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Naval Enlisted Reserve Association (NERA)
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The Naval Enlisted Reserve Association - (NERA) - Since 1957, NERA has been responsible for many of the pay and benefits that reservists enjoy today!

Our Primary Mission - to serve the ENLISTED RESERVIST of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.  We also support retirees, Full-Time Support (FTS) and others joining as associate members as well as the families of our enlisted sea service reservists.

Why NERA? Today, more than at any other time, Reserve enlisted members are being called upon more often to serve our nation placing strain on families as well as civilian careers.

We Listen - NERA has taken hundreds of beneficial suggestions over the years from our members and presented them to many government agencies.  In addition, NERA works with all senior enlisted advisors ensuring that your voice is heard.  You asked to have your social security number removed from the reserve ID cards.  NERA made that happen.

Strength in Numbers.  NERA works on Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, with the Department of Defense, Department of Veteran's Affairs, works with the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, Department of Homeland security as well and other government agencies to protect your benefits and compensation, your family, your health care and your retirement.

Join Today! Ensure your voice is added to they many.  Join us to continue the success and the fight to keep your benefits strong.

Direct Reporting All Chapters  
Magic City Chapter (Bessemer, AL) Chapter 201.066 (Mobile, AL)
San Francisco Chapter (San Francisco, CA) Windy City Chapter (Chicago, IL)
Wichita Chapter (Wichita, KS) AR-5 Vulcan Chapter (Brownstown, MI)
Minnesota Chapter (MN) CAPT Richard A. Stratton Chapter (Springfield, MO)
Gateway Chapter (St,. Louis, MO) Floyd Bennett Chapter (Long Island, NY)
Greater New York Chapter (New York, NY) David Floyd Chapter (Cincinnati, OH)
Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter (Bethlehem, PA) Oliver Hazard Perry Chapter (Erie, PA)
League Island Chapter (Philadelphia, PA) Delaware Valley (The First Chapter) (Williow Grove, PA)

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339 Enrolled 0 Eligible All Members
Abshire, Kenny, BMCM  Acosta, Susan (Greenleaf, SeaFox), YN1 3
00 Acton, Sheila (Buchter), PO3 OFF Adkins, Anne, CWO4 
Aglubat, Gualberto, Jr. (Bobby), MSC 1 [Name Withheld], QMC 26
Altfeltis, John (Albert), SM1 7 Altmann, Jon, ISCS 
Angeline, Michael, BMCM  ANGLIKOWSKI, ERIC, YN1 
Arca, Jay Michael, AZ3 Bada, Daniel, OSC 
Baker, Alan (NavyWeather), AG1 3 Barnett, Toni (Asrael), BU2 2
Barnhart, John, HMC 1 Barrett, Steve (Doc Barrett), HMC 2
Barton, Anthony (Doc), HM3 Battle, Glenda, YN1 11
Baxendale, Gene, NCC -Deceased  Bell, David, CTM1 2
Bell, Kenneth, Sr., ITC 16 Benedict, Bill, AO1 3
Bennett, Steve, CDR 121 PN Bess, Deana (Middaugh/Murphy), CPO 5
Bevans, Mark, SKC Blackwelder, Bruce, AW1 7
Blanton, Jim (Bucko), RM1 1 Blanton, Jim (Bucko), RM1 1
Blocker, Snake (Hummingbird), LS1 39 Blythe, David (DJ), AMS3 3
Botto, Chris, CM1 Bourg, Kennan (Cougar), HMCS 6
Bowers, Steven (Big Bird), RM3 7 Bradbery, Ron, LSC 
Brennen, John, AGCS Broderick, Ray, ENCS
Brooks, Allen (Al), ETC Brown, Dennis, ATC 
Browning, Arthur (Jim), SKCS 5 Brunner, Joseph (Doc), HM1

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Sep 19, 2012, 55 National Conference - Sep 19-23
  Philadelphia-Bucks County, PA
Mar 23, 2012, Mariner Magazine
Feb 02, 2012, 2012 Scholarship Program Information
Feb 02, 2012, Photos, Artwork, Logos 2

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