Bradley, Carl, FA Fallen
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Fireman Apprentice
Last Duty Station
1941-1941, USS Oklahoma (BB-37)
Service Years
- 1941

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Last Address
Shelley, ID

Casualty Date
Dec 07, 1941
Hostile, Died
Other Explosive Device
Wars and Conflicts/World War II
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Conflict  :   World War II
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Overview of World War II 

World War II killed more people, involved more nations, and cost more money than any other war in history. Altogether, 70 million people served in the armed forces during the war, and 17 million combatants died. Civilian deaths were ever greater. At least 19 million Soviet civilians, 10 million Chinese, and 6 million European Jews lost their lives during the war.

World War II was truly a global war. Some 70 nations took part in the conflict, and fighting took place on the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe, as well as on the high seas. Entire societies participated as soldiers or as war workers, while others were persecuted as victims of occupation and mass murder.

World War II cost the United States a million causalities and nearly 400,000 deaths. In both domestic and foreign affairs, its consequences were far-reaching. It ended the Depression, brought millions of married women into the workforce, initiated sweeping changes in the lives of the nation's minority groups, and dramatically expanded government's presence in American life.

The War at Home & Abroad

On September 1, 1939, World War II started when Germany invaded Poland. By November 1942, the Axis powers controlled territory from Norway to North Africa and from France to the Soviet Union. After defeating the Axis in North Africa in May 1941, the United States and its Allies invaded Sicily in July 1943 and forced Italy to surrender in September. On D-Day, June 6, 1944, the Allies landed in Northern France. In December, a German counteroffensive (the Battle of the Bulge) failed. Germany surrendered in May 1945.

The United States entered the war following a surprise attack by Japan on the U.S. Pacific fleet in Hawaii. The United States and its Allies halted Japanese expansion at the Battle of Midway in June 1942 and in other campaigns in the South Pacific. From 1943 to August 1945, the Allies hopped from island to island across the Central Pacific and also battled the Japanese in China, Burma, and India. Japan agreed to surrender on August 14, 1945 after the United States dropped the first atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


1. The war ended Depression unemployment and dramatically expanded government's presence in American life. It led the federal government to create a War Production Board to oversee conversion to a wartime economy and the Office of Price Administration to set prices on many items and to supervise a rationing system.

2. During the war, African Americans, women, and Mexican Americans founded new opportunities in industry. But Japanese Americans living on the Pacific coast were relocated from their homes and placed in internment camps.

The Dawn of the Atomic Age

In 1939, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt, warning him that the Nazis might be able to build an atomic bomb. On December 2, 1942, Enrico Fermi, an Italian refugee, produced the first self-sustained, controlled nuclear chain reaction in Chicago.

To ensure that the United States developed a bomb before Nazi Germany did, the federal government started the secret $2 billion Manhattan Project. On July 16, 1945, in the New Mexico desert near Alamogordo, the Manhattan Project's scientists exploded the first atomic bomb.

It was during the Potsdam negotiations that President Harry Truman learned that American scientists had tested the first atomic bomb. On August 6, 1945, the Enola Gay, a B-29 Superfortress, released an atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan. Between 80,000 and 140,000 people were killed or fatally wounded. Three days later, a second bomb fell on Nagasaki. About 35,000 people were killed. The following day Japan sued for peace.

President Truman's defenders argued that the bombs ended the war quickly, avoiding the necessity of a costly invasion and the probable loss of tens of thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Japanese lives. His critics argued that the war might have ended even without the atomic bombings. They maintained that the Japanese economy would have been strangled by a continued naval blockade, and that Japan could have been forced to surrender by conventional firebombing or by a demonstration of the atomic bomb's power.

