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National Association of Uniformed Services (NAUS)
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The National Association
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The National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS) is the servicemember's voice in government. NAUS is here to fight for the hard-earned benefits of all uniformed services retirees, veterans, current members and their families/ survivors, while preserving a strong national defense.

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Life Member Chapter 1 (Cullman, AL)
Chapter 4 (Madison, AL) Chapter 2 (Mobile, AL)
Chapter 3 (Ozark, AL) Chapter 1 (Anchorage, AK)
Chapter 2 (Fairbanks, AK) Chapter 1&2 (Phoenix, AZ)
Chapter 4 (Prescott, AZ) Chapter 3 (Tucson, AZ)
Chapter 40 (CA) Chapter 10 (Apple Valley, CA)
Chapter 18 (Atwater, CA) Chapter 17 (Clovis, CA)
Chapter 4 (Fairfield, CA) Chapter 1 (Sacramento, CA)
Chapter 2 (Salinas, CA) Chapter 5 (San Francisco, CA)
Chapter 1 (Aurora, CO) Chapter 2 (Colorado Springs, CO)
Chapter 1 (Gales Ferry, CT) Chapter 1 (Dover, DE)
Chapter 9 (Brooksville, FL) Chapter 3 (Green Cove Springs, FL)
Chapter 1 (Merritt Island, FL) Chapter 8 (Miami, FL)
Chapter 14 (Naples, FL) Chapter 2 (North Daytona Beach, FL)
Chapter 4 (Orlando, FL) Chapter 10 (Panama City, FL)
Chapter 7 (Sarasota, FL) Chapter 5&6 (St Petersburg, FL)
Chapter 1 (Atlanta, GA) Chapter 2 (Fort Benning, GA)
Chapter 1 (Honolulu, HI) Chapter 1 (Chicago, IL)
Chapter 2 (Grissom AFB, IN) Chapter 1 (Indianapolis, IN)
Chapter 1 (Kansas City, KS) Chapter 2 (Wichita, KS)

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48 Verified 19 Pending All Members
Ashton, Bill, LCDR 2 Atkinson, Big Al, CMC 4
Barrett, Steve (Doc Barrett), HMC 2 BORDWELL, DON, PH1 
Carroll, Francis (Frank), BTCM Cleveland, Hal, AZ1
Coley, Brian B (Commander), LCDR DP Craig, William (AW), PO1 11
Dickerson, Daniel (Dick), MAC 9 Drake, Jeffery, GM1 1
Erb, Harold, ICC Fleming, Pauline (Wheels aka flemflam), QM1 7
Flores, Frank, HM1 35 Foster, Kendra (Foster), HM 
Fritsch, Robert F. (Bob), CTC CMC Gallegos, Michael, MCPO
Galliher, Tom, HMCS 30 Gilliamsen, Don (Gilly), LCDR
Gorenflo, Raymond (Ray), YNC Gregory, Steven, QM1
Gregory, Steven, QM1 OFF Hewell, Charles (Chuck), CAPT 
Hilton, David, DPC 2 James, Albert, BTC 17
Knox, Frederick (Doc), LCDR Kuefler, David (Keef), BM1 13
Langford, Marvin, LCDR  LANGSTON, Frederick G (Fred/Wheels), QM1c
Lewis, Curtis (curt), RM1 Lewis, Curtis (curt), RM1
Mains, Jimmie D. (Jim), S1c 9 McDermott, Kenneth (Kenn), LT 8
Mendenhall Jr., Corwin (Mendy), RADM -Deceased  Munn, John ($MONEY$), OS2 21
Outland, Brooks, YNCS 398 Piccolo, Shawn (Misty Leatherneck), CS1 233
Prise, Mary (Kelly), OSCS 24 Pucciariello, Joe (Poochy), SM1 9
Richardson, John (Rich), MACS 33 PN Rudd, Dave, MCPO 

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