Batten, Phillip, LCDR

Line Officer
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Lieutenant Commander
Current/Last Primary NEC
111X-Unrestricted Line Officer - Surface Warfare
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Line Officer
Primary Unit
1987-1989, 111X, Assault Craft Unit 4 (ACU-4)
Previously Held NEC
FTB-3301-MK 80 Polaris Fire Control Systems
CYN-0000-Communications Yeoman
137X-Unrestricted Line Officer - Naval Flight Officer ( In Training)
Service Years
1966 - 1989
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

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 Military Association Memberships
Beirut Veterans of America (BVA)
  2001, Beirut Veterans of America (BVA) [Verified]4 - Assoc. Page

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  1977-1980, 111X, Commander Naval Forces Japan


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- / 1977

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- / 1980

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111X-Unrestricted Line Officer - Surface Warfare

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Commander Naval Forces Japan

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Commander Naval Forces Japan

Young, David, LCDR, (1961-1993) OFF 611X Lieutenant
Coburn, Gary, MCPO, (1960-1987) IS IS-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Wertman, Eugene, CWO2, (1966-1988) OT OT-0631 Chief Petty Officer
Mills, David, PO1, (1973-1981) OT OT-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Abrams, Dan, CDR, (1976-2009) JO JO-3221 Petty Officer Second Class
Lien, Kenneth, SCPO, (1975-1999) RM RM-2342 Petty Officer Second Class
Lewis, Joe, PO2, (1979-1983) IS IS-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Zech, Jr., Lando William, VADM, (1944-1983) Rear Admiral Upper Half
Penly, Bobby, CPO, (1958-1962) OS Chief Petty Officer
Beckman, Dawn, CPO, (1967-1992) Petty Officer First Class
Tate, Thomas, MCPO, (1969-1997) Petty Officer First Class
Givens, Marie, CMC, (1974-2001) Petty Officer Second Class
Zawis, John, CDR, (1970-1999) Petty Officer Second Class
Burns, Brenda, PO1, (1979-1997) Petty Officer Third Class
Kowalsky, Stan, MCPO, (1976-1997) Seaman
Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa

Glover, Thomas, CDR, (1955-1991) OFF 633X Commander
Cox, Bill, MCPO BM BM-0000 Master Chief Petty Officer
Cox, Bill, MCPO BM BM-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Nanney, Max, MCPO, (1961-1989) AD AD-6418 Chief Petty Officer
Rogers, Albert, CPO, (1966-1990) AT AT-6634 Chief Petty Officer
Butler, Rod, MCPO, (1973-2003) AE AE-7182 Petty Officer First Class
Hayes, Duane, CPO, (1969-1989) RM RM-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Melhus ( odonnell), Chris, CPO, (1970-1995) QM QM-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Pilacky, Edward, PO1, (1975-1995) AD ADJ-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Tracy, Jim, MCPO, (1968-1992) PN PN-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Cheshier, Kim, PO1, (1978-2002) AD AD-6418 Petty Officer Second Class
Hyatt, Deborah, SCPO, (1973-1994) RD RD-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
May, Steve, MCPO, (1975-2005) AT AT-6609 Petty Officer Second Class
McIntosh, Jeri, MCPO, (1972-1994) DT DT-8703 Petty Officer Second Class
Meyer, Randy, SCPO, (1978-2000) AO 8286 Petty Officer Second Class
Simon, Jerry, PO2, (1975-1979) AE AE-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Taylor, David, SCPO, (1971-1993) AT AT-6664 Petty Officer Second Class
Toussaint, Robert, MCPO, (1971-1993) AK AK-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Angel, Peter, PO3 AS AS-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Chambers, Scott, PO3, (1978-1984) 00 00E Petty Officer Third Class
Meyer, Randy, SCPO, (1978-2000) AO 8286 Petty Officer Third Class
Moorhead, Gary, PO3, (1979-1985) AD AD-6418 Petty Officer Third Class
Pietricone, John, PO3, (1976-1980) 00 00E Petty Officer Third Class
Chambers, Scott, PO3, (1978-1984) AD AD-6418 Airman
Meyer, Randy, SCPO, (1978-2000) AO 8286 Airman
Penrod, Bill, CPO, (1967-1988) Chief Petty Officer
Vose, Maurice, SCPO, (1974-1995) ET Petty Officer First Class
Brunner, Eric, CPO, (1976-2000) Petty Officer Second Class
Herron, Michael, SCPO, (1974-1994) Petty Officer Second Class
Johnson, William, PO2, (1976-1992) Petty Officer Second Class
Sullivan, Kevin, CWO5, (1979-Present) Petty Officer Second Class
Swanson, Dennis, SCPO, (1977-2000) Petty Officer Second Class
Young, Linda, LCDR, (1977-1998) Petty Officer Second Class
Pregler, John, CMC, (1975-2005) Seaman
Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo

Thiel, John, MCPO, (1962-1984) EOD EOD-5337 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Hunt, Burks, CPO, (1968-1989) YN YN-2526 Chief Petty Officer
Curtis, Rodney, SCPO, (1972-1992) EO EO-0000 Petty Officer First Class
East, Bill, SCPO, (1965-1993) HM HM-8404 Petty Officer Second Class
Williams, Tim, PO1, (1977-1988) ET ET-1435 Petty Officer Third Class
Pulling, Donald, CPO, (1970-1993) Petty Officer Second Class
Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Stroman, Joe Emmett, CWO4, (1958-1982) OFF 741X Chief Warrant Officer 3
Toomey, Michael, MCPO, (1962-1993) QM QM-0215 Master Chief Petty Officer
Layne, Richard Earl, SCPO, (1954-1984) SM SM-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Toomey, Michael, MCPO, (1962-1993) QM QM-0161 Senior Chief Petty Officer

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