006-Present) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Bradburn, Kaleana, PO1, (2008-Present) YN YN-9190 Petty Officer Third Class
Mullen, Marsha, PO3, (2006-2010) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Kleven, Brian, CDR, (1981-Present) Commander
Osborn, Christian, LTJG, (1992-2007) Ensign
FLORES, FR, SCPO, (1996-Present) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Malek, Elizabeth, PO1, (2003-Present) Petty Officer First Class
Skorup, Nicholas, PO1, (2005-Present) Petty Officer First Class
Street, Megan, CPO, (2012-Present) Petty Officer First Class
Bauman, Matthew, PO2, (2002-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Sizemore, Andrew, PO2, (2007-2013) Petty Officer Second Class
Allied Joint Forces Command (JFC)

Williamson, Genni, LT, (2001-2007) Lieutenant
Coates, Robert, CPO, (1995-Present) Chief Petty Officer

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