Cohen, Timothy Michael, TM1

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Last Rank
Petty Officer First Class
Last Primary NEC
TM-0746-Advanced Undersea MK 46 Maintenance Weaponsman
Last Rating/NEC Group
Torpedoman's Mate
Primary Unit
1997-2007, TM-0000, Naval Reserve Personnel Center
Service Years
1977 - 2007
TM-Torpedoman's Mate
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This Military Service Page was created/owned by the Site Administrator to remember Cohen, Timothy Michael (TMC), TM1 USN(Ret).
Contact Info
Home Town
Los Angeles, California
Last Address
4811 Tennessee Street
Duval County

Date of Passing
Jun 28, 2010
Location of Interment
Not Specified
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 Official Badges 

Career Counselor US Navy Retired 20 US Navy Retired 30

 Unofficial Badges 

US Navy Honorable Discharge Order of the Shellback Order of the Golden Shellback Order of the Arctic Circle (Bluenose)

 Additional Information
Last Known Activity

Marisa Benez

Branch: Iraq War Veteran / Rescue Helicopter Pilot

I know, she;s not in the Military on the show, but that doesn't mean her soldier spirit retired with her.  Don't cross her, as her partner Rabbit quickly found out when he almost killed her mimicking Bullit.

Moment in Badassness: It has to be when she popped a guys eyes back into there sockets after a car wreck.

MSC(SS) Casey Ryback, USN

Branch: Navy SEAL

Ryback is the Die Hard of military men, the monkey wrench in the plans of domestic terrorist.  By land or by sea (by air, Under Siege III: Over Siege?) he�??s the guy you want riding with you.

Moment in Badassness: He killed bad guys with a microwave time bomb.  How cool is that?  [Do not try at home]

1) Colonel John Matrix, USA

Branch: Special Operations Operator

Remember when we trusted our men and women in the Armed Services with the moral authority to protect those that deserved sanctuary and eliminate those who threatened it, no questions asked?  That was Matrix.

Moment in Badassness: Refusing to be a pawn, he snapped his captors neck and left him on the plane like he was sleeping!


 Lieunant. Pete  "Maverick" Mitchell, USN Branch: Naval Aviator

Everybodies got an ego and Maverick's could float the balloon boy across the world.  Swagger is one of the key elements that makes any good soldiers and overcoming it is what makes any good hero.

Moment in Badassness: When Maverick buzzes the tower.  Doesn't everyone want to do that?  It's like dunking.

Captain Steven Hiler, USMC

Branch: Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornets Pilot

This dude took on aliens okay.  He took on intergalactic terrorist and won.  And just like US Soldiers, he didn't do it with home field advantage, he took the fight to their house and blow it to holy hell!

Moment in Badassness: After outmaneuvering and outwitting those alien scum-suckers, he went mano-y-mano and knock it's green teeth loose with one punch.

Now if you're wondering why they are all ranked number one, well there are two reasons:

1) Every man and woman in uniform is equally valued whether you work logistics or the ground, whether you sign up in times of war or times of peace and whether you fly sick people to hospitals or destroy alien races.

And 2) because I dare you to go up to any member of the armed forces and tell them they are No. 2.

Happy Veterans Day to all the real, most badass heroes in the armed forces and all those who love them!

Everyone else can go to whatever country has the audacity to hate us even though we have the coolest President ever.

Other Comments:

   In a Midwestern state that was known for severe storms, lived a farmer who had a herd of cattle which provided for his living. He wasn't able to pay large wages and found it difficult to keep trusty work hands.

    He found himself in need of a competent worker who would see that the animals were properly cared for and always be reliable in doing his work.
    One afternoon, a young man came by looking for a job. The farmer looked him over and thought he looked a bit young to have the qualification for the job, but he needed someone badly and decided to interview him.
   The first question to the young man was, 'What are our qualifications for this job?'  The answer he got was, 'I can sleep through a storm.' That didn't make much sense to the farmer and alarmed him some, but he was desperate for help and hired the young man.
    Not long afterward, a terrible storm came up during the middle of the night. The farmer decided he should go check on the barn doors and see if everything was secure in the storm. Everything he checked was secure, nothing left undone; so he went looking for the young man whose sleeping quarters were near the barn. No lights were on in his cabin and there was no evidence that he was up checking on things.
   The farmer thought he probably made a mistake hiring one so young who didn't understand the responsibilities he had, but he knocked on the cabin door and waited for a response from inside. Soon, a sleepy eyed young man came to the door and asked the farmer what was wrong.  'Don't you hear the storm raging out here?'
   Why aren't  you awake and taking care my animals?'  'Oh, but I did, sir,' was the reply.  'I took care of everything before the storm hit. All the animals have been fed, watered and locked securely in their stalls. I did everything to make them safe before I went to sleep.' 


  Then the farmer realized what the young man meant when he said he could "sleep through a storm."  He had made his preparation BEFORE the storm came, and he knew there was nothing to worry about.    
   'What a gem I have discovered!' thought the farmer as he made his way back to the house, went to his own bed and soon fell asleep.
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Surface Warfare Enlisted Badge

 Enlisted/Officer Basic Training
  1977, Recruit Training (San Diego, CA), 2441
 Duty Stations
NTC (Cadre/Faculty Staff) San DiegoUSS Briscoe (DD-977)School Assignments - StaffUSS Dixon (AS-37)
NAVWEPSTA Seal BeachUSS Elmer Montgomery (FF-1082)Advancement Schools and CoursesNavy Munitions Command (NMC)
First Naval Construction Regiment (1NCR)Ceremonial - Honor GuardUSS Princeton (CG-59)Supervisor of Shipbuilding Conversion and Repair (SUPSHIP)
Commander Navy Reserve Forces Command (COMNAVRESFORCOM)
  1977-1977, 000X, NTC (Cadre/Faculty Staff) San Diego
  1978-1981, USS Briscoe (DD-977)
  1981-1982, TM-0000, SubRoc & Mods Operational Maintenance
  1982-1983, TM-0000, USS Dixon (AS-37)
  1983-1985, TM-0000, NAVWEPSTA Seal Beach
  1985-1991, TM-0000, USS Elmer Montgomery (FF-1082)
  1991-1994, NAVWEPSTA Seal Beach
  1992-1992, TM-0746, Leadership and Management Education and Training for Leading Petty Officers (LMET) Course
  1992-1992, TM-0746, CONUS WEST (NMCCWD)/Annex Fallbrook
  1993-1993, First Naval Construction Regiment (1NCR)
  1993-1994, TM-0746, Ceremonial - Honor Guard
  1994-1997, USS Princeton (CG-59)
  1996-1996, TM-0746, Supervisor of Shipbuilding Conversion and Repair (SUPSHIP)
  1997-2007, TM-0000, Naval Reserve Personnel Center
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  1979-1981 Iran Hostage Crisis
  1981-1981 Training Exercise UNITAS Series
  1988-1988 Operation Praying Mantis (Iran)
  1990-1990 Gulf War/Defense of Saudi Arabia Campaign/Intercept Operations in Arabian Gulf
  1990-1991 Gulf War/Defense of Saudi Arabia Campaign/Operation Desert Shield
  1995-1995 Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT)
  1996-1996 Training Exercise - RIMPAC '96
 Colleges Attended 
Central Texas CollegeCentral Texas College
  1982-1982, Central Texas College1
  1995-1995, Central Texas College1
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