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American Veterans (AMVETS)
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AMVETS National Headquarters
4647 Forbes Boulevard
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For more than 60 years, we in AMVETS have taken to heart the credo of service set forth by our organization's founding fathers. In so doing, we endeavor to provide our fellow veterans with the type of support they truly deserve. This outreach effort takes many forms, from the professional advice our service officers offer on earned veterans benefits to our legislative efforts on Capitol Hill to the work done by our hospital volunteers. Other AMVETS members involve themselves in a range of initiatives aimed at contributing to the quality of life in their local communities.

These two areas - veterans service and community service - drive the commitment we have to make a difference in the lives of others. The pages of this website provide more detailed information on each area, as well as a wealth of information for veterans, their families and other interested citizens. Please take a few minutes to review what makes AMVETS the distinctive organization it is. Our aim of building for a better America is an undertaking to which all can contribute. I invite you to join us.

John "Chad" Hapner
National Commander

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Post 21 (Athens, AL) Post 44 (Fultondale, AL)
Post 82 (Northport, AL) Department of Alabama (Sylacauga, AL)
Department of Alaska (Anchorage, AK) Post 49 (Anchorage, AK)
Post 7 (Fairbanks, AK) Post 49 (Soldotna, AK)
Post 9 (Wasilla, AK) Post 11 (Wasilla, AK)
Post 99 (Ajo, AZ) Post 55 (Apache Junction, AZ)
Post 3 (Dolan Springs, AZ) Post #19 (Fort Mohave, AZ)
Post 1 (Payson, AZ) Post 15 (Phoenix, AZ)
Post 28 (Phoenix, AZ) Post 55 (Phoenix, AZ)
Post 65 (Phoenix, AZ) Post 66 (Phoenix, AZ)
Post 44 (Sierra Vista, AZ) Post 89 (Sierra Vista, AZ)
Post 11 (Tucson, AZ) Post 39 (Tucson, AZ)
Post 40 (Tucson, AZ) Post 770 (Tucson, AZ)
Post 2 (Yuma, AZ) Post 4 (El Paso, AR)
Post 2 (Fort Smith, AR) Post 1 (Melbourne, AR)
Post 8 (Morrilton, AR) Post 7 (Mountain View, AR)
Post 15 (Newport, AR) Post 12 (Pine Bluff, AR)
Post 50 (Russellville, AR) Post 62 (South Pocahontas, AR)
Post 27 (Street Murfreesboro, AR) Post 20 (Adelanto, CA)
Post 88 (Alhambra, CA) Post 80 (Anaheim, CA)

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Adams, Jack (Jack), AO3 Adams, Jack (Jack), AO3
OFF Adams, Pat (Patch), CWO4 Adkins, Ray (Razor), BM1 -Deceased 
Adkins, Robert (Pat), PH3 Agre, Kalin (Mini Rock, Kekoa), HMC 175
WT Aimetti, Americo, LCDR Albin, Amanda, BM3 12
Aldrich, Robert (Bob / MA1), MA1  Alexander, Kerry Lynn (Donna, Houk), MA2
Allen, Carl (Al), BM3 36 ALLEN, JIM (QUI-GON), BUC
Allen, Larry H., AW1 Anders, Harry (Dirty Harry, Andy), NCC 
Anderson, Paul (ANDY ), EMC 50 Angel, John (CTR1(SW)), CTR1 3
TM Angelo, Michael (Mike), CMC  Ansari, Wallace (SLICK), ACC 17
Arnold, Alfred, BTFN Ashley, Mark, AMEC
Ashton, Bill, LCDR 2 Atkins, Charlie, HT2 25
Atkinson, Josephine (SHORT FUSE/KILLER/AK-47), MA2 27 Atwood, Kat (O'Connor), YNCS 92
Auberger, Robert (Bob), HTFN  Auclair, Mark, ATCS 11
Austin, Edward (Ed), MAC  Bacon, Jason, EO1 13
Bailey, Chris, AM3  Baird, John, FCCS
Ball, Howard (Ed), RMC Bankson, Michael, EM1 
Bankson, Michael, EM1  Bannister, Nikki (Nik), GS3 20
Barbour, Mike (Miguel), AECS 6 Barker, David (Dave), BM3 1
Barlockshafer, Justin (Bardawg), MA2 4 Barnett, Toni (Fireball, Vixen, Asrael), BU2 2
00 Bass, Ronald (Sailor71), PO3 1 Batchelor, Richard (Batch), SM3 

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