The unleashing of nuclear power during World War II generated hope of a cheap and abundant source of energy, but it also produced anxiety among large numbers of people in the United States and around the world.
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Engagement  :   Attack on Pearl Harbor
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The unprovoked attack of US military forces at Pearl Harbor, HI was the begining of WW 2 in the Pacific.
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Names of Shipmates and Officers Involved
Marvin B. Adkins, GM3c Willard H. Aldridge, Sea1c
Hugh R. Alexander, Lt. Comdr Stanley W. Allen, Ens (VO-1)
Hal J. Allison, F2c Leon Arickx, Sea1c
Kenneth B. Armstrong, Mldr1c Daryle E. Artley, QM2c
John C. Auld, Sea2c John A. Austin, Chf Carp
Walter H. Backman, RM2c Gerald J. Bailey, Sea1c
Robert E. Bailey, SF3c Wilbur F. Ballance, Sea1c
Layton T. Banks, Cox Leroy K. Barber, F1c
Malcolm J. Barber, F1c Randolph H. Barber, F2c
Cecil E. Barncord, EM3c Wilber C. Barrett, Sea2c
Harold E. Bates, F1c Ralph C. Battles, F2c
Earl P. Baum, Sea1c Howard W. Bean, RM3c
Walter S. Belt, Jr., F1c Robert J. Bennett, F3c
Harding C. Blackburn, Y3c William E. Blanchard, Bmkr1c
Clarence A. Blaylock, F3c Leo Blitz, MM2c
Rudolph Blitz, F1c John G. Bock Jr., Sea2c
Paul L. Boemer, Cox James B. Booe, Cbmster
James B. Boring, F2c Ralph M. Boudreaux, MAtt1c
Lawrence A. Boxrucker, F2c Raymond D. Boynton, Sea2c
Carl M. Bradley, F2c Orix V. Brandt, Sea1c
Jack A. Breedlove, FC3c Randall W. Brewer, MAtt1c
William Brooks, Sea1c Wesley J. Brown, F1c
William G. Bruesewitz, Sea1c James R. Buchanan, MM2c
Earl G. Burch, Bkr3c Oliver K. Burger, WT1c
Millard Burk, Jr., Sea1c Rodger C. Butts, SC1c
Archie Callahan, Jr., MAtt2c Raymond R. Camery, F1c
William V. Campbell, Sea2c Murry R. Cargile, Sea1c
Harold F. Carney, MM1c Joseph W. Carroll, F2c
Edward E. Casinger, F2c Biacio Casola, Sea1c
Carles R. Casto, F1c Richard E. Casto, F2c
James T. Chesire, CPhM(PA) Patrick L. Chess, SF3c
David Clark, Jr., Sea2c Gerald L. Clayton, SK2c
Hubert P. Clement, FC1c Floyd F. Clifford, Sea2c
George A. Coke, Sea1c James E. Collins, Sea1c
John G. Connolly, Chf Pay Clk Keefe R. Connolly, HA1c
Edward L. Conway, EM1c Grant C. Cook, Jr., F1c
Robert L. Corn, FFC1c Beoin H. Corzatt, F1c
John W. Craig, SK1c Warren H. Crim, F3c
Samuel W. Crowder, F1c William M. Curry, EM1c
Glenn G. Cyriack, SK2c Marshall E. Darby, Jr., Ens
James W. Davenport, Jr., F1c Francis D. Day, CWT (PA)
Leslie P. Delles, EM3c Ralph A. Derrington, CMM (PA)
Francis E. Dick, Mus2c Leaman R. Dill, EM2c
