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Hull number SS-316

USS Barbel (SS-316), a Balao-class submarine, was the first ship of the United States Navy to be named for the barbel, a cyprinoid fish, commonly called a minnow or carp.

Barbel keel was laid down by the Electric Boat Company of Groton, Connecticut. She was launched on 14 November 1943 sponsored by Mrs. Harold A. Allen, and commissioned 3 April 1944, Commander R. A. Keating in command.



Barbel arrived at Pearl Harbor on 21 June 1944 and commenced preparation for her first war patrol. From 15 July 1944-4 February 1945, she carried out four war patrols and is officially credited with sinking six Japanese ships totaling 15,263 tons.

Barbel departed FremantleAustralia, on 5 January 1945 for theSouth China Sea on her fourth patrol. Late in January she was ordered to form a "wolfpack" with Perch and Gabilan and patrol the western approaches to Balabac Strait and the southern entrance toPalawan Passage. On 3 February, Barbel sent a message reporting that she had been attacked three times by enemy aircraft droppingdepth charges and would transmit further information on the following night.

Barbel was never heard from again. Japanese aviators reported an attack on a submarine off southwest Palawan on 4 February. Two bombs were dropped and one landed on the submarine near the bridge. The sub plunged, under a cloud of fire and spray. This was very likely the last engagement of Barbel. She was officially reported lost on 16 February 1945.


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USS Barbel (SS-316) (Mar 02, 2012) 

On Eternal Patrol - USS Barbel (SS-316)
William Henry Adams
Orville Walter Anderson
 Fred Charles Averill, Jr.
 Allen Fraser Bailey
William Frederick Becker
John Edward Bodenrader
John Witte Bogert
Ralph Irving Boucher
Thomas Ray Boyd
William Bryan Brewer, Jr.
Frederick Virgial Brown
Kenneth Dale Brown
Maurice Thurman Burress
David William Burton
William Mann Butler
Darrell Kentral Carnahan
Duane Valdene Christian
Ned Charles Cook
William Leonard Creasy
Kenneth Albert Currier
Bernard Elton Duesler
Martin Peter Dunn
John Ralph Dytche
Arthur William Eaton, Jr.
Thomas John Eck
Carl Richard Fielding
James Everett Garner
William Richard Gauthier
Charles George Glotzbach
Leon Hardin Goforth
Claude Layton Goodman, Jr.
John Joseph Griffin
Donald Stires Harris
Robert O'Brian Kaiser
John Fredrick Kelley
Edmund Bixby Kneisel
Franklin Breckenridge Kohrs, Jr.
William Wellings Krouse
Salvatore Joseph Lange
Thomas William Lingel, Jr.
James Frederick Mallan
Richard Orville McKean
Mack McKennon
Jack McCallum McKenzie
Fred Nixon Meadows
Joseph Duarte Medeiros, Jr.
Raymond Charles Meldazis
Clarence Ralph Miller
Warren Herman Mintken
Charles Ambrose Mitchell
Neal Michael Nasser
Paul Michael Oddo
Samuel Okerblum
James Paul Leeland Olsen
Donald James Patterson
Otto Miles Peckins, Jr.
Glenn Abraham Pinson
Robert James Porach
Morse Porter, Jr.
John Paul Pull
Conde Le Roy Raguet
Franklin Reynolds
George Albert Ricketts
Ernest Lynn Ross
Julian Rudek
Lester Robert Sarkady
Harold Lee Schroeder
Charles Ray Smith
Ellis Henry Stevens
William Grinn Stewart
Robert Lester Swank
Linwood Edgar Thompson, Jr.
Nathaniel Thornton
William Milton Tiffany
James Toth
William Norman Ulrich
Nicholas Jacob VanRingelesteyn
Fred A. Wallis, Jr.
Arthur Junior Wharton
Joseph Gail Wheat  
Ferris Washington Wilks
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