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This page is specifically for those who were lost on the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941.

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Aaron, Hubert Charles Titus, F2c -Fallen  Abercrombie, Samuel, S1c -Fallen 
Adams, Robert Franklin, S1c -Fallen  00 Adkison, James Dillon, S1c -Fallen 
00 Aguirre, Reyner Aceves (Nero), S2c -Fallen  MAT Aguon, Gregorio SanNicholas, S1c -Fallen 
Ahern, Richard James, F1c -Fallen  Alberovsky, Francis Severin, BT1c -Fallen 
00 Albright, Galen Winston, S1c -Fallen  00 Alexander, Elvis Author, S2c -Fallen 
Allen, Robert Lee, SF3c -Fallen  Allen, William Clayborn, EM1c -Fallen 
Allen, William Lewis, SK2c -Fallen  Alley, Jay Edgar, GM1c -Fallen 
Allison, Andrew K., F1c -Fallen  00 Allison, J.T., F1c -Fallen 
00 Alten, Ernest Mathew, Jr., S2c -Fallen  Amon, Frederick Purdy, S1c -Fallen 
Anderberg, William Robert, F2c -Fallen  Anderson, Charles Titus, CM2c -Fallen 
Anderson, Delbert Jake, BM2c -Fallen  Anderson, Donald William, SM3c -Fallen 
00 Anderson, Harry, S1c -Fallen  Anderson, Howard Taisey, F1c -Fallen 
Anderson, Irvin Corinthias, Matt1c -Fallen  Anderson, James Pickens, III, S1c -Fallen 
Anderson, Lawrence Donald (Bud), ENS -Fallen  Anderson, Robert Adair, GM3c -Fallen 
Andrews, Brainerd Wells, CCM -Fallen  00 Angle, Earnest Hersea, F2c -Fallen 
00 Anthony, Glenn Samuel, S1c -Fallen  Aplin, James Raymond, CWT -Fallen 
Apple, Robert William, F1c -Fallen  Aprea, Frank Anthony, COX -Fallen 
Arledge, John Eston, SM3c -Fallen  F3c Arnaud, Achilles (Archie), F3c -Fallen 
F3c Arnold, Claude Duran, Jr., F3c -Fallen  Arnold, Thell, SC1c -Fallen 
Arrant, John Anderson, MM1c -Fallen  Arvidson, Carl Harry, CMM -Fallen 

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