Barkley, David, QM1

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USN Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer First Class
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Primary Unit
1984-1986, QM-0000, HQ, Service School Command (Faculty/Staff) San Diego, CA
Service Years
1971 - 1986
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Order of the Shellback Order of the Golden Shellback

 Military Association Memberships
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW)Post 20
  2004, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2004, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2009, American Legion, Post 20 (Member) (Porterville, California) [Verified] - Chap. Page

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I, David Barkley, do solemnly swear, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  So help me God

Taken October 4, 1971
 Countries Deployed To or Visited

  1978-1979, QM-0000, NAS Key West


From Month/Year
February / 1978

To Month/Year
December / 1979

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Petty Officer First Class


Key West

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NAS Key West

Garrison - Base Station


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Naval Air Stations


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Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
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Best Moment
Attached to Special Services in the Bowling Alley, Recreational Gear Issue and the Marina on Sigsbee Island.

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NAS Key West

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McKamey, John Bryan, CAPT, (1955-1986) OFF 131X Captain
Rizzi, Victoria OFF 152X Lieutenant Commander
Furco, Joseph, CAPT, (1977-2007) OFF 510X Lieutenant
Parsons, Robert, LCDR, (1959-1985) AC AC-0000 Lieutenant
Sargent, Tom, CWO4, (1976-2008) OFF 718X Chief Warrant Officer 4
Smith, Reuben, SCPO, (1972-1992) OS OS-0000 Senior Chief Petty Officer
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French, Tom, SCPO, (1964-1991) AQ AQF-8324 Chief Petty Officer
Goettig, Jerry, PO1, (1969-1978) IS IS-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Spaulding, Richard, MCPO, (1987-1994) SK SK-2815 Chief Petty Officer
Yarborough, Billy, MCPO, (1968-1990) AT AT-0000 Chief Petty Officer
Bari, Richard, CPO, (1961-1982) ET ET-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Bishop, Duane, CPO, (1971-1991) AO AO-0812 Petty Officer First Class
Daly, Joseph, SCPO, (1971-1992) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Dietzman, Dale, CPO, (1970-1996) 00 AT-1588 Petty Officer First Class
Ennis, Donald, PO1, (1974-1982) AT AT-6622 Petty Officer First Class
Kidd, Richard, PO1, (1970-1990) AD AD-6419 Petty Officer First Class
MCKAY, HENRY, PO1, (1961-1987) AC AC-0000 Petty Officer First Class
NELSON, DOUG, PO1, (1973-1993) SM SM-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Pence, James, PO1, (1978-1985) AB ABF-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Runyon, Terry, SCPO, (1970-2000) AC AC-6901 Petty Officer First Class
Self, Jim (James), CPO, (1966-1988) AG AG-7412 Petty Officer First Class
Tomberlin, James, PO1, (1964-1986) SM SM-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Benning, John, CPO, (1973-1997) 00 8211 Petty Officer Second Class
Blair, Larry, PO2, (1971-1979) AQ AQ-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Blake, Grant, PO2, (1974-1979) AC AC-6901 Petty Officer Second Class
Cortopassi, Travis, MCPO, (1976-2004) ET ET-1572 Petty Officer Second Class
Daniels, Walter, CPO, (1973-1994) AZ AZ-6313 Petty Officer Second Class
Dukes, Mark, PO2, (1976-2007) AT AT-6684 Petty Officer Second Class
Elkins, Jeffrey, MCPO, (1977-2008) MA MA-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Hill, David, CPO, (1976-1998) 00 8211 Petty Officer Second Class
Howze, Marlin, CPO, (1973-1995) OS OS-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Kuhens, Douglzs, PO2, (1977-1981) AMS AMS-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Lister, Michael, MCPO, (1978-2008) AC AC-6901 Petty Officer Second Class
McCarty, Mark, PO2, (1977-1981) AQ AQF-8324 Petty Officer Second Class
Moorehouse, Teddy, CPO, (1971-1991) AD ADJ-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Mullis, Frederick, PO2, (1973-1980) AO AO-6811 Petty Officer Second Class
Olson, Walter, PO2, (1975-1980) AT AT-8327 Petty Officer Second Class
Parente, Louis A., PO2, (1974-1979) AE AE-8344 Petty Officer Second Class
Porter, Patrick, SCPO, (1975-1998) AM AMS-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Stehle, Bryan, PO2, (1978-1982) AMH AMH-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Trace, Gregory, SCPO, (1977-2001) AT AT-6609 Petty Officer Second Class
Van Houten, Michael, PO2, (1975-1979) AD AD-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Walsh, Paul, SCPO, (1967-1995) AQ AQB-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Wenger, Charles, PO2, (1970-1978) ETR ETR-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Wild Sr, John, PO2, (1972-1978) AE AE-0000 Petty Officer Second Class
Woods, Fred, CPO, (1971-1992) AS AS-7613 Petty Officer Second Class
Biel, David, PO3, (1974-1979) AT AT-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Buster, James, PO3 AT AT-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Coombes, Richard, PO3, (1979-1983) ABE ABE-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Hodson, Michael, PO3, (1973-1981) AME AME-8318 Petty Officer Third Class
Luck, Roger, PO2, (1978-1982) AC AC-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Stern, Robert, PO2, (1952-1957) TD TDU-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Swift, Eric, PO2, (1977-1983) ET ET-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Wise, Glenn, PO3, (1972-1979) MS MS-0000 Petty Officer Third Class
Bell, Justin, SN, (1975-1978) MS MS-0000 Seaman
Bishop, Gregory, PO2, (1977-1985) RM RM-0000 Seaman

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