He'Bert, Lon, RM2

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Current Service Status
USN Retired
Current/Last Rank
Petty Officer Second Class
Current/Last Primary NEC
RM-2319-Communications System Technical Control Supervisor
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Primary Unit
1991-1993, RM-2319, NCTS San Diego
Previously Held NEC
RM-2318-Communications System Technical Control Operator
RM-2304-Morse Code Operator
RM-2313-Independent Duty Radioman
RM-2317-Communication Security Devices Equipment Operator
Service Years
1971 - 1993
Foreign Language(s)
Official/Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Cold War
Order of the Ditch
Order of the Spanish Main
Five Hash Marks

 Official Badges 

Career Counselor U.S. Navy Police (enlisted) Master Training Specialist US Navy Retired 20

 Unofficial Badges 

Order of the Shellback Order of the Golden Shellback Cold War Medal Did the Ditch (Suez Canal)

 Military Association Memberships
Fleet Reserve Association (FRA)Disabled American Veterans (DAV)Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW)United States Navy Radioman Association (USNRMA)
Surface Navy Association
  1993, Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  1996, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  1997, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2008, United States Navy Radioman Association (USNRMA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2008, Surface Navy Association [Verified]
  2009, United States Navy Radioman Association (USNRMA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2009, Surface Navy Association [Verified]

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
I worked for DOD for over 18 years went out on  FederaL Civil Service Retirement. I am now fully retired and do what I want when I want. I can stay up as late as I want and do not have to report to anyone well except my wonderful wife of 38 years and 6 months

But, after you talk to them they all have a positive attitude. I spent 6 Years of my time in the Air Force plus the first 5 Years was in SouthEast Asia and Navy stationed inThe western pacific. I AM A BLACK SHOE SAILOR ALWAYS WILL BE IN MY HEART.! many people look at me cause I retired as a RM2(SW).  I stayed overseas from 1978-1987 the navy let me do this, not likethe air force who after 5 years shipped me back tothe states and did not even ask me where I wanted to go.  But I look at it like this. I stayed as long as I could. I am proud that I served and that is something no one can take away from me. many people do not understand what it is like on a 6 month western pacific deployment working 12 on and 12 off. Inside a steel radio shack Teletypes going off listening for broadcast freqs etc. I know all my contempories respect me especially the ones whom I worked with. tromping up and down on steel decks does something to your feet and back. as you get older your body starts to fall apart after tromping up and down on the steel decks all day long.

well that is it. I will always love the navy until the day the good lord calls me. on saturday october 24th 2009 I lost my mother she died at 90 due to complications to diabetes. it ate away at her imune systems. she will be greatly missed. I finally bought my first house using the old Vietnam GI Bill for housing. was approved by the VA. We live in a gated community/ great house big back yard for the dogs Missy and Sam to play in. Well this is new my daughter Luna B. Guerrero she got married again in 2013. made GM1  2 years ago she will be coming home to San Antonio in the spring with our grandbaby. ).  Our grandbaby is now 12 years old. well we have been in the house 13 year and enjoy it a lot. have all my man cave as the young people say.
Other Comments:
I Enlisted into the Active Duty with the Air Force From June 23rd 1971 till July 27th 1977.  I will not go into the reason I got out but I did. I had some good friends in the Air Force but I made a better deal going into the Navy. I did a tour Vietnam in 1971-1972. I left Nam as a Buck SGT/E-4, NCO. Then I went to 1975 Communications Squadron, UTAPAO AB Thailand, I met some beautiful women there. worked with the DCT 9000, working rotating shift. every night at midnight the loud  B-52 Bombers would take off and the whole base and the town would shake. The 2  years later I left thailand and went to duty in Taiwan for 2 years great duty had to escort the embassador each week with classified material. well the Air Force Shipped me to the to the 712TH Direct Air Support Center Squadron. I got a message from AFPC Randolph AFB,  telling me to come back to the states, so I went TDY to commands that needed a Communications Center Specialist I was going TDY  TO Offuit AFB, Travis AFB,  Mcclean AFB, Travis AFB etc. when I came back from my last TDY In March 1977 the career NCO Goes ok are you going to reenlist. I go hell no there is no way in hell that I will not reenlist in the damn air force. I am done here. So 18 months after my arrival I left the Air Force I dearly loved. So on July 23th 1977 I left the air force.