Kenneth E. Doernenburg, F1c John M. Donald, SF3c
Carl D. Dorr, F2c Bernard V. Doyle, Sea2c
Stanislaw F. Drwall, Pmkr1c Cyril I. Dusset, MAtt1c
Buford H. Dyer, Sea1c Wallace E. Eakes, SK3c
Eugene K. Eberhardt, MM1c David B. Edmonston, Sea2c
Earl M. Ellis, RM3c Bruce H. Ellison, RM3c
Julius Ellsberry, MAtt1c John C. England, Ens
Ignacio C. Farfan, MAtt1c Luther J. Farmer, MM1c
Lawrence H. Fecho, F1c Charlton H. Ferguson, Mus2c
Robert A. Fields, EM3c William M. Finnegan, Ens
Francis C. Flaherty, Ens James M. Flanagan, Sea2c
Felicismo Florese, OS2c Walter C. Foley, Sea1c
George P. Foote, SK3c George C. Ford, F2c
Joy C. French, Sea2c Tedd M. Furr, CCM (AA)
Michael Galajdik, F1c Martin A. Gara, F2c
Jesus F. Garcia, MAtt2c Eugene Garris, MAtt2c
Paul H. Gebser, MM1c Leonard R. Geller, F1c
George T. George, Sea2c George H. Gibson, EM3c
George E. Giesa, F2c Quentin J. Gifford, RM2c
George Gilbert, FC2c Warren C. Gillette, Sea1c
Benjamin E. Gilliard, MAtt1c Arthur Glenn, MM1c
Daryl H. Goggin, Mach Jack R. Goldwater, RM3c
Charles C. Gomez, Jr., Sea2c George M. Gooch, EM3c
Clifford G. Goodwin, Sea1c Robert Goodwin, SC3c
Duff Gordon, CMsmth Claude O. Gowey, F1c
Wesley E. Graham, Sea1c Arthur M. Grand Pre, F1c
Thomas E. Griffith, RM3c Edgar D. Gross, WT2c
Vernon N. Grow, Sea2c Daniel L. Guisinger, Jr., Sea1c
William I. Gurganus, CEM (AA) William F. Gusie, FC3c
Hubert P. Hall, Sea2c Robert E. Halterman, Sea1c
Harold W. Ham, MM2c Dale R. Hamlin, GM3c
Eugene P. Hann, GM3c Francis L. Hannon, SF3c
George Hanson, MM1c Robert J. Harr, F1c
Charles H. Harris, EM3c Daniel F. Harris, CFC (PA)
Louis E. Harris, Jr., Mus2c Albert E. Hayden, CEM (PA)
Harold L. Head, Sea2c Robert W. Headington, Sea1c
William F. Hellstern, GM2c Floyd D. Helton, Sea2c
Jimmie L. Henrichsen, Sea2c William E. Henson, Jr., Sea2c
Harvey C. Herber, EM1c George Herbert, GM1c
Austin H. Hesler, SM3c Denis H. Hiskett, F1c
Joseph P. Hittorff, Jr., Ens Frank S. Hoag, Jr., RM3c
Herbert J. Hoard, CSK (PA) Joseph W. Hoffman, Mus1c
Kenneth L. Holm, F3c Harry R. Holmes, F3c
James W. Holzhauer, Sea1c Edwin C. Hopkins, F3c
Chester G. Hord, SK3c Frank A. Hryniewicz, Sea1c
Charles E. Hudson, WT1c Lorentz E. Hultgren, MM2c
Robert M. Hunter, Ens Claydon I. C. Iverson, F3c
Willie Jackson, OC1c Herbert B. Jacobson, F3c
Challis R. James, Sea2c George W. Jarding, F3c
Kenneth L. Jayne, F3c Theodore Q. Jensen, RM3c
Jesse B. Jenson, GM3c Charles H. Johannes, Sea2c
Billy J. Johnson, F1c Edward D. Johnson, F1c
Joseph M. Johnson, Sea1c Jim H. Johnston, F1c
Charles A. Jones, Sea2c Fred M. Jones, MM1c
Jerry Jones, MAtt3c Julian B. Jordan, Lt.
