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Current Service Status
USN Active
Current/Last Rank
Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8)
Current/Last Primary Designator/NEC
MA-2002-Military Investigator
Current/Last Rating/NEC Group
Current/Last Duty Station
2010-Present, MA-2002, Riverine Group 1 (COMRIVGRU-1)/Riverine Squadron 1 (RIVRON-1)
Previously Held Designator/NEC
OT-0000-Ocean Systems Technician
OT-0611-Basic Acoustic Analyst
MA-9545-Law Enforcement Specialist
ST-0505-IUSS Analyst
ST-0466-Journeyman Surface Sonar Technician
ST-0430-Underwater Fire Cont Sys MK 116 MOD 7/10 Level II Oper/Maint Tech
MA-90CS GWOT-Support Assignment-Combat Skills
Service Years
1991 - Present
Unofficial US Navy Certificates
Cold War
Great Lakes
Icelandic Domain
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Order of the Rock
Order of the Spanish Main
Panama Canal
Sandbox Sailor Operation Iraqi Freedom
Suez Canal
Five Hash Marks

 Official Badges 

U.S. Navy Police (enlisted) U.S. Navy Master-at-Arms U.S. Navy Chief Master-at-Arms

 Unofficial Badges 

Navy Chief Initiated

 Military Association Memberships
Surface Navy Association
  2007, Surface Navy Association [Verified]

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:

 Just "pushin" thru adversity while being thankful for the many blessing I have!!!!!

Other Comments:
Not Specified
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  1999-2003, ST-0430, USS Deyo (DD-989)

ST-Sonar Technician

From Month/Year
December / 1999

To Month/Year
July / 2003

USS Deyo (DD-989) Unit Page

Petty Officer First Class (E-6) (1866-Present)

ST-0430-Underwater Fire Cont Sys MK 116 MOD 7/10 Level II Oper/Maint Tech


 USS Deyo (DD-989) Details

USS Deyo (DD-989)
Hull number DD-989

Combat Deployable

Active Duty/Reserve
Not Specified

Surface Vessels


Parent Unit
Surface Vessels USS D-F


Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Aug 9, 2009
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
CA Div
ETC Rich
PC1 Press

Best Moment
Too many. Those who were onboard with me know what I'm talking about. Big UP to CA divsion. I wouldn't be were I'm at today without them!!!!


Worst Moment
Losing a sailor in 03 whil on deployment..

Chain of Command
CAPT Hampton
CAPT Pelkofski
LT Denny
LT Hill(Wanna Wrestle??)
LT Johnhansen
LT Mulder
STGCM Costner
STGCM Bryant
STGC Hammit
MAC Green


Other Memories
FLying the ESWS Pennant for the First Time was also COOL!!

My Photos For This Unit
 67 Shipmates Assigned To This Duty Station:
  • Ates, Donald, SCPO, Present
  • Ayers, Susan, LCDR, Present
  • Bailey, Ronald, CPO, Present
  • Beattie, Floyd, CPO, 0
  • Bishop, William, CPO, Present
  • Bjorge, Matthew, PO2, 2005
  • Brooks, Toney, MCPO, 2007
  • Burmeister, Joseph, SCPO, 2008
  • Cardenas, Antonio, SCPO, Present
  • Carlisle, Matthew, PO1, 2007
  • Cath, Simke, CPO, 2006
  • Coffin, Chad, CPO, 2007
  • Corker, Elton, CPO, Present
  • Cruzalvarez, Jose, CPO, Present
  • Davidson, Corey, PO1, 2007
  • Davis, Andrew, PO2, Present
  • Denk, Michael, PO1, 2007
  • Difolco, Anthony, SCPO, 2006
  • Ellis, Micheil, PO1, 2007
  • Faller, Darrin, LCDR, 2007
  • Ferguson, Jim, CPO, 2007
  • FISCHER, PAUL, LCDR, Present
  • Flickinger, Robert, PO3, 2003
  • Green, Lee, SCPO, Present
  • Henderson, Demetrius, CPO, 2007
  • Hernandez, Kevin, CPO, 2007
  • Hess, Daniel, CPO, 2006
  • Hill, Timothy, CWO3, Present
  • James, Robert, PO1, 2005
  • Jett, Benjamin, PO1, Present
  • Johannsen, Marc, LT, 2007
  • JONES, DAVID, PO1, Present
  • Kenyon, Dennis, PO2, 2006
  • King, Deonte, PO2, 2008
  • Lipinski, Anthony, CPO, 2006
  • Loper, Phil, PO1, 2007
  • Mabe, Jeremy, SCPO, Present
  • Martinez, Daniel, PO1, 2007
 4 Members Also There with Rating/NEC Group ST:
  • Breeden, Bryan, LCDR, Present
  • Chatlien, Bryan, PO3, 2000
  • Claytor, Charles, PO1, 2003
  • Miller, Brian, PO2, Present
  • Ostrander, Jon, PO1, Present
  • Plant, John, Mid, Present
  • Speights, Terry, PO1, 2007
 239 Other Members:
  • Addie, Stanley, CPO, Present
  • Akers, John, PO2, 2007
  • Alvarez, Manuel, PO1, Present
  • Aquisap, Richie, PO1, Present
  • Aquisap, Richie, PO1, 2009
  • AQUISAP, RICHIE, PO2, 2007
  • Ashman, Marc, PO2, 2004
  • Astudillo, Mark, SCPO, 2003
  • Badger, Olanza, PO1, 2003
  • Baker, Steve CTNCS, SCPO, Present
  • Ballard, Walter, CPO, 2003
  • Beasley, Louie, PO1, Present
  • Benino, Mark, CPO, 2007
  • Biesecker, Noel, CPO, 2007
  • Blanchette, Christian, CPO, Present
  • Blankenbeker, Stephen, PO2, 2008
  • Bogosian, Rich, MCPO, 2000
  • Brown, Anthony, CPO, Present
  • Buckles, James, PO1, 2013
  • Buckner, Mark, PO1, 2007
  • Burandt, William, PO1, 2007
  • Busch, James, PO1, 2007
  • Camp, Earl, PO2, 2007
  • Canterbury, William, PO1, Present
  • Caraway, William, CPO, Present
  • Carino, Miguel, CPO, Present
  • Cetnarowski, Mike, LT, 2007
  • Christman, Nicholas, PO1, 2007
  • Cissell, Don, LT, 2006
  • Clark, Quinton
  • Clark, Quinton, PO1, 2010
  • Cohen, Walter, PO2, 2005
  • Coleman, Timothy, PO1, 2008
  • Conti, Jay (SW/AW), SCPO, 2001
  • Cook, Ronnie, CPO, 2006
  • Corey, Paul, MCPO, 2007
  • Cox, Lamarr, PO2, 2007
  • Cross, Fred, SCPO, 2010
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