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Garrison - Training Command
2015 - Present

Established in 2015 to train Navy Expeditionary Forces in advanced Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) across expeditionary combat mission are as at the individual, unit, and integrated levels ensuring alignment of the training continuum. Develop, validate, standardize, publish, and revise advanced TTPs. Provide operational and subject matter expertise support to Strike Group Commanders, Naval Component Commanders, Numbered Fleet Commanders, and Combatant Commanders. For assigned mission areas as the supported WDC conduct training and effectiveness assessments, set and enforce performance standards. Identify and mitigate gaps across all platforms and staffs within that mission area.

3 Members Who Served in This Unit

  • Bass, William, MCPO, (1993-Present)
  • Conklin, Tad, CPO, (1994-Present)
  • Sandoval, Keith, LCDR, (1990-2018)
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