Perko, Anthony, BT1

Boiler Technician
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USN Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer First Class
Current/Last Primary NEC
BT-4502-Boiler Repair Technician
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Boiler Technician
Primary Unit
1998-2000, USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
Service Years
1980 - 2000
BT-Boiler Technician
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  1998-2000, USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

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- / 1998

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- / 2000

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Unit Page

Petty Officer First Class

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 USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Details

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
Hull number CVN-65  The first, fastest, longest and best nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world.

According to recent reports the ship is on her 25th deployment not 22nd deployment.

Surface Vessels


Parent Unit

Aircraft Carrier

Created/Owned By
AO Mullis, Frederick (Eveready), AO2 448

Last Updated: Dec 2, 2008
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USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

Baldwin, Reid, LCDR, (1976-2002) Lieutenant Commander
Bruner, Anthony, LCDR, (1978-2005) Lieutenant Commander
Conoscenti, Bill, LCDR, (1976-1998) Lieutenant Commander
Crisp, Allen, CDR, (1978-2007) Lieutenant Commander
Davis, Stephen, LCDR, (1979-2004) Lieutenant Commander
Lesh, Donald, CDR, (1987-2011) Lieutenant Commander
Malfitano, John, CAPT, (1986-Present) Lieutenant Commander
Ulrich, Robert, LCDR, (1984-2007) Lieutenant Commander
Branton, Allen, CDR, (1978-2010) Lieutenant
Heinz, Duke, CAPT, (1989-2007) Lieutenant
Johnson, Joseph, LCDR, (1993-2007) Lieutenant
Milicevic, Dan, LCDR, (1996-2007) Lieutenant
Nick, Michael, CDR, (1990-2010) Lieutenant
Robinson, Gerod, LCDR, (1990-2007) Lieutenant
Triepel, George, LT, (1989-2000) Lieutenant
Bronk, Bruce, LCDR, (1984-2007) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Cox, Todd, LT, (1985-2008) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Ford, John, LCDR, (1985-2010) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Kelly, Annette, LCDR, (1986-2008) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lafoe, Perry, LCDR, (1983-2010) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Voelbel, Don, LCDR, (1989-2007) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Young, Matthew, LCDR, (1997-2007) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Berry, Michael, LCDR, (1997-2007) Ensign
Beck, Keith, CWO4, (1976-2006) Chief Warrant Officer 2
Holmes, Donald, CWO3, (1981-2001) Chief Warrant Officer 2
Simmons, Rob, CWO2, (1980-2000) Chief Warrant Officer 2
Angelicchio, Paul, MCPO, (1975-2004) Master Chief Petty Officer
Ingram, Dee, MCPO, (1977-2005) Master Chief Petty Officer
Johnston, Michael, MCPO, (1986-2006) Master Chief Petty Officer
Passaretti, Jim, CMC, (1980-2010) Master Chief Petty Officer
Stewart, Linda, MCPO, (1978-2006) Master Chief Petty Officer
Westberry, Andrew, MCPO, (1979-2009) Master Chief Petty Officer
Yost, Thomas, CMC, (1955-1990) Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Cochran, Mary, MCPO, (1981-2005) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Daily, Michael, SCPO, (1984-2005) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Dalton, Michael, MCPO, (1981-2011) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Deans, David, SCPO, (1976-2000) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Fountain, Lewis, MCPO, (1984-2005) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Grose, Marc, CMC, (1984-2007) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Hankinson, Kevin, SCPO, (1984-2005) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Navarro, Jimmy, LT, (1986-Present) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Picard, Jeff, SCPO, (1978-2001) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Richardson, Keith, PO1, (1987-2007) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Sanderlin, Daniel, MCPO Senior Chief Petty Officer
Smith, Dave, SCPO, (1977-2003) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Stilley, Milton, CWO2, (1985-2006) Senior Chief Petty Officer
Anaya, Harry, SCPO, (1984-2004) Chief Petty Officer
Angel, Terry, CPO, (1983-2003) Chief Petty Officer
Auman, Nathan, CPO, (1987-2007) Chief Petty Officer
Bannister, Theresa, CPO, (1984-2008) Chief Petty Officer
Blanco, Angel, MCPO, (1981-2008) Chief Petty Officer
Chiari, Patrick, CWO4, (1980-2010) Chief Petty Officer
Countryman, Mark, CWO3, (1983-2007) Chief Petty Officer
Evans, Margaret, PO2, (1999-2004) Chief Petty Officer
Frazier, Charles, SCPO, (1981-2003) Chief Petty Officer
Gentry, Kenneth, SCPO, (1987-2007) Chief Petty Officer
Hill, Milton, CPO, (1983-2007) Chief Petty Officer
Johnson, Johnnie, SCPO, (1981-2007) Chief Petty Officer
Leggett, Charles, CPO, (1981-2004) Chief Petty Officer
Lopez, Rafael, MCPO, (1984-Present) Chief Petty Officer

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