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USS Sterett (DLG-31)

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USS Sterett (DLG-31)
United States Navy
Guided Missile Cruiser
Surface Vessel
1967 - 1975
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Members Who Served in USS Sterett (DLG-31)

Ackerman, Craig, MM3
USN Veteran
Service Years
1986 - 1990
MM-0000-Machinist's Mate
Primary Unit
USS Jouett (CG-29)
Home State
Home Town
Not Specified
Acton, Richard, OS1
USN Veteran
Service Years
1977 - 1985
OS-0321-Antisubmarine Air Controller
Primary Unit
Det Pt Mugu, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group One (EODGRU ONE)
Home State
Home Town
Not Specified
Adams, John, LT
USN Veteran
Service Years
1967 - 1971
00X-Unknown NOC/Designator
Primary Unit
USS Sterett (DLG-31)
Home State
Home Town
Not Specified
Addison, Ronald Anthony, CTCS
USN Retired
Service Years
1963 - 1984
CT-9116-Cryptologic Supervisor
Primary Unit
Home State
Home Town
Oklahoma City, OK
Aguilar, Adam, HTCS
USNR Retired
Service Years
1993 - 2019
HT-0000-Hull Maintenance Technician
Primary Unit
Home State
United States
Home Town
Not Specified
Aguirre, Steve, MCPO
USN Veteran
Service Years
1981 - 2002
DS-1615-Shipboard Tactical Data Systems Technician
Primary Unit
Fleet Technical Support Center (FTSCPAC)
Home State
Home Town
Not Specified

USS Sterett (DLG-31) Description

Commissioned as DLG-31.

Builder: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Keel laid: 25 Sep 1962
Launched: 30 June 1964
Commissioned: 08 April 1967
Reclassified CG-31: 30 June 1975

Length: 547ft Beam: 54ft 9"
Displacement: 7,890 tons (full load)
Speed: 34 knots
Range: 7,100 n.miles / 20knots

Two DeLaval steam turbines - 85,000 shp; 2 shafts
Four 1200 psi Combustion Engineering boilers
Two Six-bladed constant pitch props, Single rudder

Crew: 418 (31 officers, 387 enlisted)

One Dual railed Mk10 Mod7 launcher Terrier/Standard-ER SAM
Magazine Cap: 60 combined Terrier and ASROC):
Guns: One 5-inch 54-caliber Dual purpose Mk42
Two 3-inch 50-caliber single barreled

ASW Weapons:
ASROC launched from Mk 10 missile launcher
Two triple tube Mk 32 torpedo mounts

SPS-10 Surface search (replaced by SPS-67 in 1991)
SPS-40 Air search radar
SPS-48 3-D search

SQS-26BX bow mounted sonar

Fire Control:
One MK 14 Weapons Direction System
One MK 114 ASW fire control system
One Mk 76 Mod 9 missile fire control system using 2 SPG-55B radars
One Mk 68 Gun Fire Control System with SPG-53F radar (5" gun)
Two Manual visual directors for 3" 50 caliber guns

EW Systems:
One SLQ-32 electronic Warfare Suite
SLQ-25 Nixie towed torpedo decoy
Chaffroc - rocket deployed chaff dsipensers

Decommissioned 24 March 1994 at Naval Station, San Diego, CA.

Commanding Officers:

CAPT Christofferson Jr., Edward A. - 08 Apr 67 to 29 Nov 70
CAPT Tyler, Claude L. - 29 Nov 68 to 13 Aug 70
CAPT Hilton, Jack - 13 Aug 70 to 06 Mar 72
CAPT Reichert, Herbert E. - 06 Mar 72 to  26 Apr 74
CAPT Collins, Phillip K. - 26 Apr 74 to 9 Oct 75
CAPT Farnham, Charles G. - 9 Oct 75 to 1 Feb 78
CAPT Donnell III, John S. (retired VADM) - 1 Feb 78 to 6 Feb 80
CAPT Richardson, Daniel C. (retired RADM) - 6 Feb 80 to 13 Feb 82
CAPT Sullivan III, Geroge E. - 13 Feb 82 to 15 Feb 84
CAPT McCoy, Jimmy H. - 15 Feb 84 to 10 Oct 85
CAPT Lockett III, Joseph L. - 10 Oct 85 to 6 Aug 86
CAPT Bailey, Fred W. - 6 Aug 86 to 27 Sep 86
CAPT Genet, Richard P. - 27 Sep 86 to 19 Aug 88
CAPT Plott, Barry M. - 19 Aug 88 to 10 Sep 90
CAPT Blount Jr., Thomas E. - 10 Sep 90 to 17 Dec 92
CAPT Dorsey, Gordon O. - 17 Dec 92 to 24 Mar 94

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USS Sterett (DLG-31) Operations History

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USS Sterett (DLG-31) Reunion information

Reunion Name: USS Sterett (DLG-31/CG-31)
Date: Sep 19 - Sep 22, 2019
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Place: Marriott
Contact: Steve Hayes
Web Page:
Phone: N‌/‌A
Event Description

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