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Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States
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Post 53 (Jamestown, NY) Post 5491 (Mahopac, NY)

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Adair, Charles L. (Ret.), RADM -Deceased  Adkins, James Alvin (Catty), CDR -Deceased 
MS Anderson, Jeff, PO1 3 Andrews, Charles Herbert, RADM -Deceased 
Armstrong, Alan Herbert, ENS -Deceased  Auerbach, Jerome, ETCS
Banister, Alan Boyd, RADM -Deceased  Black, Cole (NV POW), CAPT -Deceased 
Blackburn, John Thomas, CAPT -Deceased  Blackwood, Robert Gene (Silverstar), CDR -Deceased 
Bradley, Richard  -Family  Caperton, William Banks, ADM -Deceased 
Chandler, Charles Richardson, CAPT -Deceased  Clayton, David, YNCS 
Cobb, Charlene, ACC 1 Cook, Creighton William, CAPT -Deceased 
Coolbaugh, Walter Wesley, LTJG -Fallen  Costa, George, GM1 -Fallen 
Cotten, Robert Bryan, AN -Fallen  Creamer, William E, ENS -Fallen 
Cross, Arthur Barton, Jr., LTJG -Fallen  DUNLAP, Andrew, RADM -Deceased 
Fasth, Kenneth Lee, FN -Fallen  Fiedler, John Junior, AME1 -Fallen 
Fields, William Donald, SN -Deceased  Flatley, Jr., James Henry (Jimmy), VADM -Deceased 
SN Flummer, Alan Carl, SA -Deceased  00 Foss, Clarence Stewart, F2c -Fallen 
OFF Fox, Edward, CWO4 22 France, Kenneth Carl, MM1c -Fallen 
Fredrickson, Gerald George, AN -Fallen  SN Frye, Henry Kenneth, SA -Deceased 
SD Garcia, Francis Joesph, SN -Deceased  Gardiner, III, Thomas Moir (Hap), LTJG -Deceased 
SN Gearhart, Donald Eugene, SA -Deceased  Gennett, John Paul, EMC -Fallen 
Gibson, Richard Hopkins, AD3 -Fallen  Gilkeson, John Frederick, LTJG -Fallen 
Gillespie, Jr., Charles Rodgers, CAPT -Deceased  Glennon, Patrick Gene, BM3 -Deceased 

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