Gallagher, Lee, CTO1

Cryptologic Technician Communications
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Petty Officer First Class
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CTO-0000-Cryptologic Technician Communications
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Cryptologic Technician Communications
Primary Unit
1990-1992, IS-0000, Naval Air Reserve Unit (NARU)
Previously Held NEC
IS-0000-Intelligence Specialist
Service Years
1975 - 1993
CTO-Cryptologic Technician Communications
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US Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association (USNCVA)
  2000, US Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association (USNCVA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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My husband, Wally, and I live in Central New York. As soon as most people hear “New York” they think of the New York City, but we live in a rural area in the village of Holland Patent, with our five dogs. Having come from suburban Philadelphia originally, I never would have pictured me living in a rural area….one of life’s surprises.  We have 2 sons. The oldest, Duncan, lives near us. Ian is following his dreams in LA, California. Life is good.

Other Comments:
This web site is a great resource for finding shipmates. Also love reading the stories about why folks joined up in the 1st place and where they have served.

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  1977-1979, Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Hanza, Okinawa

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Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Hanza, Okinawa Unit Page

Petty Officer Second Class

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Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Hanza, Okinawa

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Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) - Naval Security Group Detachment (NSGD)


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Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Hanza, Okinawa

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Peterson, Doug, CMC, (1966-1994) Chief Petty Officer
Felts, James, CWO4, (1969-1997) Petty Officer First Class
Grosenbach, Richard, SCPO, (1962-1990) Petty Officer First Class
Hennessy, Jerry, SCPO, (1964-1990) Petty Officer First Class
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Verschuyl, L. Ray, SCPO, (1974-1997) Petty Officer Second Class
Achuara, Doug, PO1, (1977-1985) Petty Officer Third Class
Arnett (Ward), Patrica (PJ), PO1, (1979-1996) Petty Officer Third Class
Arnold, Jack, PO1, (1976-1996) Petty Officer Third Class
Duncan, David, PO2, (1975-1984) Petty Officer Third Class
Fry, Steve, MCPO, (1975-1997) Petty Officer Third Class
Grissom, Terry, PO1, (1975-1996) Petty Officer Third Class
Lytell, David, SCPO, (1977-1998) Petty Officer Third Class
McCandlish, Curtis, CPO, (1976-1996) Petty Officer Third Class
Perry, Kimberly, CPO, (1976-2009) Petty Officer Third Class
Schlosser, Jamie, CPO, (1978-1998) Petty Officer Third Class
Self, Donald, PO2, (1975-1992) Petty Officer Third Class
Terry, Elizabeth (Oliver), PO2, (1976-1980) Petty Officer Third Class
Grover, William, PO1, (1977-1995) Seaman
Johnson, Karen, PO1, (1977-1997) Seaman
Kepner, Bill, PO1, (1978-1995) Seaman
Letourneau, George, PO1, (1976-1996) Constructionman
Matula, Terri, PO1, (1975-1995) Seaman Apprentice
Siefker, Bob, CDR, (1960-1988) OFF 161X Lieutenant Commander
Hill, Donald, LT, (1958-1980) OFF 644X Lieutenant
Harrell, James, LCDR, (1969-1993) OFF 161X Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lauther, John, LCDR, (1976-1997) OFF 161X Lieutenant Junior Grade
Ward, Jay, LCDR, (1975-1994) OFF 161X Lieutenant Junior Grade
Mills, Dennon, CWO4, (1961-1986) OFF 744X Chief Warrant Officer 3
Gourley, George, MCPO CTI CTI-9211 Senior Chief Petty Officer
LaChance, Gordon, CMC, (1970-2000) CTM CTM-9251 Senior Chief Petty Officer
Bourne, Frederick, SCPO, (1963-1991) CT CT-9116 Chief Petty Officer
Davenport, Val, CPO, (1971-1994) CT CT-9112 Chief Petty Officer
FRALEY, ROBERT, CPO, (1958-1985) CTR CTR-9147 Chief Petty Officer
Hertz, David, CWO2, (1968-1994) 00 00-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Perry, John, SCPO, (1965-1990) CT CT-9116 Chief Petty Officer
Scott, James, CPO, (1961-1985) CTO CTO-0000 Chief Petty Officer
SEDDON, RONALD, CPO, (1965-1995) CTR CTR-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Dalton, Jim, CPO, (1965-1987) CT CT-9169 Petty Officer First Class
Dandreano, John, CPO, (1960-1982) CT CT-9116 Petty Officer First Class
Golley, Daniel, CPO, (1969-1989) 00 9138 Petty Officer First Class
Golson, LV, CPO, (1975-1996) CTR CTR-9147 Petty Officer First Class
Hayward, Charles, LT, (1964-1984) CT CT-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Johnson, John, CPO, (1966-1989) CTO CTO-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Lavaway, Fred, CPO CT CT-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Malina, Ralph, SCPO, (1962-1982) CT CT-9155 Petty Officer First Class
Miller, Jeff, CPO, (1964-1985) CT CT-9183 Petty Officer First Class
Pahel, Gary, PO1, (1960-1978) CTR CTR-2406 Petty Officer First Class
Thompson, Forrest Randy, CPO, (1966-1994) CT CT-9149 Petty Officer First Class
Bach, Jerald, PO1 CT CT-9128 Petty Officer Second Class
Cooper, Carol, CMC, (1974-2004) CT CT-9151 Petty Officer Second Class
Dorsey, Mike, CPO, (1975-1997) CT CT-9270 Petty Officer Second Class
Eldridge, Gary, CPO, (1975-1996) CTO CTO-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Germany, Linda, CPO, (1976-1996) CT CT-9186 Petty Officer Second Class

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