Range Finder School -Formal School
Readiness and Care of Inactive Ships School -Formal School
Receiving Station School for Transient Personnel School -Formal School
Recognition & Treatment of Diving Casualties -Formal School
Recruit Div Cdr School -Formal School
Recruit Instructors School -Formal School
Recruiting Management Course -Formal School
Recruiting Training School -Formal School
Rehabilitation Training School -Formal School
Respiratory Protection Manager Course -Formal School
Retail Ordnance Logistics Management System DBA
Reverse Osmosis Desalination Operations & Maint -Formal School


Safer Ship Mooring -Formal School
Seaman Apprentice Training Command
Seaman Apprentiship Training -Formal School


Senior EDO/LDO Shipboard Engineering -Formal School
Senior Enlisted Propulsion Engineering -Formal School
Senior International Defense Resources Management Crs -Formal School
Senior Musician School -Formal School
SH 2G Sensor Operator -Formal School
Shipboard Engagement Tactics (SSET) School -Formal School
Shipboard Engagement Weapons (SSEW) School -Formal School
Shipboard Security Engagement Tactics -Formal School
Shipyard Management -Formal School
Shore Bombardment School
Software Quality Assurance -Formal School
Sound Motion Picture Technicial -Formal School
Special Services School -Formal School
Standardized Conventional Ammunition Automated Inventory Record
Standards for Overseas Offering Crs -Formal School



Stenography School -Formal School
Stevedore Training School -Formal School
Stewards Mates Advance -Formal School
Strain Gage Alignment -Formal School
Stream Unrep Specialist -Formal School
Streamlining Government thru Outsourcing, Privatization Crs -Formal School
Stress & Anger Management -Formal School
Substance Abuse Coordinator Training School -Formal School
Support Equipment Asset Manager -Formal School
Surface Common Core (SCC) -Formal School
Surface Shipboard Gauge Calibration Operator -Formal School


Tactical Air Control Party Course -Formal School
Tactical Command Support Systems Course -Formal School
Tactical Electronic Warfare Operator Course (TEWOC)
Tech Core -Formal School


Temuins Basic Propulsion & Engineering CRS -Department
TSEC/KG 40A Intermediate Maint -Formal School
Turbo Electric Installation School -Formal School


U.S. Naval School, Net, Tiburon, CA
USMTF ADP Operator Course
USMTF Message Drafter Course
USN Fleet All Weather Training Unit Atlantic (FAWTULANT)


V-12 Navy College Training Program
Vertical Launching Systems Advanced Technician (VAT) School -Formal School
Video Production and Documentation C School -Formal School
VLS Dockside Loading -Formal School


Water Tenders School -Formal School
Waterborne Instructors Crs -Formal School
Watertight Closure Inspection, Maint & Repair -Formal School
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