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Association of Naval Aviation
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6551 Loisdale Court, Suite 222 Springfield, Virginia 22150



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Jack Maas Detachment; Detachment 1379 (Fredericksburg, VA)

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Allen, Richard (RC), VADM -Deceased  Altmann, Richard Gustaf, RADM -Deceased 
Andreas, Mark (Sparky), LCDR  App, Kenneth (Kenny G), CDR 2
Baker, Joe, CAPT 6 Barnhart, Timothy, LT
Barton, Rick (Sledge), LCDR 18 Bastin, Joshua (Bam Bam), AD1
Batzler, John, RADM -Deceased  OFF Bennett, Frank, CAPT 3
Beveridge, Todd, LT 134 Blacklidge, William (Bugs), CDR 9
Blount, Thomas Edward, CDR -Deceased  Blum, Jay (ToeJam), CAPT
Boyd, Alfred Isaac, Jr., CAPT -Deceased  Braswell, Danny, AT2 5
Brown, Jim (Silverback), ADC 56 Carver, James (Chigger/Cooter), CDR 12
Cavalieri, Ralph, CDR  Chivers, Steve (Chemo), CDR
Christiansen, John, RDML -Deceased  Cotton, John, VADM 2
Cottrell, Davie (Gunner), CAPT  Cox, Landon (Lanny), CDR 3
Craighead, Brian, AEAN 9 Curtin, Rex, CDR 
D'Angelo, Edward (Joey D), CAPT  Dann, Richard (LT Dann), CAPT 
Davis, Douglas, YNCM 2 Dedon, John E., CDR 11
Dilts, John E., AWF1 3 Dossel, Will, CAPT 13
Downey, Bob (Deputy Dawg), CAPT -Deceased  Dubois, Matt, CAPT 1
Egnor, Russell Darrell (Russ), JOCS -Deceased  00 Eubanks, Stephen (Cotton), PO1 
Faulkner, Edgar (Mongo), AD1 Felhofer, Mark (Flange), AM1 1
Flinn, William (The Gonz), ATCS 21 Forkner, Carl (Spock), CDR 3

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