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Result: Found 16 Member(s)
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NEC Name Status Rank Served
EMAngell, MartinCPO
ADBrewer, TimothyAN
ENDoerfler, WilliamPO3
ENDoerfler, WilliamPO3
HMEllis, Thomas, III SCPO
HMEllis, Thomas, III SCPO
AEFerguson, Stacy (Bartoszek)PO3
ABHerrmann, Kelly (Herrmann)PO1
AEHittle, Lawrence (Larry)PO3
ADHolder, JamesPO2
OFFIrving, David (Dancin Bear {Irv})CWO4
AOLorio, PatrickPO2
ATMcVay, SeanPO3
HMRingate, WaynePO1
MMRockstad, Walter (Rock)PO3
YNZach, ArnoldPO2
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