Wesley V. Jordan, Sea1c Thomas V. Jurashen, Sea2c
Albert U. Kane, F1c John A. Karli, Sea1c
Howard V. Keffer, RM3c Ralph H. Keil, Sea1c
Donald G. Keller, Sea1c Joe M. Kelley, Sea2c
Warren J. Kempf, RM3c Leo T. Keninger, F1c
William H. Kennedy, F1c Elmer T. Kerestes, F1c
David L. Kesler, Bkr2c William A. Klasing, EM3c
Verne F. Knipp, Cox Hans C. Kvalnes, Sea2c
William L. Kvidera, CM3c D. T. Kyser, Sea2c
Elliott D. Larsen, Mus1c Johnnie C. Laurie, MAtt1c
Elmer P. Lawrence, Sea1c Willard I. Lawson, F3c
Gerald G. Lehman, F3c Myron K. Lehman, Sea2c
Lionel W. Lescault, Bgmstr2c Harold W. Lindsey, Sea2c
John H. Lindsley, F3c Alfred E. Livingston, F3c
Clarence M. Lockwood, WT2c Adolph J. Loebach, FC3c
Vernon T. Luke, MM1c Octavius Mabine, MAtt1c
Howard S. Magers, Sea2c Michael Malek, Sea2c
Algeo V. Malfante, SF2c Walter B. Manning, EM1c
Henri C. Mason, Mus1c Joseph K. Maule, Sea1c
Edwin B. McCabe WT1c Donald R. McCloud, FC2c
James O. McDonald, F1c Bert E. McKeeman, F1c
Hale McKissack, Sea1c Lloyd E. McLaughlin, Sea2c
Earl R. Melton, MM1c Herbert F. Melton, BM2c
Archie T. Miles, MM2c Wallace G. Mitchell, Sea1c
Charles A. Montgomery, RM3c John M. Mulick, HA1c
Ray H. Myers, Sea2c George E. Naegle, Sea1c
Elmer D. Nail, F1c Paul A. Nash, FC1c
Don O. Neher, EM3c Arthur C. Neuenschwander, GM1c
Sam D. Nevill, Y3c Wilbur F. Newton, Sea1c
Carl Nichols, Sea2c Harry E. Nichols, SK3c
Frank E. Nicoles, F1c Arnold M. Nielsen, BM1c
Laverne A. Nigg, Sea2c Joe R. Nightingale, Sea1c
Charles E. Nix, SM3c Camillus M. O'Grady, Sea1c
Charles R. Ogle, F1c Eli Olsen, SK3c
Jarvis G. Outland, F1c Lawrence J. Overley, FC2c
Alphard S. Owsley, EM3c Millard C. Pace, F1c
James Palides, Jr., Mus2c Calvin H. Palmer, Sea2c
Wilferd D. Palmer, Sea2c George L. Paradis, PhM3c
Isaac Parker, MAtt3c Dale F. Pearce, Sea2c
Walter R. Pentico, Sea2c Stephen Pepe, WT1c
Charles F. Perdue, SF1c Wiley J. Perway, Bmkr2c
Milo E. Phillips, WT1c James N. Phipps, Sea2c
Gerald H. Pirtle, F1c Rudolph V. Piskuran, Sea2c
Herbert J. Poindexter, Jr., Sea1c Brady O. Prewitt, Sea2c
Robert L. Pribble, FC3c George F. Price, F1c
Lewis B. Pride, Jr., Ens Jasper L. Pue, Jr., F3c
Paul S. Raimond, Sea1c Eldon C. Ray, SK3c
Dan E. Reagan, F1c Leo B. Regan, F1c
Irvin F. Rice, RM3c Porter L. Rich, WT2c
Clyde Ridenour, Jr., RM3c David J. Riley, Sea2c
Russell C. Roach, Sea1c Joseph M. Robertson, Sea2c
Harold W. Roesch, Sea1c Walter B. Rogers, F1c
Joseph C. Rouse, Sea1c Charles L. Ruse, Mus2c
Edmund T. Ryan, Y3c Roman W. Sadlowski, EM3c
Kenneth H. Sampson, Sea1c Dean S. Sanders, CMM (PA)
Charles L. Saunders, Sea2c Lyal J. Savage, Sea1c
