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The Navy Seabee Veterans of America Inc., is a National Organization, perpetually incorporated in the State of Illinois under the "General Not For Profit Corporation Act". The Navy S.V.A. is organized for the purpose that" We, the Veterans of the Naval Construction Forces and the Civil Engineer Corps of the United States Navy, who have Honorably served our Country during time of war and peace, recognizing that service to God and Country is the foundation on which our Nation was founded, do hereby rededicate ourselves to that service, and further pledge our lives and actions to preserve the fundamental ideals of American Government, which we believe are Justice, Freedom, and Equality for all". We wish to continue our service to our Country, and in continuing to do so, we have developed certain Objectives which we actively pursue. A few are: The promotion and strengthening of comradeship between our members and to preserve service created friendships. Fostering and maintaining interest in SEABEE activities and assisting others associated with the Seabee Organization. Assisting in the rehabilitation and welfare of the Veterans who have served in the Military Forces of the United States in time of war and peace.

1. To preserve, and encourage constant interest in, and support of the National Defense.
2. To maintain for our country an adequate Military posture.
3. To promote within our Nation, increased love of Country, Patriotism, and respect for our Nations Flag.
4. To foster, and strengthen comradeship, and camaraderie among members of the various Islands.
5. To stimulate, and inspire interests in all fraternal, patriotic, historical, and educational activities of the Navy Seabees.
6. To perform such charitable work as may be deemed appropriate.
7. To assist worthy comrades, their widows, widowers, and orphans in their time of distress.
8. To promote , and instill interest in, and respect for the professions, trades, crafts, and occupations of our members.
9. To assist in the rehabilitation, and welfare of the Veterans who have served in the United States military forces in time of war, and peace.
10. To advocate the enlightenment, and education of all our American Citizens in the principals and values of true democracy, and true Americanism.
11. To operate as a corporation not for profit.

Direct Reporting All Chapters  
Island MCB-7 At-Large Island X-7 (Port Hueneme, CA)
Island X-23 (Crystal River , FL) Island X-16 (Sun City Center, FL)
Island X-11 (Tampa, FL) Island X-12 (West Palm Beach , FL)
Island X-4 (Peoria, IL) Island X-1 (Dubuque, IA)
Island X-7 (Plymouth, MA) Island X-2 (Twin Cities, MN)
Island X-1 (Gulfport, MS) Island X-1NH (New Market, NH)
Island X-19 (Syracuse, NY) Island X-5 (Tonawanda, NY)
Island X-4 (Toledo, OH) Island X-5 (Lancaster, PA)
Island X-3 (Pittsburgh, PA) Navy Seabee Veterans Of America, Island x - 24 (McDonald, TN)
Island X-1 (White River Junction, VT)

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Acuff, Gary (Butch), BU1 ALLEN, JIM (QUI-GON), BUC
CWO Andersen, Dale, CWO4 1 Anderson, Charlie (Andy), BU2 
Aust, Rudolph, SF3 -Deceased  Babb, Shawn, Sr., EOC 14
Bachman, John, Jr. (N3VKI), CM2 14 Bailey, David, SW1 5
BU Bailey, William (Bill / Beetle), CWO5  Barkley, Willie (Shorty), CM1 1
Beck, Edward, UT3 Bennett, Melissa M (Spider), IS2 62
Berg, Randall (The Poet), BUC 34 Betts, Howard, EAC
Betts, Perry, EO2 44 Bevans, Mark, SKC 
Bordelon, Richard (Bordie), BU1 12 Boudreaux, Larry, PN1 
Boynton, Shawn (Pappy), BU1 10 Brauer, Ronald, EO1
Brewer Sr, Gordon (Gordie/Gordo), BU2 -Deceased  Brewer, Gordon (Mohawk), CUCS 23
Brown, Christopher (gutter), CM1 2 Bryans, Sean (Bustass), CWO3 4
Campbell, Gregory (Animal), EO2 2 Caprioglio, Christian (Cappy), UT1 5
Casey, John (Jack, Leprecondo), DK3 -Deceased  Chess, Willard (Will), UT2 5
Clark, Leland (Lee), EOCA -Deceased  Cleven, Timothy (Tim), LT 
Cline, John (jaycee), EO2 1 Cockrill, Millard Dale (Beef), EA2
Coombs, Robert (Bob), SK2 8 Cramer, Robert Clarence, HMCS 
Cregan, Thomas (Scot), CDR 5 Cropsey, Merritt, EA1 
Curran, Frank, HTC CWO [Name Withheld], CWO4 -Assisted 
Dale, Jeff (VICTOR 7), MA1 16 Daniel, Brandon (bad seabee), BU2 6