I Worked many different jobs. Worked for a check printing place, waited tables at a place called Laquiche.  I was killing myself. so in late 1977 my dad got me a job with the bulk materials department at Halliburton man did I work my rear off. during my time at halliburton I did some off shore work but was glad when it was over. I quiet work in the Feburary 1978  so I got a job as a Telephone Operator for Southwestern Bell then in  then finally in  May 1978 there was a commercial on tv I saw on my day off that the navy was looking for former NCO's from the Air Force, Army and Marines. So  I went to memorial mall and  I  talked to a navy recruiter a STGSC(SS) Hunter. they ahd me take a Pre asvab scored an 82 .when I took the real one I scored an 82. 

 So on  June  25th 1978 I reenlisted for 3 years.I had to attend OSVET(Other Services Veteran) for 4 weeks then  Went to RM "A" School. When I entered the room at RM "A" School  I was in my dress whites with a 2 year hashmark seaman stripes, Vietnam Campaign, Vietnam Service, af good conduct, outstanding unit award(with 2 oak leaf clusters, and expert marksman ship with 3 stars) plus Air Force Good Conduct. we sat down and RM1 Goodall calls me up and says how long in the Air Force and I go 6 years. then he goes what did you do I was a Communications Center Specialist AFSC 29150 I was also a Buck Sgt E-4.  

 He goes you are class leader. so I started on Radioman "A" School first time I used fred  did ok at 30 WPM, But I told RM1 I was trying for better. when I finished I was typying on fred at 45 wpm. I could type, file messages login messages etc. I only spent 4 and a half weeks in RM "A" School .

 All I had to do was learn the ship shore orestes and passed my typing test on Fredd. I was on there 4 weeks I graduated early with no orders and had to sit at TPU Sand Diego NTC San Diego CA. 
After my schooling  I was at NTC TPU awaiting orders finally I had been there for over 3  weeks and still no orders. So I called the STGSC(SS) Hunter and told him  Senior Chief I have been here going on 3 weeks awaiting orders. He goes call me back in 2 hours, I told him I wanted to go to Japan.  So I had to wait the next day you will see your orders tommorrow. The Night before I packed my sea bag, and ironed my dungrees plus had my whites cleaned the day before for wearing on the flight overseas somewhere.  Got a good nights sleep no drinking and got up early went to morning chow then.

So the next day I go to morning quarters and the BMC goes following personnel have orders go see the the YN.. So I go to see the YN3  She goes here are your orders so go check out and get paid up to date. I look down it says  COMSEVENTHFLT STAFF Embarked on board USS OKLAHOMA CITY CG-5. after I checked out I called my parents told them I was going overseas for 2 -years. called my mom in louisiana that the next time you see me I will have a career in the navy going and will have a wife and 2 kids.(which I did). I told my dad who was a former RM3 During WWII. I told him I was assigned to commander 7th fleet embarked on a Cruiser USS OKLAHOMA CITY CLG-5. Then got a hotel room out by the airport got up early checked out and flew to san francisco. after that  took ataxi to travis afb for a flight to Yokota AB Japan. it was a 16 hour flight we stopped in Hickam then off again. Flew into Yokota AB.

 Upon arrival took a bus to naval staion yokosuka. the staff/ship were underway so I was put into the barracks. when they returned went to the pier ship showed my orders to the OOD. He called someone in the staff radio shack they came down. he goes we stay in he barracks when inport so they got me a room and I took a long hot shower got something to eat and hit the rack till the am and mustered for quarters. me my RMC, RM1 and the ops boss.
I was on the OKLAHOMA CITY CLG-5 when the american embassy fell, we were getting Flash messages about evey  hour. Since we never dropped our guard we worked rotating shift. After arrivng we got underway to the Philipines well being an old time PI liberty guy that most sailors on the staff did not.