John E. Savidge, Sea1c Paul E. Saylor, F1c
Walter F. Schleiter, F1c Herman Schmidt, GM3c
Aloysius H. Schmitt, Lt. (jg) (ChC) Andrew J. Schmitz, F1c
John H. Schoonover, PhM1c Bernard O. Scott, MAtt1c
Chester E. Seaton, F1c Verdi D. Sederstrom, Ens
William L. Sellon, Sea2c Everett I. Severinson, SF1c
William K. Shafer, F2c William J. Shanahan, Jr., SM3c
Edward J. Shelden, FC1c William G. Silva, GM1c
Eugene M. Skaggs, SM1c Garold L. Skiles, Sea2c
Edward F. Slapikas, Sea1c Leonard F. Smith, Msmth1c
Merle A. Smith, EM3c Rowland H. Smith, Mus1c
Walter H. Sollie, WT1c James C. Solomon, Sea1c
Maurice V. Spangler, Sea1c Kirby R. Stapleton, Sea1c
Ulis C. Steely, MM1c Walter C. Stein, Sea1c
Samuel C. Steiner, F1c Charles M. Stern, Jr., Ens
Everett R. Stewart, MM2c Lewis S. Stockdate, Ens
Donald A. Stott, Sea1c Robert T. Stout, FC3c
James Stouten, CBM (AA) Milton R. Surratt, Sea1c
Charles H. Swanson, MM1c Edward E. Talbert, Sea1c
Rangner F. Tanner, Jr., Sea2c Monroe Temple, Sea1c
Houston Temples, Sea1c Benjamin C. Terhune, F2c
Arthur R. Thinnes, Sea2c Charles W. Thompson, F1c
Clarence Thompson, SC1c George A. Thompson, Sea2c
Irvin A. R. Thompson, Ens William M. Thompson, Ens
Richard J. Thomson, Sea2c Cecil H. Thornton, Sea2c
Robert L. Thrombley, Sea2c David F. Tidball, Sea1c
Lloyd R. Timm, Sea2c Lewis F. Tindall, F1c
Dante S. Tini, RM3c Henry G. Tipton, Sea1c
Everett C. Titterington, F1c Neal K. Todd, F1c
Natale I. Torti, Sea1c Orval A. Tranbarger, Sea1c
Harold F. Trapp, FC2c William H. Trapp, EM3c
Shelby Treadway, GM3c William D. Tucker, F1c
Victor P. Tumlinson, FC3c Billy Turner, Sea1c
Louis J. Tushla, F1c Russell O. Ufford, Sea2c
Lowell E. Valley, F2c Durrell Wade, AMM2c
Lewis L. Wagoner, Sea2c Harry E. Walker, SK1c
Robert N. Walkowiak, F3c Eugene A. Walpole, Sea2c
Charles E. Walters, Sea2c James R. Ward, Sea1c
Edward Wasielewski, Sea1c Richard L. Watson, Sea1c
James C. Webb, F1c William E. Welch, Sea1c
Alfred F. Wells, MM1c Ernest R. West, Sea1c
John D. Wheeler, F2c Claude White, CWT (PA)
Jack D. White, Sea1 Alton W. Whitson, EM3c
Eugene W. Wicker, Sea1c Lloyd P. Wiegand, Mus2c
George J. Wilcox, Jr., Sea2c Albert l. Williams, Mus2c
James C. Williams, Sea1c Wilbur S. Williams, OS3c
Bernard R. Wimmer, FC1c Everett G. Windle, Sea2c
Starring B. Winfield, RM3c Rex E. Wise, F1c
Frank Wood, Sea2c Lawrence E. Woods, F1c
Winfred O. Woods, MM1c Creighton H. Workman, F1c
John L. Wortham, GM2c Paul R. Wright, CWT (PA)
Eldon P. Wyman, Ens Martin D. Young, F2c
Robert V. Young, Sea1c Joseph J. Yurko, WT1c
Thomas Zvansky, CSM (PA)

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