Loveland, Dale, CECS

Construction Electrician
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Current Service Status
USNR Retired
Current/Last Rank
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Current/Last Primary NEC
CE-0000-Construction Electrician
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Construction Electrician
Primary Unit
2014-2015, NMCB 18
Previously Held NEC
00-0000-Unknown NEC Rating
AT-6641-ALQ-126 ECM IMA Technician
9521-Collateral Duty Alcoholism Advisor
Service Years
1984 - 2015
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Brotherhood of the Desert Bees
Cold War
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Order of the Sand Sailor
Order of the Golden Dragon
Persian Excursion
Plank Owner
Sandbox Sailor Operation Iraqi Freedom
CE-Construction Electrician
Six Hash Marks

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 Unofficial Badges 

Sea Bees Badge Order of the Shellback Navy Chief Initiated Order of the Golden Dragon

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What are you doing now:
Training in Gulfport MS to deploy with Navy Mobile Construction Battalion 18 from Ft Lewis WA
Other Comments:
Not Specified
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  1986-1990, AT-6641, USS Ranger (CV-61)

AT-Aviation Electronics Technician

From Month/Year
- / 1986

To Month/Year
- / 1990

USS Ranger (CV-61) Unit Page

Petty Officer Second Class

AT-6641-ALQ-126 ECM IMA Technician

San Diego

 USS Ranger (CV-61) Details

USS Ranger (CV-61)
Hull number CV-61

Surface Vessels


Parent Unit

Aircraft Carrier

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Not Specified

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2008
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