Frankfurth, Roger, MMCM

Machinists Mate
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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Master Chief Petty Officer
Current/Last Primary NEC
MM-4204-Steam Propulsion Maintenance Supervisor
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Machinists Mate
Primary Unit
2003-2005, MM-4204, Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC), Naval Base San Diego (NAVBASE San Diego)
Previously Held NEC
MM-0000-Machinist's Mate
MM-4206-Shipboard Engineer Plant Program Manager
Service Years
1975 - 2005
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Order of the Antarctic Circle
MM-Machinists Mate
Seven Hash Marks

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Order of the Shellback

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What are you doing now:
Work at Fort Rosecrans and Miramar National Cemeteries as a mechanic and still hang out at a little beer bar/restaurant in National City, Ca. called Dakota Inn
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  1984-1990, MM-4204, USS New Orleans (LPH-11)

MM-Machinists Mate

From Month/Year
- / 1984

To Month/Year
- / 1990

USS New Orleans (LPH-11) Unit Page

Senior Chief Petty Officer

MM-4204-Steam Propulsion Maintenance Supervisor

San Diego

 USS New Orleans (LPH-11) Details

USS New Orleans (LPH-11)
Hull number LPH-11

Surface Vessels


Parent Unit
Iwo Jima-class


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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2007
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USS New Orleans (LPH-11)

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Bednarz, Ronald, PO2, (1989-1999) OS OS-0342 Petty Officer Second Class
Bowdish, Jim, SN, (1982-1987) FC FC-1157 Petty Officer Second Class

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