Dickson, James, FCC

Fire Controlman
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Chief Petty Officer
Current/Last Primary NEC
FC-1336-AEGIS Weapons Systems Technician TRACK 3
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Fire Controlman
Primary Unit
2007-2008, NC-9585, Navy Recruiting District Nashville, TN, Commander Naval Recruiting Command (CNRC)
Previously Held NEC
FC-0001-AN/SPG-Fire Controlman
FC-1140-AN/SPS 48E Search Radar Technician
FC-1119-AEGIS Radar System (SPY-1B/D) Technician
NC-9585-Navy Recruiter Canvasser
Service Years
1987 - 2008
FC-Fire Controlman
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What are you doing now:

Working as an Instructor for Lockheed Martin in Dahlgren Va. at ATRC.

Other Comments:
And loving it.
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  1987-1987, Basic Electronics and Electricity School (BE&E) Course

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- / 1987

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- / 1987

Basic Electronics and Electricity School (BE&E) Course Unit Page

Seaman Apprentice

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Great Lakes

 Basic Electronics and Electricity School (BE&E) Course Details

Basic Electronics and Electricity School (BE&E) Course

Garrison - Training Command


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Basic Electronics and Electricity School (BE&E) Course

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Pennell, Russell, PO1, (1987-Present) Seaman Recruit
Briggs, Trevor, PO1, (1986-2006) Fireman Recruit
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Miller, James, CPO, (1972-1996) TM TM-0718 Petty Officer First Class
Pollard, David, PO1, (1977-1997) AB AB-0000 Petty Officer First Class
Rueden, Jeff, CPO, (1978-1999) IC IC-4721 Petty Officer First Class
Watson, Dan, PO1, (1977-1987) ET ET-9502 Petty Officer First Class
Schamore, Dean, PO2, (1987-1993) ET ET-0000 Petty Officer Second Class

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