Eligible Units
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 133
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 3
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One (NMCB 1)
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 40
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 4
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 7
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11 (NMCB 11)
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 22
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Nov 21, 2010, Commander's Corner
National Commander Carl Barrett


Greetings Fellow Seabees! Being elected as your NSVA Commander at the last NSVA Convention has been a supreme honor for me and as I assume the helm of the NSVA I realize that the office I hold is one of great responsibility.

I strongly believe in the continuity of our Seabee Veteran’s Organization and first and foremost on my mind is our Seabees, Active Duty or Veteran. I also feel I can speak for the new Executive Committee of the Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Inc. when I say that we are here to support all of our CEC/Seabee Brothers and Sisters, both Veteran and active duty with an attitude of sincere “Can Do.”

It has been exciting for me to observe the many programs supported by the NSVA and how our Organization provides support to NAVFAC, the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA) and the CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation in their established goals. My prime duty will be to offer what assistance I can to these organizations and their established plans to further the SMSA scholarship program, CEC/Seabee Historical history of the Seabees both past and present and the publication of your hard work accomplishments throughout the globe.

In August I attended the NSVA National Convention in Moline, Illinois and listened to our Guest speakers who were SMSA’s New Executive Director, Joe Leahy, Capt., CEC, USN (Ret) and Author A. N. Olsen, Capt., CEC, USN (Ret). Captain Leahy presented the current status of the SMSA and the future goals to increase the number and amount of scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Seabees. Captain Olsen also spoke about the Biography of Admiral Ben Moreell that he had written. The book is titled “The King Bee” and I have been reading it and find the information about the Founder of the Seabees to be very interesting and informative.

Last year I also attended my first spring wreath laying ceremony on the birthday of the Seabees at the Arlington Seabee Memorial. This ceremony was very moving memorial to our past and present CEC/Seabees. I saw many CEC Officers, Seabees, Seabee Veterans & their families in attendance who stood in the cold rain as the memorial speeches were given. If you have not attended one of these ceremonies, you have missed a function that will surely make you proud of your “Can Do” building work ethics and sacrifices throughout the world.

I have been a Seabee for over 40 years and believe in the Seabee way to accomplish a difficult task, where we all put our heads together to adopt a solution. “All heads together are better than one any day.” I and the Executive Committee are always at your service and if you have a problem or suggestion for the betterment of our Veterans Organization that concerns you, please bring it to our attention. Our Organization is only as good as all of us working together for our common “Seabee Can Do” goals.

Our NSVA Organization is Seabees serving Seabees both Veteran and Active duty in accordance with our established Constitution. We must continue to recruit new Seabee Veterans and our younger active duty Seabees into our fold to maintain our Organization Membership level, strength and effectiveness.

The NSVA Executive Committee will always take into consideration your recommendations and make adjustments when necessary to our constitution and By-Laws to incorporate your recruiting suggestions. These adjustments can be adopted when properly submitted and approved by the General Membership and standardized in our recruiting efforts. Please continue to concentrate on ways to accomplish one of our main most important goals which is one of recruitment.

It makes me proud to see so many of the NSVA Islands involved in Community Service projects. Island X-7 in Port Hueneme is to be commended for their “First Call Home” project and for working with the Boy Scouts in Cemetery clean-up. Also most noteworthy is Past National Commander David Buchannan’s project in placing a Seabee Monument Marker Stone in every National Cemetery in the Nation. Island X-2 in Lakeland, Florida which is my home Island is also to be recognized for all the assistance they provide in sponsorship providing support to the “Marvin Shields” Navy Seabee Sea Cadet Battalion.

Once a Seabee, Always a Seabee!” Providing assistance to others has always been a common trait of the Seabees and when your Veterans Organization is involved in a worthwhile project it brings comradeship to your unit and cohesion within your ranks and we must not forget all the support that our “Honeybees” provide.

Carl Barrett, UTC, USN (Ret), NSVA National Commander
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