Aegis Training and Readiness Center (Staff) -Center
Aegis Training and Support Group (Staff) -Group
Afloat Training Group (Staff) NTC Great Lakes, IL -Group
Afloat Training Group Atlantic (Staff) -Group
Afloat Training Group MidPac (Staff) -Unit
Afloat Training Group Pacific (Staff) -Training Center
Afloat Training Group Pacific Northwest (Staff) -Group
Afloat Training Group Western Pacific (Staff) -Group
Airborne Mine Countermeasures Weapons Systems Training School (Staff) -Training Center
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (Staff) -Medical Center
Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility (Staff) -Facility
Aviation Survival Training Center (Staff) -Center


Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving (Staff) -Center
Center for Infomation Technology (Staff) -Training Center
Center for Information Dominance (Staff) -Center
Center for Information Warfare Training (Staff) -Command
Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (Staff) -Command
Center for Naval Engineering (Staff) -Training Center
Center for Naval Leadership (Staff) -Formal School
Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering (Staff) -Center
Center for SEAL & SWCC (Staff) -Center
Center for Security Forces (Staff) -Center
Center for Submarine Learning (Staff) -Center
Center for Surface Combat Systems (Staff) -Center
Combat Systems Technical Schools Command (Staff) -Command
Combat Systems Training Command (Staff) -Command
Combat Systems Training Group (Staff) -Command
Commander Training Pacific (Staff) -Command


Defense Information School (Staff) -Formal School
Defense Language Institute (Staff) East Coast -Formal School


Defense Language Institute (Staff) West Coast -Formal School
Defense Language Institute - Southwest (Staff) -Command
Defense Language Institute English Language Center (Staff) -Command
DEOMI (Staff) Patrick AFB, FL -Formal School
Division of Fleet Training, Navy Operations, Navy Department -Command


Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Atlantic (Staff) -Group
Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific (Staff) -Group


Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Training Center Atlantic (Staff) -Formal School
Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Training Center Pacific (FLEASWTRACENPAC) -Formal School
Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Center (Staff) Atlantic -Center
Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Center (Staff) Pacific -Command
Fleet Aviation Specialized Operational Training Group (Staff) -Group
Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine Training Center (Staff) -Training Center
Fleet Combat Directions Systems Training Center Pacific (Staff) -Command
Fleet Combat Systems Training Unit Pacific (Staff) -Unit
Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic (Staff) -Training Center
Fleet Combat Training Center Pacific (Staff) -Center
Fleet Intelligence Training Center Atlantic (Staff) -Training Center
Fleet Intelligence Training Center Pacific (Staff) -Center
Fleet Support Training Unit (Staff) -Unit
Fleet Training Center (Staff) - Training Support Center (TSC) -Center
Fleet Training Group (Staff) -Group
Fleet Training Unit Atlantic (Staff) -Unit


HQ, Naval Training Center (Cadre/Staff) San Diego, CA -Training Center


Joint Intelligence Training Activity (Staff) -Activity
Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS) Training (Staff) -Station


Mine Warfare Training Center (Staff) -Center


National Maritime Technology Information Center (NMTIC) -Center
Naval Aviation Maintenance Training Group Detachments (Staff) -Command



Naval Aviation Schools Command (Staff) -Command
Naval Communications Training Center (Staff) -Center
Naval Construction and Training Center Det Fort Leonard Wood, MO (Staff) -Formal School
Naval Damage Control Training Center (Staff) -Training Center
Naval Development and Training Center (Staff) -Training Center
Naval Diving Salvage Training Center (Staff) -Center
Naval Education & Training Program Development & Technology Center (Staff) -Center
Naval Education & Training Program Development Center (Staff) -Training Center
Naval Education and Training Center Newport (Staff) -Training Center
Naval Education and Training Command Web (Staff)
Naval Education and Training Program Development Center (Staff) -Command
Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity (Staff) -Activity
Naval Education Training Support Center Atlantic (Staff) -Command
Naval Education Training Support Center Pacific (Staff) -Training Center
Naval Information Warfighting Development Center -Command
Naval Inshore Operations Training Center (Staff) -Formal School
Naval Intelligence Processing System Training Facility (Staff) -Training Center
Naval Ophthalmic Support and Training Activity (Staff) -Activity
Naval Schools Command (NAVSCOLCOM) Mare Island, Vallejo, Ca -Command
Naval Special Warfare Center Advanced Training Center (Staff) -Center
Naval Submarine Training Center Atlantic (Staff) -Training Center
Naval Submarine Training Center Pacific (Staff) -Center
Naval Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center (SMWDC) -Command
Naval Technical Training Center (Staff) -Installation
Naval Training Center Pacific (Staff) -Center
Naval Training Center San Diego (Staff) -Command
Naval Training Support Detachment/Department -Unit
Navy Correspondence Course Center (Staff) -Center


Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP) -Command
Navy Expeditionary Warfighting Development Center (Staff) -Command
Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) (Staff) -Training Center
Navy Schools of Photography (Staff) -Detachment
Navy Technical Training Units Only -Detachment
Navy Unit (Staff) Lowrey AFB -Unit
Navy V-12 Program -Command
New York State Maritime Academy (Staff) -Command
Night Attack and Combat Training Unit Det 5 (Staff) -Command
NROTC (Staff) -Training Center
Nuclear Weapons Training Group Atlantic (Staff) -Group
Nuclear Weapons Training Group Pacific (Staff) -Group


Officer Training Command, Newport (OTCN) (Staff) -Command


Reserve Anti Submarine Warfare Training Center (Staff) -Training Center


Senior Instructor Leadership Management School & SEA (Staff) -Formal School
Service Schools Command (Staff) -Command
Strike Fighter Weapons School Atlantic (Staff) -Formal School
Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific (Staff) -Training Center
Submarine Learning Facility (Staff) -Facility
Submarine Training Facility (SUBTRAFAC) -Facility


Tactical Training Group Atlantic (Staff) -Training Center
Torpedo Training Center (Staff) -Training Center
Training Support Center (Staff) -Center
Trident Training Facility (Staff) -Facility


U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (Staff) -Formal School
US Navy Heavy Attack Training Unit Atlantic (HATULANT) -Command
US Navy Training Systems Center (Staff) -Center
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