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The Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association (ABMA) was founded in 1974 and chartered as a non-profit organization. Membership consists of active duty and retired Aviation Boatswain's Mates along with supporters of the ABMA.

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Adler, Tracy, ABC  Agostini, Christopher (Augie), AB2 
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Ahart, Chris, AB1 Ahlert, Rich, ABCM
Allen, Jack (Jackson), AB3  Alnutt, Gary (nuttman), AB1
Alotta, Amy, AB1 Amano, Thomas, LCDR 5
Amaya, Ray, AB2 Anderson, Clemia (Andy), CAPT 31
Anderson, Garvin (Andy), AB2 Apacible, Glenn, ABCS 1
Aquino, Roderick, ABC 9 Arbeene, Christopher (Bones, Bean, McLovin), AB1 6
Argue, Travis (Argue), ABC  Armstrong, Keith (Army), AB3 10
Arroyo, Jose, Jr. (OLDMAN24, Retired), ABC  Atkins, Mike (mike), ABAN
Atkinson, Josephine (SHORT FUSE/KILLER/AK-47), MA2 27 Avery, Tim, AB3 
Avila, Rina, AB2 Baeza, Orlando, AB1 2
Baker, Lawrence, AB3 Bansemer, Brian (FOD), LCDR 1
Barba, Jose Luis (Louie), ABCM 4 Barbour, Dennis, II (Denny), ABH2 1
Barnes, Dempsey (ABHCS), ABCS Barnicle, Paul, CDR
Barrera, Thomas (Beast), AB1 2 Bartanowitz, Frank (Bartman), ABCS 4
Basuel, James (Punchy), ABH3  Beaufort, De'Andre (ABEC), ABCS 5
Benavidez, Joel (beny), AB1 Bensinger, Mike, ABCS 6
BERNA, SEAN, AB3 Bias, Leon (Bias), ABC 

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Aug 04, 2010, From the ABMA President

Fellow AB's

I appreciate and thank you for your continued commitment to Aviation
Boatswain Mate Association (ABMA). First, I want you all to know how
proud and honored I am to have served this organization the past year.
It hasn't been easy, but we're almost over the hump and fast approaching
our 40th annual symposium. I believe the Pensacola Chapter has done a
great job and planned an event for us all to remember. I would like you
all to understand that this organization was founded on the hard work,
sweat and sometimes tears of some hard working past and present AB's.
Their first charter was not just in paying dues and magically making
things happen within our organization. But, their hope I believe was to
ensure that our path, success and concerns were clearly defined,
reviewed/forwarded annually and throughout for the future of Aviation
Boatswain Mates and subsequently naval aviation. I have attended many
meetings/conferences in this job and believe it or not the ABMA is
mentioned in every forum as a definitive avenue for many stakeholders,
Naval Aviation Enterprise and progression of many action or agenda
items. Too many of us simply believe pay dues is all that's required of
us. Then ask why did I pay those dues and what's in it because I get no
return on the investment. Well I say it takes steadfast involvement and
more often than not your time and energy to keep this or any
organization going. With all that being said, the 40th Annual ABMA
symposium as mentioned is almost here and we have and possibly need
volunteers to fill some key positions within our association (National

I have received verbal and written word from National ABMA Treasurer
(ABEC (retired) Stoney Burke), Vendor Coordinator (ABCM (retired) Mike
Martin) and Merchandise Coordinator (CDR retired) Jim Neary) that this
is going to be their last year filling these very important key
positions in our organization.  All three of these gentlemen have
occupied these jobs for over ten years and all three feel it is time for
them to move on and allow some fresh legs to continue to carry on the
future business of this great organization. All of these gentlemen
expressed that they will continue to be a part of the organization and
be available in an advisory role but would very much like to pass the
day to day operational or reins onto the next generation of active/
retired AB's. I know you all share my respect and admiration for these
gentlemen and wholeheartedly thank them for their dedication to our
association. I don't want to move them too fast out the door, but I
would like to wish them all the very best as they move forward with
their lives and hopefully actually enjoy the retirement years.

Additionally, a professional audit is being conducted and hopefully the
finance books will be balanced out and a path for our way ahead will be
charted prior to the completion this year's Symposium.  The accountant
and previous position holders will provide the guidance/accountability
to ensure a smooth transition.

PAO LCDR (retired) Doug Thornton also mentioned that he is looking for
Regional Vice Presidents (RVP).  RVP are the medium of liaison between
the membership of the association in matters of organization,
administrations and functions within their regions.  If interested
please contact Doug at:  Thunderdjt@peoplepc.com

A breakdown of all the soon to be vacant job descriptions can be found
on our website http://www.abma-usn.org 
Look in documents folder then SOP folder for the particular billet you might
be interested in filling. If you are seriously interested in
volunteering please let me know ASAP.

Thank you and hope to see you all soon in Pensacola, FL in a few short


CDR Mike Singleton
ABMA President

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