Garrett, Henry, PO1

Rating/NEC Group Unknown
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USN Active
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer First Class (E-6)
Current/Last Primary Designator/NEC
00-0000-Unknown NEC Rating
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Rating/NEC Group Unknown
Primary Unit
2008-2009, HM-8404, DESRON 23
Previously Held Designator/NEC
HM-0000-Hospital Corpsman
HM-8404-Medical Field Service Technician/FMF Combat Corpsman
Service Years
2003 - Present
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Order of the Ditch
Panama Canal
Plank Owner
Sandbox Sailor Operation Iraqi Freedom
One Hash Mark

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  2004, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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  2003-2003, HM-0000, (HM) Naval Hospital Corps School

HM-Hospital Corpsman

From Month/Year
- / 2003

To Month/Year
- / 2003

(HM) Naval Hospital Corps School Unit Page

Seaman (E-3)

HM-0000-Hospital Corpsman

Great Lakes

 (HM) Naval Hospital Corps School Details

(HM) Naval Hospital Corps School

Garrison - Training Command


Parent Unit
Medical/Dental Schools

Formal School

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Not Specified

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2007
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(HM) Naval Hospital Corps School

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Pearson, Travis, PO2, (2000-2007) HM HM-0000 Petty Officer Second Class (E-5)
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Carter, Jiras, PO2, (2002-Present) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
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Harbison, Amber, PO2, (2001-2007) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Harmon, Jessica, PO2, (2003-Present) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Hendricks, Brad, PO3, (2002-2009) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Howard, Aramis, PO3, (2003-Present) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
KUMAR, SANDEEP, LT, (2002-Present) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Larson, Eric, PO3, (2002-2008) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
LEE, KIRKLANDO, PO3, (2002-2009) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Miller, Adam, PO1, (2003-Present) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Muttschall, Ginger, PO2, (2000-2006) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Obedoza, Kristine, PO2, (2003-2011) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Page, Andrew, PO2, (2002-2007) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Sikes, Candace, SN, (2003-2007) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Tucker, Levi, PO3, (2003-2007) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Youngquist, Julie, PO3, (2003-2007) HM HM-0000 Seaman (E-3)
Alvarado, Christian, PO3, (2000-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Arredondo, Chris, MCPO, (2002-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Barrett, Scott, PO3, (2003-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Beardsell, Zachary, HN, (2007-2008) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Brandon, Adam, PO2, (2003-2012) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Brown, Damien, CPO, (2001-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Castillo, Joseph, PO2, (2006-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Crisp, Greg, CPO, (1977-2003) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Cruz, Gina, PO2, (2002-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Currie, Christina, PO3, (2002-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Dailey, Robert, PO2, (2002-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Davis, Andrew, PO2, (2003-2008) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Dutcher, Leonor, PO3, (2003-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Fletcher, Raechelle, PO3, (2000-2008) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Fulghum, Alexandra, PO2, (2003-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Gann, Crystal, PO3, (2001-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Goochey, Nicole, PO3, (2003-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Green, Shannon, PO3, (2003-2010) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Halasz, Beth, HN, (2002-2005) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Johnson, Nathan, PO3, (2003-2011) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Jones, Curtis, PO2, (2002-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Lakin, Lisa, PO1, (2003-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Long, Jessica, HN, (2003-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Loveless, Cortney, PO3, (2002-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Lovell, Melanie, PO2, (2002-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Mack, Aleathia, HN, (2001-2005) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Marson, Adam, PO3, (2003-2008) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Mcclure, John, PO3, (2003-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
McCoy-Flowers, Mozella, HN, (1999-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Mejia, Freddy, CPO, (2000-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Meyers, Barbara, PO2, (2003-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Ortega, Tony, PO2, (2001-Present) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)
Pope, Wesley, PO3, (2004-2007) HM HM-0000 Hospitalman (E-3)

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