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National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors
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NAFTS is the National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors. A non-profit veteran's group made up of the men and women who have served in the tugs and salvage ships of the United States Navy, Coast Guard and Army at any time since the first military tug was commissioned in the War Between the States until the present. NAFTS emphasizes that the experience of sailing in these small ships has been continuous and these Work Horses of the Fleet have made a magnificent contribution to our Navy, Coast Guard, Army and our Nation in both war and peace.


Perpetuate and memorialize the tugs and tug type ships and those who served in them in the naval and military services of the United States of America.

Seek out those who served in these ships.

Foster good will and fellowship among members by national, regional, and local events.

Serve as a repository for information and artifacts concerning tugs in the Military and naval service of the United States.

Participate in patriotic activities.

Publicize the contribution of tugs and tug type ships to the naval and military services of the United States.

Assist disabled and needy veterans of naval and military service in tugs and their widows, dependents, and orphans.

Support appropriate museums, ship memorials and similar activities.

Conduct programs for charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes.

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Abelquist, Paul (Abe), EMCS 2 Alcala-Hernandez, Luis (lusty), DT3
Anderson, Peter, ENFN 207 Birch, David, ACC 2
Blessant, Lew, RM3 Blessant, Lew, RM3
Boyer, Carroll Lee, SM1c -Deceased  Bricker, Mike (Bricker), SN
Busic, Gerald (Jerry), EN3 -Deceased  Dahmer, Allen, SMC 69
Doran, Regan, ETCM 11 Dube, Daniel (Dube), EM3
Dunn, Kevin, EMCS  Dye, Rick, HT2
Foltz, Art (Wheel), QM1 4 Hadenfeldt, James, EM3
Harten, Leonard (Ping Jockey), ST3 Holmes, Gary P, EN2
Kuhn, Paul (Super Cajun), AM2 196 Oman, Tim, IC2 -Deceased 
Reed, Antonio (NavyFirefighter76), DCC 13 Saunders, Richard, EN2 
Saunders, Thomas (Tom), EMC  Sisler, Pat (OldBoats), BMCS -Deceased 
Tata, John, CDR  Walsh, John E, GMG1 
Walsh, Mike, BM2 4 Winkowski Jr., Alexander (Windy), EM2 1

Eligible Units
USS Abnaki (ATF-96)
USS Apache (ATF-67)
USS Arikara (ATF-98)
USS Atakapa (ATF-149)
USS Grapple (ARS-7)
USS Hector (AR-7)
USS Moctobi (ATF-105)
USS Nipmuc (ATF-157)
USS Sagamore (ATA-208)
USS Sarsi (ATF-111)
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