AE/AOE Sailors Association (AESA) Unit Specific

Administered By : King, Jervus (Jerry), BTFN 

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AE/AOE Sailors Association (AESA)
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Unit Specific


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9310 Water Lilly Court
Unit 403
Ft. Myers, FL 33919-8461



This association was formed to promote shared experiences that all AE/AOE Sailors have regardless of ship.
It's a known fact...AE/AOE Sailors are the hardest working men and women in the Navy.

Eligible Units:
USS Arctic (AOE-8)
USS Rainier (AOE-7)
USS Supply (AOE-6)
USS Camden (AOE-2)
USS Sacramento (AOE-1)
USS Kiska (AE-35)
USS Flint (AE-32)
USS Chara (AE-31)
USS Virgo (AE-30)
USS Santa Barbara (AE-28)
USS Butte (AE-27)
USS Kilauea (AE-26)
USS Suribachi (AE-21)
USS Diamond Head (AE-19)
USS Paricutin (AE-18)
USS Paricutin (AE-18)
USS Vesuvius (AE-15)
USS Firedrake (AE-14)
USS Akutan (AE-13)
USS Wrangell (AE-12)
USS Mount Hood (AE-11)
USS Mount Hood (AE-29)
USS Sangay (AE-10)
USS Mazama (AE-9)
USS Mauna Loa (AE-8)
USS Shasta (AE-6)
USS Shasta (AE-33)
USS Rainier (AE-5)
USS Mount Baker (AE-34)
USS Mount Baker (AE-4)
USS Lassen (AE-3)


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USS Haleakala AE-25 Chapter (CA)

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38 Verified 0 Pending All Members
Abbott, William (Bill), RM3 Bean, Robert, MM1 
Black, Andrew (Drew), MAC 46 Boose, David, AZ3 33
Brewster, Timothy, BM2 7 Brunner, Bruce J. (Bruno), BT2 5
Busic, Gerald (Jerry), EN3 -Deceased  Doerk, Stephen, MA1 25
Everett, Michael (OldSalty23), MMCS Falconer, Richard (Falc, Falc), YN1 11
Faust, Joe (Fausty Faust), AEAN 1 Gales, Richard, RM2 6
Ganitch, Michael (Mickey), QMCS 82 Groebl, David (Big G), BM3 2
Hughes, William (Bill), LT 14 Johnson, Mitch, BM1 1
King, Jervus (Jerry), BTFN  Marshall, Glenn A., Sr. (Salsa), QMC 4
Moore, Joseph (Joe), GMGSN 20 Morris, Thomas (Tommy), EN3 41
Nelson, Darrell, ENC 9 Nicander, Arthur Howard (Nick), RM2 149
Nicander, Arthur Howard (Nick), RM2 149 Nyeche, Anderson (ANDY), HMC 56
00 Penn, Buddy, PO2 Pierce, Ray, GMG2 15
Pierson, Al (USview, NTWS Chief Admin), YN2 4483  00 Rhudy, Dan, LCDR
Sandler, Aron (Sandman), OS2 7 Slayden, Robert, FCCS
Soley, Francis, CDR -Deceased  Spencer, Eddy, MS1 32
Steelhammer, Paul (Steel), MM2 295 Stenstrom, Bradley, PC1 145
Strom, Bruce Todd (Fagerstrom), PN2  BM Thomson, James (jackrabbitt), S1c
Troiola, Vincent, BM3 Williamson, Les, PC2 83

Eligible Units
USS Arctic (AOE-8)
USS Rainier (AOE-7)
USS Supply (AOE-6)
USS Camden (AOE-2)
USS Sacramento (AOE-1)
USS Kiska (AE-35)
USS Flint (AE-32)
USS Chara (AE-31)
USS Virgo (AE-30)
USS Santa Barbara (AE-28)
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