 When I put in for leave the OPS Boss calls me to his stateroom and goes when was the last time were you in the Phlippines, I told him sir the first time I came here was in February 1972. I Put in for leave while inport so I could hook up with my filipino girlfriend. He goes most of the guys in the radio shack were not even born or in the navy. I go sir I was going on R&R  from Vietnam when most of these guys were in jr high. He goes yes I saw your record. ok be carefull. I told him sir I am going on liberty to have a good time with a fine filipina I know.  He goes get out of here and here is your leave chit.  while on the staff I learned so much about navy communications.  I took the RM3 Test in March  1979 I was a senior SN/E-3 so I had that going for me.  when the the results came in I made my E-4 Back. 
 I was again a RM3/E-4. I had more ribbons and medals than the Chief of Staff. I enjoyed being on 7thflt Staff we always knew what was happening. so after 2 years I cancelled my last year of my enlistment and asked to Reup for 6 years. I had the Chief of staff Reenlist me in front of the while staff and Shipboard sailors.  When I reenlisted I got  I went to RM C-7(NEC 2313), Plus I after the RM C-7 school I had to attend Morse Code School(2306). This was cause I had follow on orders to USNS PASSUMPSIC T-AO-107. So I went to Morse Code School (NEC 2306) Then I flew to the Philippines but when I arrrived at Clark AFB I was told that the boat was in Diego Garcia.

 Well after a 3 hour flight I went to check and see if the boat was here and I get they just left you are going to have to wait till we can get some more orders for you to fly out. so they put me in a thing with a roof but you had to sleep in a tent thing covered with mesquieto net. well the next day they had me digging ditches with the seabees. I go I did not reenlist to dig ditches for the seabees. I remembered a friend of mine RM2 Reggie Brown worked at NAVCOMSTA Diego Garcia. So I called him hey reggie man get me out of this digging ditches. so I took my service record over to the Warrant Officer Broussard,
 When he found out I was born In Louisiana he goes you will report to the Radio Shaq in the morning, I go aye aye Sir. He saw that I had been on 7thFLT Staff. So I worked 0700-1500 cutting tapes on UGC-26. So I had been there almost 6 weeks. finally I had just finished sending out a message. the ShIp-to-Shore Orestes operator told me he was in contact with the Passumpsic. So I sent them a wire note asking can you please get me out of Diego Garcia. after about 20 minutes I see the accounting data coming with the wire note.

 I told the CWO3 Broussard I am out of here. so I show it to the people in charge. they told me go check out when I went to disbursing they paid me up to date. I was going to the Philippines with almost 3 pay checks in my wallet. so I left Diego Garcia.

 Got me a hotel after arriving at Clark as it was about 20:00 when we arrived so I got something to eat. So the next day I took the bus down to Subic and reported to Military Sealift Command. I was put to work in the office helping one of the RM2's processing message  traffic. I checked into the barracks. I was in subic for over 3 weeks.

During this time I met the most wonderful women in the world. I knew from the first time I met her that I wanted to spend the rest of my wife with. so I was on the ship was inport I was standing duty Radioman. we had an old copier that used old carbon copier. so after we left we were standing different watches underway. we went to maurcis. then on our way back to the Philippines we stopped in Singapore we got mail and I recieved persmission to Mary Emerita Baldemor. She was grilled by the NIS and I was grilled by the PBI Philippine Bureau of Investigation. So on July 27th 1981 we were married we went to Camp John Hay for our honeymoon we rented a cottage with a fire place and made passionate love. for many days on end. during this time I played songs from Smokie on my boom box. I knew when  I got off my honey moon I was going to be gone for a long time. so after our honey moon I left for a 122 day deployment. Our wedding song was "always somewhere"

While on deployment we were about 45 days out at sea my friend Billy Holliman came on the bridge wing I was on the sound powered Phones gave me a letter from Eme telling me she was pregnant with Luna. well I was jumping up and down. The Master goes what is wrong I sir I am going to be a daddy next year. He announced to the whole ship on the 1MC.

After my long deployment I was sent to NAVFAC GUAM, Met some really great RM's
The one thing I enjoyed about being guam is that the ocean was pure blue.While at Navfac Guam I met some really grat sailors. RMCS(SW) Cersatchimo, RM1 Mouton, RM2 Rudy Boyd. RM3 J.C. Carter who carried me back to the admin building after I stepped on the lop of a hole in the road where we ran our PT. While there I was prvilidged to see both of my children born threre Luna Baldemor Hebert 1982, in 1984 I saw the delivery of Lon Keith He'bert II. 

  So I kept  working shift work while there 2-2-2-80 meaning I worked 2 day shifts 0700-1500 on the 2nd day shift I would get off at 1500 and had to get back to work at 2300. between shifts at the time luna was crying so much I barley got any sleep. once off the midwatch but I slept. then after the 2nd 2300 to 0700 I did a double back had to go to sleep then get back up and work 3-11. so was stationed at navfac guam from feb 82 till may 84 then I transferred to NAVSTA SUBIC.

