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United States Navy Cruiser Sailors Association
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Unit Specific


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(847) 797-4242

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U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association.
4640 Hoylake Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462-4547



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Central District Eastern District
New Jersey Chapter Phoenix Chapter
Washington Chapter Western District
San Diego Chapter (San Diego, CA) Las Vegas Chapter (Las Vegas, NV)
San Antonio Chapter (TX)

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Member Roster
94 Verified 1 Pending All Members
Adams, John, LI3 12 Alexander, Michael (Mike) (Alex), FT3
Amiaga, Steve (K-Mart, Mr. "A"), LT  Anderson, William (Andy), LSCS 18
Bean, Robert, MM1  Bell, Carl, OSC 41
Bell, George (ca135web), ET2 2 Belmares, Ernest (BIG "E"), CMC 81
Benton, Kyle (Cheeks), GSE2  Blevins, Kenneth (Ken), CDR 58
Boerner, Charles (Chuck), MM3 22 Branning, John, AMCS 11
Brooks, Roger, PNCS 1720  Brown, Ronald (Brownie), FTCS 1
Brunner, Daniel (SailorDan), SKCS 1 Butler, Chris, IT1 123 
Cahaney, John (Jack), FT2  CWO Canfield, Merton (Al), CWO4 1
Clark, James, MA1  Costa, George, GM1 -Fallen 
SN Cote, Arthur, S1c -Assisted  Crabb, Justin, LT 
Dahl, Jon, PH2 14 Dale, Ron, SM3 
FT DETEMPLE, DONALD (DON), CMC Drake, Jeffery, GM1 1
Egeland, Arnold (Arnie), LI2 424 Everett, Michael (OldSalty23), MMCS
Gagne, Joseph, HM2  Grob, Mark, CDR 17
Hanner, Gail, BTCS Hansen, Shawn (Fritz), LCDR 
Hanson, Robert (Rifraf), LT  Hare, Michael, FCCM 7
Harkins, James (Combat Cook), MSCS 9 Hemingway, Elmer (Hemster), ET1 3
Hesselgrave, Steve (Rhynoman), ETCM  Hueg, John (huggie), MM1
Jackson, Mike (Mikey), EO1 Jenkins, Ron (WARDOG 1), CAPT

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