After taking a flight to the PI. I was on leave then checked in. we had to live off base for 2 years in different places. went thru 2 typhoons. then in 86 the gate strike went down when the filipinos thru marcos out of office. mainly job at nasta subic was to man the port ops /logistics, I would process incoming and outgoign messages, typing the messages on DD-173(Yuk). I was there stand port and stbd watches when marcos was thrown out. I had to have one of the boatswainmates pick up emy and the kids at khalkan beach and bring them the port ops. the base put them up at navy lodge which had a oven so we could cook. finally when I was on watch the CO/XO of Navsta subic, NAS Cubi, and Maine co were going by helo with a bunch of marines to take marcos back to cubi to fly out to hawaii. well after this we moved in the same building as the CO/XO. I moved back on base. then in 1987 I negeoicted orders for USS ROANOKE AOR-7. Had to go up to manila to help emy's mother get her green card to leave with us. so after that we flew to alaska, then san francisco and took another flight to houston. my younger sister was waiting there for us. Like I told my mom I came home after 9 years with a wife and 2 kids(plus mother in law) she passed away back on 2001.

What I did not know is that the USS ROANOKE AOR-7 was homeported in Long Beach, CA. The carbrillo housing was right off Pacific Cost Highway with strip clibs then San antana avenue with gang banger city. I got to the ship and after I walked to the quartedeck I saw a mile long line for people on restriction. I thought man what did I stick my foot in. I learned a lot from RMC Tolleffson. During a missle shoot we pulled into port I called home and Emy was loosing it so she had to be sent to a Mental Facility. Finally they Dianosed with Schizo effective disorder. this was because coming from a place like the PI to Long Beach Ca. Where the base house had PCH Highway with strip bars and Santanna avenue with gangbangers on the other. In October 87 I was going onboard early to each morning chow before going on duty. well I walked into the mess decks and I got my coffee and looked down at the back of the mess decks and I see a guy I had not seen since we were stationed in Nam' in 72.
 I walked closer and I see HT3 Frank Toro we hugged each other and started to cry. He is and still is the GODFATHER OF MY  CHILDERN. So after 6 months we departed for a 6 months western pacific deployment. We ran HF Broadcast most of the way into westpac. 3 days out at sea and I was running broadcast and we recieved a white pennacle I told RMSN Kinberg to dial in the freq on the satcom wisc3 so I could contact NMCC At the Pentagon. we did and our message was acknowleded in 7 minutes and 15 seconds. the good thing is that frank toro was with me on this westpac. we all worked hard on that westpac then after 93 days at sea we went to mombassa africa in 1988. then after 7 days inport we left to get relieved by USS MILWAKWAI AOR-5.

 After that we left and went to Paytaya Beach thailand and had a good time. me and frank toro partied a lot. anyway left there and went to Hong Kong, and back to subic then on to pearl harbor. well while inport I had duty I called home and my mother in law told me emy was back in the mental hospitial. so I called her doctor and told here where I was then about 0300 I had gone back to the compartment to get something out of my locker. when I walked into radio RMC was standing there told me the CO goes pack your stuff you are going home. man I threw every thing I could get into my sea bag. I got a call from a friend of mine in admin PN3 Bigard who had gotten me tickets to LA at 0900. When I walked across the  QD The BM's were taking up the brow. I had frank call his wife and tell her what time my flight arrived. she took me to the house. Luna was at school. I surprised her walked into her class room she was all smiles.

I went over tot he hospitial to see emy man she was happy. well the kids were happy that I was home so after a while emy  was out of the hospitial. she suffers from depression and still takes medication for this.  so after the ship arrived I stood duty and after a while on new years eve we got underway to be duty oiler for one day then pulled back in. so after we pulled back in it was training training etc. so as time went on it was the same old daily grind in radio central. I had trained everyone ont he operation of the KWR-46 Crypto and typed up a operators instructions so they watch would not have to wake me up udnerway. so as time went on my friends left the ship RM3 Dave Porter got out, and RM3 Sammy Cortez also got out. the other guys. I also was the GMF Clerk for radio central. so 1989 came and went we stayed inport for a good part of the time.

 In 1990 we went around south america we escorted the  USS Carl Vinson CVN-7, so we went to Chilie I was ops yeoman. took care of the daily ops reprot had to go to engineering get the total  barrals of fuel given to the carrier etc. but when we were inport instead of being a day worker as ops yeoman RMC Barnett had it so I stood duty in radio as the duty radioman and cause I wa senior I was the watch supervisor. we kept our guard up so I was in charge. our duty hours were 24 hours on 48 hours off. so me and frank toro went into Valapriso bought a lot of things for the kids and the wife. I got a lot of t-shirts. so after 7 days we left and went around the cape of good hope the ship was taking 20 and 30 degree rolls.  So we went thru the Panama Canal on our way to Long Beach. after arriving in Long Beach my wife again was in the mental hospitial. so had to take emergency leave. but once she got out of the hospitial she did fine. plus the boat sent me to naval station Long Beach to work at the Military Police..

I did this for a year then as Persian Gulf I was going down they recalled me back to the ship and within 90 days we picked up ammo, fuel, onloaded supplies and we were gone. we rendevious with USS ABRHAM LINCOLN CVN-72. We hit subic on the way there called home told emy and the kids I loved them. dropped off some clothes to her brother in subic.

Frank and I Had some drinks we were there inport in subic for 10 days them we left on the way to the persian gulf.  After arriving int he gulf we had GQ every week we even had to done the mark V Gas mask. we would usually pull into jebal ali which was nothing a hanger in the sand.  So after being in the gulf for 3 months then they pulled USS ROANOKE AOR-7, USS ABARHAM LINCOLN CVN-72, and a cruiser, and 2 FFG's back to subic afte Mount Pinatubo Blew up destroyed most of clark and part of subic. so when we got there the waters around subic were blueish green.  Upon returning from deployment in 1991. I called for orders to my detailer he got me orders to NAVCOMTELSTA SAN DIEGO. But was assigned to NTCC North Island, my detailer put in my orders that the next time I took the RM1 test if I PNA'd. then I was to put in my paapers rof retirement. I had extended to go to shore duty so the next time I took the test in march 92 when the results it came back PNA'd. plus the navy was changing not for the better. by the time I already had 20 years in , plus when I received my retirement orders the following april I had gone over 21 years and 10 months. I loved the navy still do. my daughter served 13 years and was discharged she is about to graduate as a occupational therapy assistant. she still has to take a test from the state of california. she divorced my grandaughters father then 5 years later remarried a great guy she was on board USS BARRY DDG-54.  FC2 Guerrero Fully retired in 2006 we bought our first house in 2011  using my VA GI Bill for housing I earned in VIETNAM. well now last year found out that my daughter was pregnant is pregnant with her 2nd child due in march.

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 Enlisted/Officer Basic Training
  1978, OSVET (Prior Other Service Veteran), 0842
 Unit Assignments/ Advancement Schools
Navy Veteran/Other Service Veteran (NAVET/OSVET) IndoctrinationAdvancement Schools and CoursesCOMSEVENTHFLTUSS Oklahoma City (CLG-5)
Advancement Schools and CoursesUSNS Passumpsic (T-AO-107)NAVFAC GuamNAVSTA Subic Bay, PI
USS Roanoke (AOR-7)NCTS San Diego
  1978-1978, Navy Veteran/Other Service Veteran (NAVET/OSVET) Indoctrination
  1978-1978, RM-0000, (RM) Radioman A School
  1978-1980, RM-2318, COMSEVENTHFLT
  1978-1980, RM-0000, USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5)
  1980-1981, RM-2313, (RM) Radioman C School
  1980-1981, RM-2304, International Morse Code Service Course
  1981-1982, RM-2317, USNS Passumpsic (T-AO-107)
  1981-1982, RM-2313, USNS Passumpsic (T-AO-107)
  1981-1982, RM-2313, USNS Passumpsic (T-AO-107)
  1982-1984, RM-2318, NAVFAC Guam
  1984-1987, RM-2318, NAVSTA Subic Bay, PI
  1987-1991, RM-2319, USS Roanoke (AOR-7)
  1991-1993, RM-2319, NCTS San Diego
  1991-1993, RM-2319, NCTS San Diego
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  1981-1981 USS Roark rescues Vietnamese refugees
  1991-1991 Gulf War/Liberation and Defense of Kuwait/Operation Desert Storm
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Please describe who or what influenced your decision to join the Navy.
Of all the medals, awards, formal presentations and qualification badges you received, or other memorabilia, which one is the most meaningful to you and why?
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Park University
  1993-1997, Park University
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  Jul 27, 1981, RM3 Hebert and Emerita Baldemor getting maried July 27th 19812
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